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Chapter 16 – The Two Wants It

(T/N: Madoka’s perspective.)

My darling is sleeping on my chest… And it’s proof I’ve caught him.

“Chinatsu-kun… I love you.

I love you so much.”

It’s only because he’s already asleep that I can say these words straight to him, but they are not words that I cannot say when he is awake.

I can tell that Chinatsu-kun is becoming attracted to me, but it’s not enough… I think it’s just a little while before I can deliver the finishing blow when he’s more ripe.

“…I was so loyal to my desires.”

I didn’t think that the feelings that had been lying dormant deep inside me would go so far.

I want to monopolize Chinatsu-kun, I want to make him my own… No, monopolize is not the right word.

I want him to drown, I want to drag him to the bottom of a swamp so deep he’ll never get out.

“Chinatsu-kun, I’m that kind of woman, you know I certainly put your will first, but there is a filthy desire to keep you from leaving me.

In fact, until Chinatsu-kun came back today, I was… Fufu♪”

Not so much when I’m outside, but when I come home and am alone all I can think about is Chinatsu-kun.

When I think of him, my body reacts irresistibly and I can’t control my feelings.

“Chinatsu-kun… I… I…”

Summoning the precious person who saved me that time into my brain, I was enjoying my time, fantasizing as much as I could.

I felt a little nervous when Chinatsu-kun seemed to notice me, but when I thought about him seeing my unprotected appearance in real life… I shivered a little.

“Chinatsu-kun, I will never let you go.

So please hold on to me.

I will love you forever.

So will you love me too I’ll stay by your side until the end of our lives… Yes, I’m such a heavy woman.”

I can see that I am heavy.

But what does it matter There’s no limit to how much I want him, and what’s wrong with wanting more and more.

There’s nothing wrong with that, because if we want each other, no one has the right to interfere.

“Fuah… Fuah…”

“…You have a really cute sleeping face.”

I’ve gone over a lot of words in my head, but today is the first time I’m going to bed with Chinatsu-kun.

He’s sleeping on my chest in my bed that I always use… I’m so happy that my cheeks are going to be soaked.

“…Fufu, we’ll do more next time… Hey Chinatsu-kun, I’m always ready to respond to you, so I’ll be waiting for you, okay”

I told him that as he continued to sleep.

…Well, whether I can stand it or not.

But I’m reminded once again how I’m holding back so much.

I can’t believe that I’m holding Chinatsu-kun’s body like this, and that’s all I’m satisfied with.


I kissed Chinatsu-kun’s forehead… That wasn’t enough, and I knew it wasn’t enough, so I brought my mouth to Chinatsu-kun’s forehead again, and licked it.


I feel pleasure in playing a few stimulating pranks while he sleeps.

My heart cries out for more, for something deeper and more intense.

But be patient, Madoka, it’s not time yet, so be patient.

For a while after that, I looked at Chinatsu-kun’s sleeping face and…found myself falling asleep.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(T/N: Back to Chinatsu’s perspective.)


When I woke up in the morning I tilted my head.

I wonder what this is….The round object that spreads out in front of me, with an almost audible thumping sound effect… Moreover, it moves slightly as if it were alive… I blushed as I thought about what it could be.

“I see, I…slept with Madoka-san yesterday.”

When I realized that, I was a bit embarrassed.

I glanced up and looked into Madoka-san’s face.

Madoka-san seemed to be still sleeping and a very beautiful sleeping face greeted me… Thinking back, this was the first time for me to look at Madoka-san up close like this.

“…You’re a really beautiful person, Madoka-san.”

I just blurted it out.

Now if Madoka-san had been awake, she would’ve totally heard me, but fortunately she was asleep and I didn’t have to worry about that.



When I was caught off guard that she was asleep, Madoka-san put her arms around my back while whispering my name.

Just like she did yesterday, Madoka-san hugged me tightly, as if she would not let me go.

“…Ehehe~… Fumyu.”

“…She’s too cute.”

She’s three years older than me, but she looks so adorable right now, as if she were a younger girl.

No, she’s usually a very pretty person, but just now she has a look of loveliness that knows no bounds.


Suddenly, my eyes were glued to the lips of Madoka-san who came in front of me.

I could feel her plump, beautiful lips and the breath that escaped from them on the tip of my nose.

If I put my face forward even a little, I could touch those lips, and with this distance, I… Gulp!


Turning my face slightly downwards, I jumped into Madoka-san’s chest .

I jumped in, but only to the extent that our heads touched slowly.

But the moment I did so, a hand went around the back of my head and buried my face strongly in her chest.

Then, Madoka-san’s legs also became entangled with me.



She’s sleeping…right

I’ve been made to feel like a cuddly pillow, and I feel as if I’m using up all the happiness in my life at this very moment.

“…Alright, if it’s only for a little bit… I wonder if it’s okay.”

I put one hand on Madoka-san’s back.

I hugged her as hard as I could and leaned in.

I think the bed is a very relaxing place to be, and it’s great to seek Madoka-san’s presence like this.

“…Ah, so calming.”

It may be wrong to rub my face against Madoka-san’s sleeping chest like this, but once I got to know this warmth, softness and fragrance, it was as if there was a magical force inside me that I really couldn’t get away from.

“Madoka-san… I… I…”

I want to be with you forever… I’m a high school kid compared to Madoka-san, but is it wrong to think like this That incident brought me this close to Madoka-san, but I wonder if it’s wrong to want more…

It was while I was thinking like that that Madoka-san finally woke up.



I was immediately brought to consciousness by that voice coming from above my head.

However, even though I’m being hugged by Madoka-san, I’m still with my face buried in her chest.

This is a bad situation…

“Fufu, I’m so happy being with Chinatsu-kun like this from the morning.

Come here, Chinatsu-kun, Mommy’s t**s are here.”

“…Half asleep”

“Hmm~ I’m not half asleep~♪”

Apparently I’m now a baby in Madoka-san’s head.

Baby play with a 20-year-old woman That sounds very naughty… I’d probably decline the proposal even if it were offered to me, because that would be embarrassing.

“I’m really fully awake.

Good morning, Chinatsu-kun.”

“Ah… Yes.

Good morning Madoka-san.”

It certainly has been nice, but… Still, the arms around my back and the legs entwined around me wouldn’t let go.

“There’s still time, and I think we should do this a little longer.”

“…Is that okay”

“Isn’t this what you want”


She looked at me as if she could see right through me, so I looked down.

Madoka-san was still holding me in her arms, giggling, and for some reason she pulled the quilt over our head.

“It’s dark like this.

And we can hear each other’s breathing so clearly… Does this make your heart pound”

“…Of course it does.”

“Yeah, I know.

My heart is pounding too… Hey, Chinatsu-kun, at this rate–”

At that moment, the sound of the jingling alarm rang out.



I sighed, not knowing whether to be relieved or disappointed to see Madoka-san’s pouting face as she stopped the alarm.

After that, we got up, and Madoka-san made this suggestion.

“Hey, Chinatsu-kun, shall we go out for sushi today”



How’s that”

“I’m totally fine with anything if it’s with Madoka-san.”

“Oh my… That’s so nice of you to say!”

Thus, it was decided that we would go out for dinner.

I’m really looking forward to it now, but… If I grin too much at school, Shirayuki and Ryoma will say something to me again.

Hold it together, Chinatsu!


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