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Chapter 17 – The Sound of Falling〜♪

“Well, that’s it for today, have a safe trip home~!”


The teacher’s voice signaled the end of the assembly and the end of another day at school.

As I promised Madoka-san in the morning, I’m excited to eat out for the first time.

Of course Madoka-san’s home-cooked food is delicious, but I think it’s more meaningful because I’m with Madoka-san.

“Why do you look kind of soppy”

“Yeah, Nacchan, you’ve been like this all day.”



I’ve been watching you.”

I wonder if it was that easy for them to understand me… But well, they know about Madoka-san, so they’ll understand my feelings too.

That said, Shirayuki, I’m kind of scared that you’ve been watching me all this time.

“It’s scary to be watched all the time, isn’t it”

“That’s not true! Hey Nacchan!”

“But it is scary…”


It’s scary being watched all the time…

You should be staring at Ryoma when you have time for me, Shirayuki.

I’m sure it won’t be pleasant for Ryoma either.

“Good grief, this guy…”


…Hah~, they’re flirting.

I thought about it as I looked at Shirayuki, who was being patted on the head by Ryoma.

I understand that Shirayuki has a bit of heavy best friend feelings because of the past.

That’s all over now, though, and I don’t have to worry about it at all.



“Well, thank you for looking out for me, even though I’m scared.”

“Yeah! …And I told you it’s not scary!”

“Kuku, I really can’t get enough of this.”

I hope you can hold the reins of Shirayuki before you laugh.

After that, the three of us went to the shoe box, and when we got outside, I told them…

“Actually, I’m going to have sushi with Madoka-san today.”

“Heh, sushi!”

“That’s good.

Have fun.”

I’m going to do that without you telling me.

Shirayuki looked at me and said she wanted to go too, but of course I wouldn’t take her with me and I wouldn’t invite her from the start.

The only time I would invite Shirayuki would be when we all go out to eat together, including Ryoma.

“Have fun, Nacchan.”

“See you later.”


I left them and ran back to my flat.

In the midst of all this, I had a thought.

Once again, when I think about how Madoka-san tried to kill herself back then, I’m really glad that she’s brightened up.

She doesn’t show a gloomy expression at a moment’s notice.

“Alright, I’m back.”

I put my bag in the room and I went straight next door.

I had told her I was coming home at around this time, so the door was unlocked and I came in as if it was natural.

“Madoka-san, I’m back.”

“Ah, welcome back, Chinatsu-kun!”

…Ah, I feel like I’m living my day just to see Madoka-san’s smile.

Madoka rushed to me with flapping footsteps and immediately took me by the hand and led me to the living room.


“Anything wrong”

“No, I was just wondering if you’re that happy to go out to eat with me.”

“…I see…”

Ryoma and Shirayuki noticed it too… I was so embarrassed that I looked down.

I glanced at Madoka-san to see what she looked like, and she was looking at me with very kind eyes.


I’ve been thinking about it for a while, but Madoka-san has a really tremendous receptive power.

She has a motherly quality that makes me feel more pampered than my real mother, and I know my mother would cry if I said so, but I really do feel something like that.

“Come, Chinatsu-kun, it’s a welcome home hug~♪”


Madoka-san was waiting for me with her arms wide open.

Yes, this is it.

This sweet voice and gesture always spoils me by destroying my ability to think–Just like this.


“Fufu, good boy good boy.”

Frankly, I feel it’s not good.

I feel like I’m going to leave everything to Madoka-san and fall away.

Of course I can’t stay away from her, not to say I’m addicted to her, but… I can no longer talk about my world without Madoka-san’s presence, her presence has become that big for me.

“Madoka-san, I’m really worried right now.”

“Oh my, about what”

Let’s ask her, what kind of answer will Madoka-san give me

“…I feel like I’m going to be really ruined if I keep going like this.

I’m so happy that Madoka-san is doing this to me.

It’s to the point of if you don’t do this to me, I don’t feel comfortable… I’m sorry for saying something weird.”

What am I really saying I said that and tried to get away from Madoka, but I couldn’t.

That’s because Madoka-san’s grip on me became very strong.

Madoka-san put her face close to my ear and whispered sweetly, her voice reaching directly to my brain.

“What’s so weird about it Hey Chinatsu-kun, don’t think this act is weird or wrong.

This is something very necessary, it’s very important for Chinatsu-kun to be spoiled by me like this… Got that Don’t question it, think of this as important.

Think of this as something necessary, okay”


Oh no… I’m melting.

My mind is mush… I even feel as if my brain is melting.

Not only from the words, but also from the gentle touch of the hand caressing my head, and the irresistible magic power that Madoka-san herself radiates, which seems to envelop me.

“I’m always by your side, Chinatsu-kun… Look here, Chinatsu-kun, look at my face.”


“Yes… Who do you see in my eyes now”

“…It’s me.”

“That’s right.

I’m the only one in Chinatsu-kun’s eyes too.”


What on earth does this exchange mean

Madoka-san looked straight at me and continued with these words.

“Truly, the only people who make up this world right now are Chinatsu-kun and I.

Fufu, isn’t that wonderful There’s only me and Chinatsu-kun–I’m the only one you can rely on, and I’m the only one who can wrap Chinatsu-kun up.”


Only Madoka-san… Only her…

I was in a daze for a while, but I wanted to sneeze a little, so I moved away from Madoka-san.

I then let loose a powerful sneeze, properly guarded by my hand.


“…Fufu… Ahaha!”

“I’m sorry, Madoka-san, I couldn’t hold it back… Ah…”

“Chinatsu-kun, your nose is dripping!”

Whoa, whoa, whoa!

It’s terrible to be seen with my face dripping with snot in front of Madoka-san.

But somehow I feel like that sneeze saved my life.

If I hadn’t sneezed like that, I really would have… Well, not that I wouldn’t like it, but… I was also a little scared.

“…Ahh! Chinatsu-kun, look at the time!”


“I’ve booked the place! Mou, Madoka, you fool! You can adore Chinatsu-kun as much as you like at night!”

Madoka-san looked very wild…

Anyway, I approached Madoka-san and started to get ready.

Well, it seems that even though the reserved time was approaching, we would not be too late.

Madoka-san and I headed for a few minutes to a sushi restaurant in the city.

It was a bit chaotic, but it was the long-awaited dinner out alone with Madoka-san.

Let’s enjoy this day to the fullest, so that I can make another precious memory with her.

“Come on, Chinatsu, let’s go in.”


We entered the restaurant arm in arm, and Madoka-san, the beautiful woman standing next to me, was surely attracting a lot of attention.

I was wondering how we were being looked at, and I tried not to make a fool of myself by standing next to her, even if only a little.

“…Chinatsu-kun, your current crisp face is very cool.”

“Eh Really”

“Yes♪ Fufu, you look more mature than usual.”

Seriously, I won’t be able to stop grinning when you say it like that.

“Dear customer, may I escort you”


“…Yes, please.”

Madoka-san and I were then quietly escorted by the waitress.


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