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Chapter 18 – Fallen at Last

“Fufu, is it tasty”


It’s very tasty.”

“I see♪”

Sushi is delicious when eaten in the tatami room facing Madoka-san.

Well, of course it was because it was a restaurant, but I was just happy that I was spending this moment with her.

“…Ann… Yeah, it’s delicious.”


I just stared at Madoka-san who was eating sushi.

She was just eating, but even the way she was putting the sushi into her mouth was s**y… I thought about it and turned my attention back to eating.

“Don’t be too nervous, okay Just make yourself comfortable, as usual.”


Apparently, she noticed.

But, on the contrary, the tension was relieved thanks to her pointing it out.

From then on, I chatted with Madoka-san as usual and ate the sushi as it arrived.


After about ten plates, I let out a big breath.

I thought I could eat a bit more, but I was pretty full.

Well, maybe it’s because we ordered not only sushi but also potatoes and fried chicken…which were so delicious that I ate a lot of them.

“Is that enough”


I’ve eaten a lot… Besides…”


“…I’m with Madoka-san, so I’m full of happiness…”

Yeah, I said the corniest line.

I let the tea from my teacup down my throat to wash away my embarrassment.

Meanwhile, I glanced at Madoka-san and she was frozen in a daze.

“…Me too.”

Madoka-san then put her hands on both cheeks and said shyly.

“I’m happy as well… It’s quite funny, isn’t it I’m always hugging you, and we took a bath together last time, but I don’t know why I’m so… Ahh♪”

Madoka-san was staring at me.

I couldn’t look away from her and we looked at each other.

I look like an idiot with my mouth on my teacup, but I still can’t avert my gaze from her.

“…We should get going.”


I couldn’t stand this air.

It wasn’t that I couldn’t stand being with Madoka-san… But I was embarrassed by the sweet atmosphere, or rather, the fact that it felt sweeter than usual.

“Thank you very much!”

A loud voice saw us off, and Madoka-san and I left the restaurant.

From now on, all we have to do is go home… That somehow makes me feel lonely.

“Chinatsu-kun, I’m going to borrow your arm.”


Madoka-san took my arm saying so.

She is wearing a jacket over her clothes, but of course, I am still conscious of the softness I can feel.

“Let’s do this until we get back, shall we”


Naturally, I nodded.

Walking arm in arm like this makes me feel like we’re lovers.

But Madoka-san and I aren’t dating, so we don’t have that kind of relationship.

It’s only natural that I want a more advanced relationship than the one we have now… Well, who wouldn’t!



Madoka-san called my name as if she heard my voice.

I stopped speaking as if my momentum had been sapped, but Madoka-san was staring at me intently.

“We can do everything together from now on.

I’ll cook for you, we can go out to eat together like this.

If you want, we can go out for fun, whatever it is, I’ll be happy if it’s with Chinatsu-kun.”


“Come here, Chinatsu-kun.”

Madoka-san moved away from me and opened her arms.

I hugged her without hesitation like I always do when she hugs me.

“We’ll always be together… Together forever.”

“Together forever…”

“Yes .

I’ll do anything for you… That’s why you can indulge me more.

You can drown.

Nod your head, Chinatsu-kun, tell me you understand.”


I looked up as she placed her hands on my cheeks.

I felt like I was going to be sucked into Madoka-san’s eyes as she stared at me.

Madoka-san’s face came closer and… It happened…

“Hmm Aren’t you Madoka”


I heard a man’s voice calling Madoka-san’s name.

Madoka-san and I both looked in the direction of the voice.

There was a man there, dressed in a fancy outfit, but I recognized him.

I think he’s the guy who was arguing with perhaps his girlfriend on the street… Furthermore, he was the guy who littered the roadside with cigarettes.


“Chinatsu-kun …What do you want”

Madoka-san stepped forward as if to protect me with her back to me, the man looked at me and Madoka-san alternately and smiled with disgust.

“What, a new guy You just broke up with me and you got over it so quickly, it’s like you’ve become a very lightweight woman, isn’t it”

“…No way.”

…I see, so this is Madoka-san’s ex-boyfriend.

I didn’t know what kind of person he was, but I couldn’t believe that Madoka-san was dating someone like this.

Well, from what I heard, he was a very kind person at first, but when I thought about what he did to Madoka-san, I couldn’t forgive him.

“Is that all you want to say You and I have nothing to do with each other anymore, so we have nothing more to talk about.

Chinatsu-kun, let’s go.”

Madoka-san pulled my hand and tried to leave, but of course the man wasn’t going to let us go.

“Hey wait, Madoka, why don’t we get back together”


I widened my eyes at the man’s words, but even more than that, Madoka-san’s mood plummeted.

Madoka-san’s gaze on the man was so sharp that even I, who was not reflected in her eyes, was scared.

“I broke up with my new girl, too, and now I’m bored.

You’re better off with me than with that little brat, aren’t you Come back to me, Madoka.”

“What are you talking–“

Madoka-san tried to say something more, but I found myself shifting our position.

I was standing in front of her as if I was protecting her, hiding her behind my back.


“What the h**l are you doing… You’d better back off.”


Honestly… Right now, I’m very angry.

There’s the existence of the being who tormented Madoka-san in front of me, and he said irresponsible things like getting back together without even knowing that Madoka-san was about to commit suicide! When Madoka-san had such a gloomy expression on her face, this guy, who knew nothing about it and spent his time getting a new girlfriend without a care in the world!

“…I will not give you Madoka-san.”


“I said I won’t give you Madoka-san!”

The loud voices echoed through the city at night.

I’m angry… That’s right, I’m angry.

But what I hate even more is that… I don’t want to give Madoka-san to anyone.

She’s mine… I have this weird possessive feeling that she has to stay by my side, and I can’t stop it.

I can’t stop the black feeling that I’m the only one she can give her voice, her smile, her body, her thoughts, her everything.

“This person is very important to me.

From now on, no matter what happens, I want Madoka-san to be by my side.

I want to be by Madoka-san’s side too… I want to stay with her forever and ever! That’s why I won’t give Madoka-san to someone like you!


“Oi oi, what are you getting all hot and bothered about”

The guy looked so bummed that he almost snickered at my dare.

He was bigger and older than me, and I guess he really thought of me as nothing more than a kid.

But I didn’t care, I could still protect Madoka-san.

“Don’t pretend to be a knight.”

“Shut up, nothing you say will resonate with me.”

We were still staring at each other, and that’s when it happened.

Madoka-san stood in front of me with her face down and put her hands on my cheeks just like before.

And then…



Madoka-san’s face approached mine and we kissed.

I was surprised at the suddenness of it, but I didn’t go wild and just let Madoka-san do what she wanted.

The kiss was just a touch, but soon her tongue entered my mouth and crawled inside.



Madoka-san pulled her face away and smiled at me.

I hoped it was just my imagination that I felt a little chill in that smile.

Madoka-san then turned to face that man.

“As you can see, I’m already in love with him.

I want to give my everything to him, and I want his everything, that’s how strongly I feel about him.

There’s no room for you there… So I’ll say it again–Go away.”

The man clucked his tongue and left after Madoka-san’s words and the looks that had gathered around us to see what was going on.


…Um, was that kiss just now a dream

My head was in a daze and I couldn’t catch up with what was going on.

Madoka-san pulled my dazed arm and we started to walk away… That’s when she whispered…

“Chinatsu-kun, let’s talk after we get back–“

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

–Finally, Chinatsu-kun’s fallen♪♪♪


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