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Chapter 19 – Can No Longer Be Separated

“Um… Madoka-san”


After the encounter with her ex, I was held by Madoka-san, who didn’t say a word.

I will never let go, my hand was clenched tightly and so strongly that I could feel that kind of intention, and I could feel something slimy, which was probably sweat.

Well, it’s okay.

The impact of what just happened was too much… But seriously, is what just happened really real No, I know it’s real, but… Seriously!!!

“…Fuh~… Fuh~!”


Madoka-san’s breathing was intense… At first I thought she was tired, but apparently not… Ah, the fact that Madoka-san is holding my hand like this means that I am touching her.

In other words… WelI, it’s really nothing, but the scene of the kiss earlier came back to me.



…That’s right, we kissed.

Kissing Madoka was the first time in my life that I had kissed someone of the opposite s*x.

The touch of her lips was so soft and she smelled so sweet.

But not only that, I can vividly remember the feel of her tongue in my mouth.


I can’t imagine what her intention was behind that.

It shouldn’t be a problem to think about such a thing because she kissed me deeply like that, not just a peck of our lips.


“We’re almost there, Chinatsu-kun, let’s have a long talk when we get back.”

“Ah, yes…”

…Alright, for now, let’s just get home!

I came back to the flat with Madoka-san, who still didn’t say much.

Naturally, we headed for Madoka-san’s room, and when I went in first, Madoka-san came in after me and closed the door with a clattering sound.



Madoka-san hugged me vigorously from behind.

I was surprised when Madoka-san came close to me, sticking to my back and putting her arms around my stomach, but I soon put my own hand on Madoka-san’s hand.

“…First, would you like to sit down”


Let’s do that.”

She continued to hold me from behind for a while, but when I said so, she finally pulled away.

When I went to the living room and sat down on the sofa, Madoka-san turned to face me with her whole body.

“…Fufu, Chinatsu-kun♪”


Smiling, she took my hand.

The warmth from her hand and the smile on her face made my heart beat wildly.

I wanted to protect this smile and keep it to myself.

“Madoka-san, I like you.”


I like you too.”

When she told me that she likes me, I reflexively hugged her body.

Madoka-san gave a cute squeal, but she never tried to move away from me.

On the contrary, she said she wanted me to hold her stronger.

I put more strength into my arms, but I was careful not to hurt her.

“Ah~… Finally… Chinatsu-kun is finally…with me… Fufu♪”


“Oh, I’m sorry.

I’m just filled with joy.”

I am also full of joy and happiness.

Just looking at Madoka-san like this makes me happy.

The older sister I’ve been longing for since I met her is in my arms right now.

And she told me she likes me too.

“I’ve always had a crush on Madoka-san.

But… Madoka-san had a boyfriend and I thought I had no chance.”


“…Honestly, I still feel like I’m dreaming.

I don’t know if it’s true that such a wonderful person said she loved me, or if Madoka-san, who I’m holding right now, is even real–”

I said that much and Madoka-san kissed me.

It was a tongue-twisting kiss that forced me to remember what had just happened.

The exchange of saliva between us was certainly embarrassing and very nerve-wracking, but it was also very fulfilling.

“…What do you think You still can’t tell if this is real”

“…No, it’s real…”


I’m here.

I’m a woman who loves Chinatsu-kun and wants only to be loved by Chinatsu-kun.”

Madoka-san kept staring at me and continued speaking.

“The days I’ve come to spend with Chinatsu are so blissful that I almost forget about them.

They were such a big event for me that I almost forgot about it, and all I could think about was Chinatsu-kun.”


Does that mean that Madoka-san had feelings for me from very early on Certainly, now that I think about it, even though we were just acquaintances, we had a lot of skinship.

And yet I had decided that even after what had happened, a nice person like Madoka-san would never look back at me like this.

“Hey, Chinatsu-kun.”

With her hands on my cheeks, Madoka-san said this to me.

It was definitely a whisper from the devil that sewed me to Madoka-san.

“What…do you want me to do”


“Chinatsu-kun… What do you want from me”

What I want from Madoka-san …I want her.

I want to monopolize Madoka-san… And I want Madoka-san to be mine only.

I want her to look only at me all the time, I want her to spoil only me… Ah, I see.

Is this what it means to be drowned in Madoka-san

“I want Madoka-san.”

“You can have me.”

“I want you to look only at me.

I want Madoka-san to be mine only.”


I’ll stay.

I belong only to you, Chinatsu-kun.”

Madoka-san returned my words to me without any hesitation.

Every time I hear those words, Madoka-san’s presence grows bigger and bigger.



Don’t be shy to say it.

What do you want to tell me What do you want from me, Chinatsu-kun”

I nodded and told her.

“I… Can I drown in Madoka-san Can I be wrapped up in you”

The moment I told her that, I thought the color of Madoka-san’s eyes changed.

I was the only one reflected in her darkened eyes, and my expression looked a little…frightened.

I seemed to be overwhelmed by the atmosphere that Madoka-san was giving off, and yet, I felt happy that she was staring at me.

“Okay, I’ll wrap you up, Chinatsu-kun.

Forever and ever, so much so that you can’t leave.”


“Chinatsu-kun, I won’t let you go, okay Are you still okay with that I’ll have you by my side for the rest of my life, okay I’ll have you love me for the rest of my life and I’ll love you for the rest of my life, okay”

Madoka-san’s words didn’t stop.

I nodded at the many words she said to me as she looked straight at me.

Now I can’t run away from Madoka-san any more… No, I have no intention of running away.

It was a nod to the agreement that we would drown ourselves no matter where we go.

With a thump, I pushed down Madoka-san’s body and covered her with my body.

I collapsed onto Madoka-san’s body, who did not resist, and I fell into the supreme softness that enveloped my face.

“Fufu… Come on, you can do whatever you like more.

Chinatsu-kun, why don’t you do whatever you want to do Ah… Wonderful♪”

Such murmurs reached my ears, and I enjoyed the warmth and softness of Madoka-san’s body as if she was spoiling me.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

…Ah, it’s wonderful, Chinatsu-kun.

I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my life♪

Until now, Madoka had been desperately trying to hold on to Chinatsu.

Instead of forcing love that was too heavy, she had made him want to drown himself in it.

It was never out of malice, but out of love for him.

“Madoka-san… Madoka-san!”


She couldn’t stop her cheeks from loosening, she couldn’t control herself.

Chinatsu’s desperate desire for Madoka was both adorable and powerful at the same time as he laid his hands on her.

The sight of Chinatsu, who was enamored with her b*****s, which had grown bigger than she had expected, filled her with tremendous love.

She often comforted herself with the thought of him, and just seeing him do what he wanted to her made her body light up.

“Chinatsu-kun, I like you.”

More and more, she wanted to spoil him more… Madoka wanted Chinatsu to be carved into her body more and more.

Wishing this, Madoka simply pampered Chinatsu.

They shared their feelings.

Madoka nodded her head when Chinatsu said he wanted her.

He nodded when she said she wouldn’t let him go.

There was nothing to hold Madoka back anymore.

All that was left was for the two of them to sink together into the swamp of love from which they could never get out.

The two of them could no longer be separated.


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