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Chapter 236 – Conversation – Part one

“Oh dear, are you so surprised that you can’t say anything, Master Rust”

Princess Lily walks towards us, looking how she always does.

It all feels so similar to what I’m used to, that I’m late to react, and she manages to get very close.

Oh no!

My regret is short lived, because Taula unsheathes her sword and slashes at Princess Lily.

I see a streak of light created by the sword’s pale purifying light.

“Now now, there is no need to get so nervous, Miss Taula.”

Princess Lily blocks Taula’s attack with the base of her sword, that’s peeking from the sheath.

Her sword is also emitting that purifying light.

They both step away from each other, but soon begin to viciously cross swords.

As their swords clash, the purifying light sparks all over the place, looking like a thing with actual substance.

As the sparks fly my way, I unconsciously cover my face with my hand, as I speak to Princess Lily.

“That sword and that change in the purifying light… Are you the real Princess Lily Did you betray mankind”

“Mankind Oh, mankind!”

Princess Lily laughs.

But even as she laughs, her skill with the sword doesn’t change one bit.

In fact, it seems Taula is getting pushed back.

“What’s so funny”

Asks Taula, as she locks swords with Princess Lily and breaths erratically.

As I watch them, I’m also cautious of the white flower that is supposed to be the main body of the ‘Third Seat of Immorality’.

“I haven’t heard that word in hundreds of years.


Princess Lily takes a deep breath and finally stops laughing.

“Betrayed, you ask We can talk for a bit, if you want.

You can think of it as a token of gratitude for killing the shaman.

And it is not as though I have given up on you yet, Master Rust.”

“I don’t think that of all things is going to happen in this situation, but we should listen, Taula.”

“Are you sure, Rust I don’t think we should…”

Says Taula, as she slowly backs away towards me.

Her sword clad in purifying light is making crackling noises, like it’s ready to strike at any moment.

“So Princess Lily.

What exactly is your relation to the ‘Third Seat of Immorality’”

“Oh dear.

I feel like I am being accused of being unfaithful.”

She says while smirking, and the sparking on Taula’s sword intensifies.

“Don’t worry.

We don’t have that sort of relationship.

I am the ‘Third Seat of Immorality’ as well.”

“…! That can’t…”

I say, perplexed.

That doesn’t match the shaman’s memories.

If the knowledge I got from the shaman is correct, that can’t be right.

“I see.

Was there a hole in the seal created by the curse And you possessed Princess Lily”

I ask, based on what I know and deduction.

Demons have some shared ‘skills’.

They all aim to become a demon king, so they have the power to increase their followers, and create multiple separate bodies.

“Hou… That’s Master Rust for you.

Very perceptive.”

And then, the ‘Third Seat of Immorality’ speaks through Princess Lily of when she inherited this land, and when she visited this place when she was younger, and was concerned and craved power.

Then the ‘Third Seat of Immorality’ talks of how it took advantage of this, and skillfully deceived that child.



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