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Chapter 4 – Dwelling in Slavery and Motherhood

Chinatsu’s morning began with the sound of his alarm.

It was a noisy noise in its own way, but it was better than oversleeping and being late.

But for today, Chinatsu’s brain woke up immediately.

“…! Madoka-san!!!”

He was happy because he could meet her again today, but he wanted to make sure if Madoka was doing alright.

If she were to try to kill herself again… He would’ve lost it.

Chinatsu forgot to wash his face and was in pajamas and ran out of the room, heading straight for Madoka’s room.

Suppressing his emotions, he rang the intercom and heard footsteps from inside.

“…Ah, thank God!”

Those footsteps meant that Madoka was there.

“…Ah, I haven’t changed my clothes and I haven’t washed my face!”

Then, he realized his condition.

But it was already too late, and the door opened unceremoniously to reveal Madoka.

“Chinatsu-kun Good morning… What’s wrong Did something happen”

Madoka, with her beautiful black hair swinging and sapphire blue eyes reflecting Chinatsu, approached.

Apparently, she thought something might have happened to Chinatsu from the way he looked at her.

He was worried about Madoka, and that was what he was trying to find out… but Madoka seemed to have guessed it.

“Ah, maybe you were worried about me”

“…Well… Yes.

It was right after I woke up, but I wanted to make sure that Madoka-san was here.”

“Well, you look totally fine, though,” Chinatsu said with a wry smile.

The moment he told her that he hadn’t changed his clothes or even washed his face because of that, his eyes went completely dark.

At the same time, his mouth was covered with something extraordinarily soft, and he was further enveloped in a sweet scent that melted his brain.

The reason for this was simple, he was hugged by Madoka.

With her arms around the back of his head, Chinatsu was in a situation from which he was completely unable to escape, but he was still enjoying a taste of heaven.

The mystery of the female body, which evoked both embarrassment and excitement, was to be enjoyed early in the morning with his own body.

“How kind of you… Really.

Hey, Chinatsu-kun, I don’t know if you’ll be happy about this, but I made lunch for you.”

“What Really”


Do you want to bring it to school”

The thought of a homemade lunch box from a woman he was interested in raised Chinatsu’s spirits.

Nodding in delight, Madoka invited Chinatsu to her room.

It was the same visit as yesterday, and when he entered the room, he could smell the sweet, delicious fragrance of the room.

“Check it at lunchtime.

Until then, look forward to it, okay”

“Ah, yes…”

The lunch box was really heavy.

Not because of its weight, but because it was the first lunch box made by a non-family member of the opposite s*x.

The moment he firmly accepted the weight of it, Chinatsu’s cheeks relaxed with happiness, even if he wasn’t consciously aware of it.


At that moment, Madoka sat down to slump on the spot .

The suddenness of the situation naturally took Chinatsu by surprise, and he rushed to see what was wrong, but Madoka told him not to worry and slowly stood up.

“It’s nice to make someone happy… Hey Chinatsu-kun, I’ve been thinking…”

“What is it”

Madoka, whose face was still a little red and whose eyes were fixed on him, continued.

“What I had with my ex wasn’t love, it wasn’t love at all, it was just me being stupid.

So it’s okay now, I can move on.”

The words she conveyed with a smile reassured Chinatsu that she could move forward.

Chinatsu was not sharp enough to judge whether a smile was okay or not, but it was still enough to make Chinatsu think that everything was already fine.


Madoka once again moved her face closer to Chinatsu’s.


Chinatsu’s body temperature rose sharply again due to the fragrance she let out.

Whether she knew or not about Chinatsu’s state, Madoka smiled and hugged him again at the end.

“You said I could stay by your side, didn’t you, Chinatsu-kun That’s why it’s okay… Because I now have a reason to live♪”


Chinatsu almost noticed the slight hint of darkness hidden in her cheerful words, but when he saw Madoka’s smile, even that didn’t bother him anymore.

Chinatsu nodded his head and left the room.

“…An older woman’s s*x appeal is too dangerous.”

Naturally he mumbled.

“~~kun! Chi~natsu~kun…!”


As soon as he left Madoka’s room, he heard a muffled voice from the inside… Thinking about it, Chinatsu decided it was time to leave, so he went back to his room, got ready, and headed for school.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Soon after Chinatsu left, Madoka was playing with herself, leaning her back against the front door as if to dissipate the heat of her body.

“…! …Chinatsu-kun!”

It was true that she had prepared a surprise lunch for Chinatsu, but she didn’t think he would come in such a flustered state.

That meant Chinatsu was really worried about Madoka.

That alone was enough to make her happy, but when he showed his face with his cheeks relaxed after seeing the bento she had made, there was nothing else she could do.

She couldn’t hold back the love overflowing from inside her chest.

Even right now she was trying her best holding back her desire to be more in touch with Chinatsu.

“…I’m not going to be able to do this before I head off to college, am I”

After looking at her fingers wrapped in warmth and smiling, Madoka also began to get ready.

Today she made lunch for Chinatsu, and if she could, she would make it for him every day from now on.

She also wanted to tell Chinatsu’s mother that she wanted to take care of him, as Madoka wanted to do everything for Chinatsu anyway.

“Chinatsu-kun… You’ve been watching over me so closely… Right, Chinatsu-kun has always been watching over me.”

Then her thoughts leapt again.

Madoka smiled and said that the reason Chinatsu was next door was all for this moment.

“This time I will repay you.

I’ll protect my heart and devote myself to you who asked me to be by your side.

I’ll be your Madoka… So, Chinatsu, I can think of you, can’t I It’s okay for me to love you, right”

When Chinatsu in her fantasy nodded, it was enough to make Madoka’s body tremble with pleasure .

Madoka herself was unaware of it because her heart had been dying until now, but deep within her was a sense of servitude that wanted to devote herself to those she loved.

It had only not shown itself until now, but was awakened in its true sense through contact with Chinatsu.

“I have to work hard for you, Chinatsu-kun.

I’ll make you…drown yourself in me.”

And apart from this servitude, there was a tremendous motherhood.

Apart from his manly side, his shyness at the slightest touch stimulated Madoka’s motherly feelings.

When both her motherhood and womanhood were stimulated, even Madoka could no longer hold back.

“Maybe I’ll ask him out to dinner tonight… Yeah, let’s do that.

Maybe we should go have some sukiyaki… and we can go shopping on the way home♪”

Madoka was excited to be able to enjoy a delicious feast with Chinatsu.

When she went to the university, she would see her ex-boyfriend’s face, and she might even see the woman that he had hooked up with.

However, for Madoka, such things were of no importance.

As a matter of fact, no matter how much of a scum her ex-boyfriend was, who spoke whatever he wanted without a care in the world, it would be s****y to immediately have feelings for Chinatsu… She had thought about this.

However, the feelings she had for Chinatsu were incomparable to anything she had ever felt before, which was why Madoka forced herself to believe that this was true love. 


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