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Chapter 21 – Blueprint of the Future

(T/N: Back to Chinatsu’s perspective.)

After I left Madoka-san, I glanced back and forth a few times.

“…Seriously, just how much do I like her..”

No, I like her, of course, but I think I’m too obsessed with her.

I’ve declared that I’m going to drown myself in Madoka-san, but it’s true that I’m a bit scared that I might get stuck.

When I talked to Madoka-san yesterday, I was sure that she was happy, but I was still a little scared.

“Chinatsu-kun, I will respond to anything.

So please, please, don’t ever abandon me… I beg you.”

After it was over, she said this to me as I was breathing out roughly while being covered by Madoka-san.

With a crying voice, she stretched out her hand desperately and told me not to throw her away.

“I won’t throw you away… That’s not something you should think of, Madoka-san.”

I’ll never let go of Madoka, I’ll never let go of that person who means more to me than anything else!


I should send a message to Madoka-san.”

I really connected with Madoka-san yesterday, but I’m a little worried about today because of the little exchange she had with her ex before that.

I wonder if he’s going to do something to Madoka-san, maybe even forcefully violate her… Once I start worrying about it, I can’t get it out of my head.

[Madoka-san, good luck at university.

And if anything happens, call me.

I’ll definitely come to your rescue.]

It may have been a needless worry, but I couldn’t help sending it nonetheless.

As soon as I put my phone away in my pocket and started walking away, I got an immediate response.

[Thank you, Chinatsu-kun.

I’m fine, so don’t worry too much, okay But I’m very happy that you care about me like this.

Let’s make out again as much as you want when you get back, okay I’ll take care of you and spoil you lots.]

…Ah, Madoka-san’s really too kind.

I was surely anxious, but it is also important to believe.

I was slightly relieved by Madoka-san’s words, and my steps toward the school were lighter.

As soon as I arrived at school, I was sitting at my desk in a daze… But apparently my closest friends could see that I was floating around.

Shirayuki and Ryoma approached me immediately.

“Good morning Nacchan, aren’t you in a great mood”

“Hey, Chinatsu.

You’ve been grinning since a while ago, you know”

“I-Is that so”

I had never been with a woman before I got together with Madoka-san.

I wonder if that’s part of the reason I’m so upbeat.

No matter how hard I tried to tighten my expression, my cheeks relaxed.

Shirayuki, who raised her voice, pointed her finger at me and hit me right at the heart of the matter.

“I’m pretty sure you went out for sushi with Madoka-san yesterday… Maybe you ended up going out with Madoka-san”

“Oh, is that true”


I nodded my head.

At that moment, Ryoma first squeezed my shoulders, and Shirayuki strongly grasped my hand.

“Congratulations Nacchan!”

“Congratulations Chinatsu!”

“…Thank you, you both.”

I was very happy to be congratulated by my best friends who had been with me all my life.

“Now Nacchan has a girlfriend.

Fufu, it’s going to be a lot of fun from here on out.”

“I guess… I’m so happy, I almost lost it.

My cheeks are so loose.”

“Well, that woman is really pretty after all… Have you done a lot of things to her already”

Don’t ask me such a private question.

I wish I could have replied in a dignified manner, but through Ryoma’s words, I remembered yesterday’s events vividly again.


I reflexively fell on my face on the desk.

I knew if I didn’t, they’d see my red face.

“…That’s fast.”

“As expected of Madoka-san.”

I… I wonder if I will be able to concentrate on my classes today.

My concerns became a reality, and although I was never in a daze enough to get anyone’s attention, it was like I was thinking about Madoka the whole time.

Well, the more time passed, the more I came to think that there was no point in thinking about it.

“I wonder if we could do a double date or something”

“…I wonder.”

During lunch break, Shirayuki’s words made me think.

From what I’ve heard, Madoka-san seems to like Shirayuki a lot, and she’ll probably agree if I ask her.

“I look forward to it when the time comes.”


Well, I’d like to be alone with Madoka-san for a while, but I think it would be fun to go out with everyone.

“…Kuhu~… Shirayuki~”

“Ah~, I wonder if Ryoma is seeing me in his dreams♪”

When I wondered what he was doing instead of taking part in the conversation, he fell asleep with his arms crossed.

It’s so funny that even in his dreams, he’s still getting along with Shirayuki.

He’s disgustingly good-looking, but the way he drools in his dreams about the woman he loves is…a bit dumb.

“Oh, you’re drooling, Ryoma.”

“…Somehow, you two look like mother and child.”

I laughed at Shirayuki wiping his mouth and Ryoma doing as he pleased.

Seeing them together like this makes me want to meet Madoka-san as soon as possible.

Drowning means dependence too …It’s okay, there’s no need to worry about this.

Maybe if I told Madoka-san about this problem…

Dependence What’s wrong with that Chinatsu-kun is drowning in me, right Then there’s no point in worrying about it.

Come here, Chinatsu-kun, be pampered plenty♪

“…Is probably what she’s gonna say.”

I honestly think it’s on that level of doting… But I’m immersed in it because it’s so comfortable.

I’m about to start my afternoon class, but I wonder… How is Madoka-san doing

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

When Chinatsu was thinking about Madoka, she was also thinking about Chinatsu.

“…Hah~ I miss you, Chinatsu-kun.”

She wanted to go by his side right now and hug him, spoil him, pamper him, do what she wanted and let him do what he wanted… Madoka had been thinking about such things for a long time.

All she could think about was Chinatsu, and she thought about him so much that even her friends were worried about her.

“Hey Madoka, are you sure you’re okay”

“Eh Yeah, I’m fine.

I was just thinking about my boyfriend.”

Chinatsu was also made known, Madoka told her friend without any embarrassment at all.

Madoka didn’t think there was anything wrong with telling her, and she was proud of Chinatsu because she thought he was a great boyfriend.

Madoka’s friend…was a woman called Kisaragi Maki, who was taken aback by Madoka’s boyfriend comment.

“What! You’ve got a new boyfriend!”

There was a buzz all around.

Madoka let out a small sigh and Maki put her hands together and apologized for what she had done.

Well, as far as Madoka was concerned, it didn’t really matter if anyone knew.

Anyway, she wanted to go home and see Chinatsu as soon as possible, that was all she wanted.

“…But Madoka…”


“Well… It’s a bit odd for you to be so happy about your boyfriend, isn’t it”


Madoka, who was honestly curious, asked Maki.

Maki prefaced her speech by saying that she couldn’t really put it into words, and then continued.

“Well… It’s like a sludgy feeling, and I can’t really put it into words, but… I think Madoka is a bit scary.”

“Is that wrong”


Maki spoke in too abstract a language.

But the message was conveyed.

Madoka then looked at Maki.

What’s wrong with having a heavy feeling, in other words, a heavy love.

It only proves that your feelings are strong.

“Maki Why are you turning your face away”

“I’m scared of Madoka now!”

Madoka frowned, as if to say that it was rude to be afraid, and that she was out of her mind.

She took her eyes off Maki, and while she was quietly killing time, the only thing that came to her mind was the image of Chinatsu.


Unlike her upturned cheeks, her eyes were very dark.

Madoka was thinking about what she was going to do when she returned home, and what kind of future blueprint they would talk about.


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