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Chapter 6 – The Light That Shone in the Abyss was You


“Fufu, you’re too nervous, Chinatsu-kun.”

“…Is that so”

Madoka from across the table told him so, and Chinatsu took a deep breath to calm himself down.

“We’re just going to have dinner together, you know… It’s only sukiyaki after all, so let’s enjoy eating while chatting with each other♪”


The pot between the two of them was filled with meat, tofu and various other vegetables.

It was a bit chilly, so this was the time of year when this kind of nabe dish would taste the best.

“Look, Chinatsu-kun, I prepared this for you.”

“…Then… Itadakimasu!”

He quickly reached for his chopsticks and carefully picked up meat.

As Madoka watched, Chinatsu cooled the meat with his breath and put it in his mouth.

The meat was well cooked and tender, and the juices spread in his mouth as soon as he bit into it.

“It’s delicious, Madoka-san!”

“Fufu, that’s good.

I’ll have some of that too then.”

Madoka also extended her chopsticks and took some meat from the pot.

The fact that Chinatsu was having dinner with the older sister he was interested in made his cheeks almost droop, but he managed to hold it in and concentrate on the meal.

Fortunately, sukiyaki was his favorite dish, so he was able to focus on the meal without thinking too much about Madoka.

“…So delicious.”

“It makes me happy seeing Chinatsu-kun so happy.

Here, there’s plenty to go around, so keep eating.”


Chinatsu was not a big eater, but today he ate with a vigor that filled his stomach to the brim.

Madoka watched Chinatsu with pleasure as the two passed the time for dinner.

“Hey, Chinatsu-kun.”

“Ah, yes”

He was about to put the tofu in his mouth when Madoka called out to him.

Chinatsu then stopped his hand and looked at her face.

Her beautiful eyes were staring straight at Chinatsu, and Chinatsu couldn’t look away from them.

“Thank you for earlier.”


“You were angry that I got a slap on the cheek, weren’t you”

“Ah… Of course I was.”

Chinatsu nodded, saying that it was only natural to be angry.

Although he only heard about it and didn’t actually witness it, Chinatsu didn’t think Madoka was lying.

There was no need for her to tell a lie in the first place… He couldn’t really be sure, but he knew that Madoka wasn’t lying.

Probably because he had feelings for Madoka, but, well, people believe in the things of those closest to them… That’s why there is nothing wrong with Chinatsu’s way of thinking.

“…I know I made you worry, Chinatsu-kun.

But I was happy that Chinatsu-kun was angry for me.”

Madoka looked at him with a kind expression, and Chinatsu was fascinated by her smile.

Madoka sat up from the chair she was sitting in and stood up, slowly walking over to Chinatsu.


She came near and took Chinatsu’s hand.

The white beautiful skin tone and smooth skin, such hands wrapped his free hand.

When he was thrilled by the hands that gently caressed him as if they were handling a treasure, an even greater thrill of excitement came over Chinatsu.

“It pissed me off, especially that guy… But you know I didn’t really think anything of it.

It didn’t matter as long as I was thinking about a certain person the whole time.”

“A certain person…”

“It’s you.

I was thinking about Chinatsu-kun, who protected my heart, and any anger I had towards them quickly vanished.

That’s why I stood my ground by having a clear attitude.

How do you feel about being violent towards people, Chinatsu-kun”

Chinatsu replied that he would never like that.

“Yeah, me too… I prefer to be embraced gently than to have someone be violent for my sake.

Don’t you like to be embraced gently too, Chinatsu-kun”

“Like, huh… I haven’t had that experience yet.”

“Oh my~ That’s weird, even though I did this for you”

Madoka held Chinatsu’s head against her ample bosom .

His face was buried in the estimated H-cup big t**s, and Chinatsu’s cheeks flushed at once.

Even so, Madoka soon released Chinatsu, as he was still in the middle of dinner.

“…Ah, you got stained.”

“It’s okay, don’t worry about it.

It was my fault♪”

He was eating sukiyaki and his mouth was a little dirty.

That’s why Madoka’s clothes got stained, but she didn’t seem to mind.

Chinatsu was deeply reassured by her words when she said they would be clean after they were washed.

“Hey, Chinatsu-kun, if you want to do that again, you can always tell me, okay”


He tried so hard to forget, but he was reminded of it again.

Madoka smiled at Chinatsu, whose face turned red yet again, and resumed dinner.

“…Madoka-san, how do I say this…”


“I feel like that ruins people… It’s dangerous.”

“That’s terrible of you to say that.

But anyway, what’s wrong with being ruined”

“What’s wrong with being… Eh…”

What Chinatsu felt from Madoka was a ridiculous level of tolerance.

This was exactly when the often-used term “women ruining men” would be used… He felt like he had experienced it firsthand.

Now, after Chinatsu was asked what was wrong with being ruined, he could only stare back at her as if he was in trouble.

“Chinatsu-kun, if you become a good-for-nothing, I’ll take care of you.

Just like before, I’ll hug you as much as you want, I’ll let you touch me as much as you want, and I’ll let you do whatever you want, Chinatsu-kun.”



Halfway through, Madoka’s words did not reach Chinatsu’s ears at all.

The words were so embarrassing that they exceeded Chinatsu’s capacity for acceptance.

When Chinatsu’s face turned bright red and he began to feel dizzy, Madoka was more flustered than ever and held him as he almost collapsed.

“…Maybe it was a little too stimulating.”

It was still too stimulating for the inexperienced Chinatsu.

Madoka took Chinatsu, who had passed out, to the sofa and laid him down with his head in her lap.

“I’m sorry, Chinatsu-kun, I rushed to close our distance.”

Madoka inscribed a little reflection in her strategy book.

Now, while stroking Chinatsu’s head as he slept like that, Madoka thought back to today.

She went to university and attended her classes as usual, and those people approached her as if to encroach on that unchanging routine.

“Yo Madoka, do you miss me~”

“Yoo~hoo~♪ how does it feel to be dumped~”

Madoka thought that it was imposing even though there were still a lot of people around.

Well, Madoka didn’t mind being tangled up like that, her mind was occupied with Chinatsu.

That’s why she didn’t react at all, but it seemed that she looked cocky to them, and they slapped her cheeks.


She didn’t say anything, she just looked over at that woman and she took a step back, and then that woman and her ex walked off together with the crowd’s eyes on them.

“…Really, it’s unpleasant just to have them in view.”

She couldn’t believe it herself, she sounded so cold.

The moment she realized this, Madoka shook her head and looked at Chinatsu again.

Just seeing him sleeping peacefully was enough to clear Madoka’s mind.

“From Chinatsu-kun’s point of view, do I look like a kind older sister”

Naturally, no reply was forthcoming, and Madoka, smiling spectacularly, went on to say…

“The only one I’m kind to is Chinatsu-kun.

I want to be close to you because of you.

I want to be useful to you and I want to spoil you… Like being in a deep swamp, I want to sink with you to the bottom of the darkness that I can’t get out of.”

In Madoka’s eyes, she saw only Chinatsu.

The light that shone from the depths of her dark eyes, which seemed to look into an abyss, was exactly Chinatsu.

“…Chinatsu-kun, I… I won’t let you go, okay I’m so crazy about you that I’m surprised myself.

But don’t worry.

I’m not going to ignore your will when I say I won’t let you go–I’m just going to make you fall madly in love with me too.”

She put her face close to Chinatsu’s cheek and kissed him.

She would have liked it to be on the lips, but Madoka’s smile deepened as if to say, “That’s for another time.”

“…Ah, how wonderful.

I never thought there would come days like this♪”

She laughed bewitchingly as she stared at the only man in the room.


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