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“Sorry, Envoy, I didn’t hold back for a while…”

Fang Xian raised his head and smiled shyly.

“It’s okay…” The envoy with the Jiang surname calmed down at this time and waved his hand: “A dead genius is not a genius, this is the rules of my demon palace, do you understand”

There were many boys and girls witnessing on the side, who were a little excited at first, but after that moment they were all too scared.

They were like chickens nodding as if they were pecking at the rice, not daring to look at Fang Xian.

A few days later, the top of Kunlun Mountain.

A cloud boat fell, and the jade envoy ‘Jiang Lihuo’ went down first and said to the boy and girl behind him: “This is the Kunlun Magic Palace, you can be a servant in our Demon Palace, this is your great luck that’s why you have to serve well.

If the immortal masters are happy, maybe they will accept you as disciples, and you will be taught the true inheritance, and from then on, you can step into the avenue of longevity…”

As for those immortals whose moods can be unpredictable, and have a hobby of eating the innards of people, there is no need to mention them.

Fang Xian mingled with the children in the supernatural ability realm, and couldn’t help but be stunned.

Although the magic power is easy to achieve quickly, being able to find so many good seedlings all at once from the Kunlun countries shows that the demonic path is becoming prosperous.

Here, Jiang Lihuo was just an ordinary disciple, and he no longer had the power to be arrogant like he was outside.

He led Fang Xian, gathered the boys from all directions, and brought them to a white marble square.

An old man of the demonic sect at the golden elixir level flew down from the sky, and he didn’t say much.

With one finger of mana, a group of children were gathered “These ones, go to the alchemy room!”

“This part goes to the stable!”

“This part goes to serve the elders.”

“For the last batch, many of the new true disciples’ palaces have not yet filled up with child servants, that is such easy work!”

Fang Xian lowered his eyes, became part of the last batch, and was led to a hall to start registering.

“Listen now, there are six disciples who have been promoted to True Inheritance this time, and a total of six new halls have been opened, which are for Feihong Hall, Jingtao Hall, Primordial Bone Hall, Xiehe Hall, Hentian Hall, and the last was Tianchou Hall.”

A deacon said slowly: “I’ll start the assignment.”

“Master Huang, this little one presents this thing as he wants to go to the Feihong Hall.”

A boy called quickly and gave a black Reishi.

“Well, you are the son of King Daluo, right The true disciple of Feihong Temple is from your family, so I can’t say that I can promote you to the entrance…”

Deacon Huang immediately changed his face and replied with a smile: “Please take care of me in the future.”

‘It turns out that there are human emotions in the Demon Sect…’

Fang Xian secretly watched other children begin to ask for entrustment, which was an eye-opener.

And, the good and the bad are divided.

Among these true disciples, the three palace masters from Feihong, Yuangu, and Xuehe are the most favored.

They invited the most children servants, and in the end, they were even full.

The next ones were assigned to the Hentian and Jingtao halls.

As for the final Temple of Tianchou, it had the smallest number of people.

Fang Xian, who did not give an offering, was assigned to this place along with a few unlucky bastards.

“I’m ruined……”

On the way to the Temple of Tianchou, a boy complained: “I heard from my aunt that this true disciple of the Temple of Tianchou has a bleak future… I am afraid that continuing to that palace will not give us any benefit, why don’t we find a way to change jobs earlier”

“Hmph, what are you afraid of Our demonic way is to break through the impossible, at least this cold stove doesn’t burn, what if we were able to get a treasure out of this”

A boy sneered and said, “From today onwards, I will be your leader.

The salary and daily expenses that will be issued in the future must be distributed by me!”

“This little brother, may I dare to ask for your honorable name” Fang Xian asked with a strange expression.

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“Hey…my name is Zheng Yin, and I practice blood shadow magic!” Zheng Yin said with a strange smile: “This qualification, isn’t it enough “

Blood Shadow Divine Art is also a branch of the Thirteen Secrets, and it is much better than the demons of the same realm in the supernatural power realm.

It is no wonder that he has this confidence.

“Oh, my name is Yu Xuanji, you are practicing the Great Swallowing Heaven Demon Technique!” Fang Xian replied with a smile.


There was a sudden quietness in the air.

A few boys kept their distance from him in silence, and in their eyes, there were expressions with the meaning of ‘Damn, lunatic!

Even Zheng Yin, his lips moved but did not dare to provoke.

‘Okay… It seems that even in the Demon Sect, lunatics who practice the Great Swallowing Demon are not welcome…’ Fang Xian rolled his eyes secretly.

After intriguing all the way, the Temple of Heavenly Chou finally arrived.

This palace is layered on top of each other, with at least hundreds of rooms, including the elixir room, the medicine field, the refining room, etc., and a large number of servants, dedicated to serving a true Golden Elixir disciple.

As soon as Fang Xian and others arrived, they were absorbed by a mana and came to the main hall.

Above the hall, a girl with a cold face sat upright, dressed in bright red clothes, and dragged a long trail behind her.

“I am the true disciple, the palace master here – Yu Nishang!”

The girl glanced at the child servants, and the corners of her mouth twitched slightly.

‘This woman is someone who has just been promoted to the Golden Elixir Realm, and her Qi core is still overflowing.

Judging from her mana, she should also be practicing Blood Shadow Divine Art this line of cultivation… No wonder Zheng Yin has a little intention… Wait, why is she also surnamed Yu ‘

Fang Xian felt that the eyes of the boys around him were a little weird, but he ignored them and searched for the source of his heart throbbing.

‘I randomly made a name, which has the same jade character as that girl.

Is there going to be a fateful encounter here ‘

He felt something in his heart: ‘I took the eternal fire of good fortune and the invisible needle, and those fates I owe led me to this girl Is she a descendant of that senior or a descendant of a disciple The cause and effect of this world are strict, all tightly connected ‘

“You’re called Yu Xuanji”

Yu Nishang stared at Fang Xian.


“Do you practice the Great Swallowing Heaven Demon Technique”

It seems that the girl has been watching these servants secretly, Fang Xian continued to nod.

“Well, then I’ll ask you to be a general manager.”

Yu Nishang said: “I don’t have much to do here.

Don’t bother me with my practice.

If there is a big event, ring the bell and tell me.


“Following your order!”

Fang Xian nodded, seeing Zheng Yin’s somewhat unwilling expression, apparently this little child suspected that he was engaging in nepotism and was accusing him of being a shady insider.

Yu Nishang said she’ll leave and she did, she must be going to lock herself up to cultivate.

All that was left was Fang Xian who was now the chief executive of staff.

He sent some people down to tidy up the palace, clean up the mattresses, as well as meals for the kitchen, and food for spiritual pets, all these he arranged one by one.

There were actually a lot of benefits that can be secretly gotten in between all these, but Fang Xian is naturally too lazy to think about it.

And all the servants who were participating, Fang Xian just turned a blind eye to them and let them go.

For cultivators, three years is but a fleeting time.

Fang Xian’s incarnation also came to the Kunlun Mountains, but he didn’t dare to approach the Kunlun Devil Palace.

He only dared to find a place to hide, ready to respond at any time.

During this period, many things happened.

Among them, the most sensational is that the Shushan Sword Sect headmaster Zhenjun Jianluo **, killed the blood Gu God with one sword, and freed the people of Shushan and the monk Jinhai.

The Hundred Gu Sect was not angry and sent letters to invite many experts from the side sect, hoping that they would be fair.

The Shushan Sword Sect has always acted domineeringly, and it has long attracted the dissatisfaction of others.

This time, during the sword test, their actions caused the two major sects of the side sects to be severely injured, and the side sects responded immediately.

With Luoshan School Luofu Zhenjun as the head, the Hundred Medicine Hall and Miaoshan Road as supplements, and a scattered cultivator Zhenjun, who went to Shushan, made a contract of three life-and-death sword fights.

Among them, Gu Daoxian, as the culprit, must fight.

The Shushan Sword Sect could only win for him the promise that the enemy was on the same level as him.

The general trend of the world was suddenly turbulent.


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