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The Hybrids Sinful Redemption 11: Mum

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The Kid sat there under the tree with both hands tightly clenched to his mouth.

His eyes were wild open in shock as he stared at the bloody scene before his eyes.

The Pack of wolves who had come to attack didn wait in turns before attacking, They had all rushed at once to attack The Luna wolf who was now In her full form.

And she didn hesitate either to bring them all down.

With five Wolves coming her way, She groaned viciously as she stood on her feet and then used her claws to scratch towards them.

A green electrifying thunder blast crushed them off.

Her balance and attack was so stable and powerful that all of the wolves were automatically blown away. Most of them badly hurt by her.

The others didn wait as well but had instantly made an attack as the Luna kicked and scratched and sent these Wolves flying off Into the air that night

The kid was terrified at the scene with blood having splashed on his face. He watched as His mother fought off the wolves violently with her claws and strength.

She was undeniably powerful.

And within a few minutes, She was done with them..

Only one was still standing there, staggering as it drew back. But she wasn ready to let it go .

She groaned with her vicious glare at it and as the werewolf turned to escape, She had tapped both claws to the ground and attacked.

Flying through the air, She landed on the werewolves back and scratched it up, Tearing it into two and letting its blood fill the place.

Done with that, The Luna werewolf who was stained with blood, turned to look at her child who sat there watching in fear.

She slowly approached it with a gentle expression as the kids nerves slowly calmed.

He was no longer afraid but rather slowly got to his feet and approached the wolf.

Having gotten on the Lunas back, The kid had held onto her tightly as the wolf took off into the woods.

It ran as fast as it could, with its feet tapping through the woods that night. At some point, it was rather impossible for one to see its feet.

It was merely a three hour run before the Luna ran out of the thick forest and far away from it. She didn stop or even thinking stopping. She had a kid to protect and that was her priority.

And when she finally got far away from the forest, The Luna had headed to a specific direction.

There was a lonely and abandoned house which sat there alone at a creepy looking area.

With tall trees standing at its sides and tree stems with branches crawling around this house, It was easy to call this house, which was extremely shabby, an haunted house.

The werewolf stopped before the house as it groaned with a slight roar. it was as if she was saying something.Then not long the door was opened by someone.

This person who had opened it seemed like a human..A human who had a red cloak over him and a hood to cover himself up.

The Man who was covered in cloak had looked at the werewolf and the kid on it as the werewolf groaned something which seemed like some words.

It was some sort of their language which the kid didn seem to understand. It was only a matter of time before the wolf gently dropped the kid and then used its nose to push the kid close to the man.

The Luna Looked the at the man covered in cloak and then groaned some words again..The man simply nodded.

And with that concluded, the wolf looked at her kid for a while and then turned to leave

"No..Mum..." The kid had broken out in tears, watching his mother leave.

He had wanted to go after her but the Man covered in black cloak had stopped him and held him back.

The Luna then stopped and slowly turned to look at her son who was already in tears.

It stared at her son for a while but then turned anyway. She looked into.the sky as a hurting sound of a wolfs howling came.

On hearing that sound, She didn hesitate any further but rushed off towards the direction of the forest Where she had come from...


"Leo....Leo ..Leo..."

The fading sound of a mans voice kept ringing in Leos hears, forcing him to escape his unrealistic world and back to the real world.

It had taken a while before he slowly opened his eyes to see Gabe standing before his bed and staring at his face.

Leo blinked " What are you doing?" He asked as he slowly got up to his bed, seated.

"I was just worried about you right now! you seemed to be having nightmares now. And you were saying something like .. whats that..Mum...mum...Yes that " He looked at Leo .

" I was kind of scared that you might not wake up anymore or something" He added.

"What rubbish" Leo mumbled as he ran a hand through his hair. He looked around at where he was. It was his bedroom.

"How... did I get here?" He asked..He didn remember what had happened.

"Well .." Gabe sighed as he sat down on the seat close by "I can be sure but you left yesterday to meet jane. But then I had a bad feeling about it,.so I went to look for you and...Then I found you lying on the street".

"And when I felt you... I realized that you had unleashed your wolf spirit and made use of it. which explains why you fainted"

He continued " Because you should already know that using that is dangerous to you. You would only last few minutes with it since you can control it.

" And after then, Youll automatically collapse. Why did you even use it in the first place?" Gabe questioned.

Leo sighed, He slowly began recalling what had happened the previous night

"Oh you..." Gabe was about talking when his phone beeped. It was a notification from social medias as he opened his phone to see whats trending now...

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