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There was no dragon in the world that could not be respected.

It was the old dragon, Jenkinson’s long-held belief.

It would be possible to counter-question that it was no different from other dragons crying out for the nobility of the race, but in Jenkinson’s case, the resolution was a little different.

Most dragons preached about the supremacy of dragons. 

However, his conviction was closer to the fact that all intelligent beings deserved respect, so dragons should be treated that way too.

However, the results of his actions did not return to everyone in an equal way, for he did not advocate for the same size of effort for all races. 

Just as human groups work for the benefit of humans, he had the duty to represent the dragon’s interests, and he did not hesitate to make such a choice.

Therefore, in a situation where the dragon holding the egg was in danger, it was right to help that side first.

If it was normal, he wouldn’t have bothered. 

If one hadn’t heard from Minjun.

Tormented, Jenkinson took the usual way to make a final decision.

Unlike his fellow tribesmen, who were united by unfounded confidence, he was a dragon who could beat even stone legs.

And so, he reviewed the worst case scenario.

‘What if I can’t solve the situation even if I step in’ 

In that case, Jenkinson should also call in reinforcements.

First, he asked himself who else would step in to save Minjun.

The answer came quickly. 

‘There is no dragon like that.’ 

Even if one were to obtain dragons who supported him, it was a completely different matter to vote in an election and to deal with a risk that the elder dragon alone could not solve.

Then, to save Inais 

Again, the answer was clear. 

‘There is no dragon like that.’ 

Now that the seat was empty, there were no people of her kind to step out for her.

Dragons were such seeds.

Rather, some would welcome it. 

“But,” Jenkinson repeated.

But, what about dragons 

‘There is no dragon to help Inais.

But there are of other races.’ 

In the case of the latter, he knew a friend who grumbled and would lend a hand if Jenkinson asked for the rescue of Inais.

He couldn’t even pay off all the debt he had already accumulated, and he sarcastically asked if he would increase the debt again, but in the end, he helped. 

‘I don’t know what your situation is, but if it’s not as serious as you thought… If you still have that friend’s history, you can ask for help from Inais after that situation is sorted out.’ 

If so, they would definitely help with an appropriate price.

Not because he spared her, but because it was due to Jenkinson’s favor.

Like the Edelines and Jang Tae-joon case, the rare theft case, and the Changcheon case. 

In the meantime, Inais’ condition may deteriorate, but unless one knew the current situation, they would have no choice but to gamble. 

‘I check Minjun’s side first.’ 

Jenkinson had built up hundreds of years of trust with him.

So he trusted his judgment. 

– Phat! 

With a flash of light, his figure disappeared. 


In his thirst for thirst, Minjun found himself groping for the memories of the ghosts.

The darkness around him still swayed.

However, the wound on the nape of his neck had healed, and no further content leaked out from there.

After wandering through the spirits of the dead Toads for a long time, he seemed to have realized something. 


He opened both his eyes.

And with a swish, he turned his head.

Space condensation was off.

It was not Endelion’s magic tool that isolated this space from the outside world, but the darkness released by Minjun. 

He felt something beyond it.

Something that was not originally near was approaching.

What struck Minjun, who noticed that, was the sensation of soaking the frozen soil with warmth.

It seemed that frozen cells were revitalized. 

He couldn’t hide his excitement.

He pulled his cheek and exposes his teeth.

Minjun laughed in his excitement.

“…The smell of dragons!” 


Jenkinson was perplexed.

“…What the hell is this” 

He was in a hurry and appeared in the city center of Seoul in the state of the main body of the old dragon. 

It was the place where Minjun’s store was located.

Police and soldiers who were urgently evacuating citizens because of a strange phenomenon were frightened by the sudden appearance of an old dragon.

They didn’t know that the dragon was as surprised as they were. 

“A shadow monster” 

The source looked similar, but something felt different.

A much deeper and more dense darkness.

The black material surrounding Minjun’s shopping mall formed a hemisphere and covered all sides.

It was then… 


Whoa! Like a sudden tide, the darkness increased in volume.

And Jenkinson… 

“Keugh!” He was trapped in the darkness without even a chance to escape.

Soon after, his senses flickered in confusion.

It was a bizarre phenomenon unheard of throughout Jenkinson’s 2,000-year life.

Amidst the tension, his mind spun rapidly. 

‘It’s like a shadow monster.

So, is it not the enemy, but the magic that Minjun spread It’s the first time I’ve seen a spell like this.

Was it that dangerous So, is the enemy also in here But what brought me into this… He must be asking for help!’ 

Minjun was in danger and needed Jenkinson’s help.

If it was Minjun who controlled the darkness, then the old dragon couldn’t think of any other reason to bring Jenkinson into it.

He carefully recited a communication spell. 

= Minjun, where are you I can help!=

The answer came in an unexpected way.

“Ah, Minjun!” 

It was a strange sensation.

The darkness was still wriggling and filling all sides, but Minjun suddenly appeared in it.

It was a face he knew well. 

“…Minjun” He asked cautiously.

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His nobleman, Minjun, cut off at least one of his arms to start a fierce fight, but he didn’t show any scars on the outside.

It was unexpected for such a large-scale incantation.

“Aren’t you hurt anywhere” 

Minjun calmly replied.

“There was, but it was all cured.” 

“Ah, yes.

If it had regenerated that quickly, there would have been no major injuries.” 

Jenkinson was heartily relieved.

It seemed that there was no big problem with the friend’s safety.

“What happened Who has been attacking you” 

A strange light flashed in Minjun’s eyes.

“It was something you didn’t have to worry about.

I’ve already taken care of everything.” 

Jenkinson was puzzled.

If they are devalued to that extent, did the school of black magicians who held a grudge against Minjun come It seemed that life was not worth it.

It was to the extent that it could be dismissed as a new method of suicide.

The huge black magic surrounding them may have been a measure to deal with other black magicians. 

Jenkinson remembered that a black magician who had reached the level of a master can also absorb the dark magic of other wizards.

It was a spell that Minjun didn’t like, but it seemed there was a reason for doing so.

After checking this far, another business flashed like a flash of lightning in the dragon’s head. 

He couldn’t afford to waste time.

The old dragon checked again one last time.

“Are you really okay” 

Hearing that, Minjun looked at Jenkinson with a strange expression.

And he slightly nodded.

His tenacious gaze then scanned the body of the huge fire dragon.

His eyes met as he moved his gaze towards his head. 

Exactly, a dragon about 2,000 years old… 

“Good thing.

Phew, you don’t know how worried I was.”

Such was a voice mixed with relief.

The dragon’s grunting delighted Minjun’s ears.

It sounds like a beautiful piece of music.

The perfume rose.

missed times. 

“All of the shadow monsters around here were summoned by you, right”

He definitely missed those days when he lived peacefully catching dragons.

“It was too.

I’m so glad, I’m so glad I… but that’s what I mean.” 

Minjun looked at the dragon’s neck, which moved whenever he spoke.

When he ripped off that single scale, he missed the moist skin hiding underneath.

He knew where to pluck the scales to draw blood. 

A pulsating impulse squeezed his throat, and an insatiable longing shook his head.

“You know Inais, right She says the jungle where her lair is located is burning for unknown reasons.

She’s out of communication, so I can’t confirm what’s going on.” 

He then deemed to observe the movements of the wriggling muscles.

Just twenty-five centimeters is enough to reach the carotid artery.

Even if one were to pierce that deep, you could reach the vigorously beating blood vessels.

The warm blood that poured out lingered on the tip of his tongue like a mirage.

At this moment, more than anything else. 

“As you know, I am in no position to ask for help from other dragons.

A lot would have been different if Rod, the partner, and father of the child, had been alive… Moreover, since the position is vacant, there is no subject to exercise coercive force.” 

Minjun tilted his head.

He was awkward and strange.

The dragon spoke so fluently.

“So you’re a little…” 

Did dragons need such language skills 

“…!” The darkness Jenkinson had been breathing in so far exerted its power.

It was only for an instant that the old dragon’s eyes became blurry. 

“Come on here.”

Shut up! Losing his senses, the old dragon lowered his body.

His large body moved smoothly.

He laid his long neck in front of Minjun.

With his head on the floor, he closed his eyes as if preparing to sleep comfortably. 

From there, Minjun stretched out his hand.

The blood in his whole body seemed to boil.

It was time to clear it up.

he was right in front Craving for the dragon’s blood and meat, Minjun reached out his hand, ready to tear the dragon’s body to pieces.

Then, he whispered inside himself. 

Originally, there were no talking dragons in the world.

Minjun knew the identity of the voice.

This was the other half who just negotiated the disposition of the Toads.

He replied in a blunt tone.

‘Yeah, why not because it didn’t have to be.’ 

But now he was talking It was said that they had sophisticated language skills that could prove their ability to think.

‘What do you want to say’ 

It was like putting ashes on cooked rice and lighting candles.

Minjun tried to ignore his voice.

However, the opponent did not bend the argument. 

The dragon had already gained intelligence.

‘Yes, it is an intelligence that can be taken away so easily’,

‘Intelligence is also an ability that is not dangerous.

We have the ability to steal intelligence from dragons, breed them, and slaughter them.

I have the ability to eat, so what’s wrong with eating’ 

Minjun felt his annoyance welling up.

‘Where are you going to put that standard of intelligence You have the ability to think, so you shouldn’t eat.

Because they have similar intellect to the extent that they can talk to us So, would you also blame the lion for sticking its teeth into the nape of the buffalo The intellectual level of the two creatures is almost the same.

It’s that they hunt and eat people with similar intellect.

Isn’t that a terrible thing indeed’ 

It was a pun, it was sophistry.

‘Is it for some other reason Then we should also blame the orcs for eating pigs.

Would it also prevent the separation of two very close genetic species into predators and prey because of differences in intelligence and ability And the difference in intelligence between an orc and a pig is virtually comparable to that between a pig and a cockroach.

If I keep going downward like this, I’ll have to take care of the amoeba’s right to survive later.’ you are angry now Because I want to eat it, but I don’t want to eat it.

‘You keep trying to compromise.’ 

Then, how about this 


He had already sworn he was not going to eat Jenkinson.

From there, he would find a reason not to eat dragons in the future. 

‘….’ Minjun realized why he was so angry.

He felt his head about to burst from the desire to quench his thirst with dragon blood, for he knew he had shackled himself.

The voice persuaded.

The words of a nobleman should not be taken lightly.

Even if it was a promise to oneself. 

‘I persuaded the intellect not to discriminate between superiority and inferiority, but now he urges me not to eat it by claiming my superiority.’ 

‘Really What happened the last time you broke your oath You promised not to reveal to anyone the place where your people are sleeping.

but you broke it Think about what happened as a result.’ 

‘Damn it!’ Minjun had no choice but to admit it in the end.

The same was true even if he ignored the nonsense the voice had uttered.

It was because there was already a solid conviction coiled in his head.

He didn’t even need to invent any more reasons.

The reason was already there. 

At least Jenkinson was inedible.

There were no clear plans yet for what to do with the dragon race in the future. 

“…So, can you help me To save Inais.” Jenkinson did not feel the void in his consciousness. 

Minjun replied in a slightly twisted tone to Goryeong who regained his intelligence and looked at him. 

“Yes, I will help you.”

At this, the old dragon’s face brightened.

“Ah! Thank you so much.

In exchange for this work, I will give you a talent…” 

“I know the coordinates.

I will go alone.” 

The old dragon made an expression of incomprehension.

“No, there is no need for that! It’s a dragon issue, but of course, I’m with you…” 

“Even if you can’t be safe if you get involved with those guys over there.

It hurts.” 

“What So you… Are you saying that you already know what’s going on over there” 

Instead of answering, Minjun fiddled with the magic tool he was holding in his hand.

“And I don’t need anything for a price.” 

There came silence.

And then, Jenkinson roared.

“Who are you!”


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