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Chapter 22 – Be More Aggressive

Finally, the end of the assembly was over and I quickly packed my bags.

“Nacchan, you’re so hasty.”

“Well, it can’t be helped.

It’s like this when I started going out with Shirayuki, right”


Fufu, Ryoma was cute at that time♪”

These riajuus… Ah, I’m already in the same ring.

It’s a very emotional feeling when I realize that.

But flirting like these two… Well, objectively speaking, aren’t Madoka-san and I more awesome than them I wonder…

“Well then, Shirayuki, Ryoma, see you guys later.”



They saw me off and I left the classroom ahead of them.

I was worried if something happened to Madoka-san in the morning, but she sent me a message just now and told me that nothing special happened.

“…That’s good to hear.”

That alone should be a relief.

When I was changing my shoes at the shoe locker, I heard the voice of a male classmate who I often see talking.

“We’re almost at the end of our second year and we still don’t have a girlfriend…”

“Don’t say that…”

“Are there any girls in your class you’re interested in”

Suddenly, their voices were leaning towards my ears.

Just yesterday, I would have said the same thing about my days as them… But now I have a girlfriend who means a lot to me.

An older girlfriend who is so sweet, beautiful and spoils me to no end… Alright, let’s get home.

“Well… My preference is older.

I want a beautiful girlfriend who’s really nice and has big b***s!”

“How could any woman be that convenient”

“Yeah, true…”

No, mind you that they exist.

“Ah, see you later, Honda!”


See you later.”

Even though we don’t get involved, we still say hello to each other because we’re classmates.

It’s much better than just pretending not to know each other.

In that sense, I think it’s quite a nice class.

I left them and was on my way back to my flat, when I got a call from Mom.

She’s supposed to be at work… But I answered anyway.


[Hello, Chinatsu I’m sorry for calling suddenly.]

“That’s alright, but what’s wrong”

What’s wrong I was a little defensive, but the words Mom said to me brought a slight shock to me.

[I heard from Saiki-san that you’re dating now]

“…Ah, yeah.

Sorry I didn’t tell you.”

Should I still report these things to my parents Well, it’s not a marriage report or anything, so I thought it would be fine… But I see, it seems that Madoka-san told Mom.

[Fufu, I’m curious about my son’s colorful love life, but you’re not obligated to report it.

But I’m surprised that the woman you’re seeing is a college student… Ah, I don’t mean it’s bad, okay I just thought that Chinatsu can’t be left in the corner either.]

“…Well, it’s embarrassing to be told again.”

[This is Chinatsu’s first girlfriend, isn’t it Enjoy your love life, including that kind of embarrassment♪]’


Thank you, Mom.”

You’re really saying nice things to me, Mom.

Yeah, but I’m very curious about what she and Madoka-san talked about.

I don’t think she guessed what I was thinking, but Mom briefly told me what she and Madoka-san talked about.

[Saiki-san is a really nice person.

She is polite and kind in her language, and above all, I could tell that she really cares about Chinatsu.

If I have time, I’d love to meet her.]

“Yeah… Then why don’t you come”

[Hmm, I guess you’re right.

I’ll come say hello soon.]

Whoa, Mom is coming soon.

[I’ve got to go.

Ah yeah, this is her second one, but Chinatsu’s first right So don’t get too attached, okay Take your time and match Saiki-san’s pace with your own, okay]

“…Yeah, got it.”

[ Well, okay, see you soon, Chinatsu.]


The phone call cut off with a buzz.

I bristled at the words that Mom had told me… Well that’s what it was.

I did what I had to do that night when I decided to go out with Madoka-san, and it was pretty bombastic at that point.

“Well, but thank you, Mom.”

I put away my phone and started running.

Normally, I would leave my bag in my room first before heading out, but today I went straight to Madoka-san’s room.

“I’m back–”

“Welcome back, Chinatsu-kun~♪”

Ah, my face was covered with something incredibly soft.

Is it a bit scary when you find yourself in this situation Not at all, the sweet scent that tickles your nostrils calms you down.

“Madoka-san… I missed you.”

“Me too.

I was thinking about Chinatsu-kun all day, even during lectures.

Even my friend pointed it out.”

That’s… Well, mine too.

When I told her that, Madoka-san laughed and said that we were very much alike.

She took me by the hand and led me to the living room, where we sat down on the sofa and had another happy moment.


“Fufu, you’re really so cute.

You look like a baby this way.”

“A baby…huh”

“I hope you didn’t mind.

That’s how cute and spoiled I want you to be.”

“Then I’ll be lenient.”


I jumped into Madoka-san.

I pushed her down when I jumped on her, but Madoka-san gussied me up and put her arms around my back and hugged me.

This way… I can’t leave her even if I wanted to.

Though I have no intention of doing so.

“Ah, yes, Madoka-san.

Mom told me about it.”

“Ah, it seems she called you after all.

Well, I thought I should tell her.

I made sure to let her know not to worry.

I told her that I would be responsible for taking care of Chinatsu-kun, and that I would do so in the future♪”

“…You said that much”

I didn’t hear that much from Mom, but… In other words, Madoka-san’s words are the same as a declaration that we will be together forever.

I wonder if I can bask in this warmth from now until the moment of my death.

“I know exactly what you’re thinking, Chinatsu-kun.”


“You’re thinking if you can soak in my warmth for the rest of your life…or something like that, right”

“…You’re amazing, Madoka-san.”

I can’t hide anything from Madoka-san… Well, it doesn’t matter.

Madoka-san kissed me on the forehead first, and then kissed me on the bridge of my nose, cheek and lips.

“Be dyed by me.

I’m happy, you’re happy, that’s all that matters.”


I just want to listen to this voice, I want to spend my time only on her… I can only think about Madoka-san so much that I really feel that way.

“Fufu, well that’s what I hope and wish for.

In the meantime, I want to support Chinatsu-kun, I want to do many things for you… I want to spend all my time with you.”


The words whispered in my ear numbed my brain, as if they were trying to force their way inside.

I thought about it in the morning, but I’m afraid to sink down in these words… But I want this.

“…But even I’m not sure that Madoka-san would–“

“Chinatsu-kun, what do you want from me Tell me anything, and I’ll do whatever you want, Chinatsu-kun.”


This isn’t good.

If I try to say a few words with any enthusiasm, Madoka-san will seal me up.

I’m about to be put in a prison built with tremendously great love and uninterrupted kindness… No, I’m already in it.

“…Madoka-san is not fair.

Well… It’s not very convincing in this state, though.”


As Madoka hugged me, I did my best to continue speaking.

“I want to do things for Madoka-san too.

So please, ask me for anything too, Madoka-san.”

“…Yes, I know.

Well then, let’s get to it–“

Although I think so, it’s not something to worry about, since soaking in this warmth feels right and Madoka-san will always be by my side.


But the thing is…

After yesterday’s incident…and even after having physical relations with each other, Madoka-san has been on the offensive even more.

Right now, she’s still not satisfied, and I feel like I’m being dragged in by force to come over here more and more.


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