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Chapter 13 – Madoka and Shirayuki

“…He’s sleeping really well.”

On the bed, Chinatsu was sleeping with a distracted stupid face, as if he was having some kind of good dream.

Ryoma let out a sigh as he watched Chinatsu, and thought about the two people he had left behind in the living room.

“I see.

She certainly has big b*****s and is beautiful, just like you said.”

That was Ryoma’s first impression of Madoka.

The homeroom teacher had informed them that he was absent today because of a cold, and when they found out, he and Shirayuki talked about going to visit Chinatsu after school.

When they came to Chinatsu’s room, they were surprised to see a woman they had never seen before.


Are you the kids from Chinatsu-kun’s class”

Ryoma first felt that this was a woman who spoke in a very gentle voice, and he also immediately recognized her as the woman Chinatsu had mentioned.

Ryoma immediately returned the greeting, while Shirayuki was a little frozen but soon glared at her with hostility.

“…Ryoma, go to Nacchan’s room.

If he’s sleeping, be quiet so as not to wake him up.”

“Got it.”

Because it was Chinatsu’s room, which he knew well, Ryoma walked past Madoka and went straight to Chinatsu’s room.

Although Shirayuki was showing hostility, she also knew that Madoka was the woman that Chinatsu was talking about and would not say anything strange.

Still, Shirayuki was uneasy.

“Women are scary.

I get scolded by Shirayuki a lot too…but when she actually gets pissed off, it’s bad.”

Praying that things would happen smoothly and naturally, Ryoma was passing the time with his phone in his hand.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Now, when Ryoma was in such a dilemma…

Two women face each other in the living room.

Madoka, the neighbor Chinatsu admired, and Shirayuki, one of his friends.



Madoka and Shirayuki didn’t speak to each other, but they also didn’t avert their gaze.

However, there was no mutual hostility between the two, and Shirayuki’s gaze earlier was not hostile, but rather a warning.

She couldn’t let her guard down to see whether or not the people approaching Chinatsu were harmful to him or not.


Madoka crossed her arms to change position.

Madoka lifted her two huge, heavy b*****s, which made them jiggle, so that Shirayuki could see them even through Madoka’s clothes.

When Shirayuki looked at them and then shifted her gaze to her own b*****s, she tasted overwhelming defeat, as they were certainly small, if not downright flat.

“…They’re really big, just like Nacchan said.”

“Oh my, Chinatsu-kun said that”


He said you have big t**s, that you’re beautiful and kind.”


Shirayuki thought that if she told Madoka honestly, Madoka might pull away, but Madoka smiled with a smile of sincere happiness at what Shirayuki had just said.

She smiled in a truly happy way, as if she was proud to be told so.

Seeing that smile, Shirayuki…was completely caught off guard.

“…That’s very like Nacchan.

The way he’s attracted to older, tolerant older women.”

“Nacchan… Fufu, that’s a cute way to call Chinatsu-kun.”


Nacchan doesn’t like it, but… Nacchan is just so cute.”

“He’s really cute.

And I want to spoil him so much, it makes me happy.”

“…Madoka-san, you are a good person.”

“Thank you, Shirayuki-san.

Shirayuki-san is also a good girl.”

Chinatsu’s cuteness completely connected the two of them.

There was no doubt that Chinatsu was important to Madoka, but it was the same for Shirayuki.

Shirayuki didn’t know Madoka cared so much about Chinatsu, but Shirayuki naturally had her own reasons for caring about Chinatsu.

“Madoka-san, Nacchan is a very important friend to me.

It may be rare for a friendship to be formed between a man and a woman, but in a sense, we could be considered best friends.”

“…Seems so.

Just talking like this conveys a lot.”

“Yes, that’s right!”

Although her female friends did not share her feelings, Shirayuki was happy to have Madoka’s affirmation .

Shirayuki closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and then spoke up.

She told Madoka about what had happened in the past, and how Chinatsu had helped her.

“Just about six months ago, I was approached by a bad man in the street and was almost taken away.”

“…That happened”


Shirayuki started talking.

It was about six months ago, when she and Ryoma had been dating for a while.

She was walking alone in town when she was approached by a playboy.

She wanted to run away but he grabbed her arm and she couldn’t escape.

“STOP IT!!!”


It was Chinatsu who helped her at that time.

He shook the man off and helped Shirayuki, but… The problem was what happened next.

The man became angry and swung a garbage can up in the air.

Standing in front of Shirayuki, who was too scared to move, Chinatsu stood with his large back and took it with his head as the man swung it down.

Of course, it was only natural that there would be a commotion if this much had been done… The man was immediately taken down.

“…Ah, it hurts… Are you okay, Shirayuki”

“Y-Yes… W-What about you, Nacchan…!”

Shirayuki remembered turning pale at the sight of his bleeding head.

She blamed herself for making him do this, as he held his head painfully.

“…I didn’t know that happened.”


And I felt very sorry for Nacchan… Ryoma consoled me, but I couldn’t forgive myself.”

Ryoma and Shirayuki, there was also a part of Chinatsu that connected the two people who were not able to come to an understanding.

So it was an incident in which she felt a great debt of gratitude, and Shirayuki really felt sorry for Chinatsu.

“…But then Nacchan said to me, ‘I consider Shirayuki my best friend.

She’s a girl I get along with the most.

I’m trying to help you, so don’t look at me like that.

But yeah, if you’re feeling a little sorry for me, don’t let it get to you and just be a good friend.

That’s all I ask…’”

It was a rather off-color story, but even after that incident, Shirayuki was not attracted to Chinatsu because she had Ryoma as a partner.

However, that incident and his words had an effect on her, and it was engraved in Shirayuki’s mind that Chinatsu was her best friend whom she would cherish forever.

“So I decided I wanted to help Nacchan in any way I could.

Ryoma agreed with me, and even though he would normally have looked at me with disapproval, he accepted it because it was Nacchan.

That’s why…when it comes to Nacchan, I’m a little sensitive, though not in a romantic sense.”

“…So that’s why you were so wary of me.”

“Yes, that’s right.

If you were to annoy Nacchan, or if you were up to something, I would have done everything in my power to get you away from Nacchan.”

Shirayuki told her honestly, without hiding anything.

Well, the feeling of a kind of sympathy made her less cautious.

By now, Shirayuki trusted Madoka instinctively.

“Madoka-san, I trust you.

Please watch over Nacchan for me.”

“I know.

I’m going to melt him into mush and spoil him lots, that’s what I’ve decided.”

“…Ahaha, I think that’s a bit too over the top.”

“I wonder… But shouldn’t the feeling be that strong”

Shirayuki laughed at Madoka’s expression, but she was convinced that Madoka would be able to encompass Chinatsu in many ways.

“Madoka-san is a good person.”

“Shirayuki-san is also a good girl.”

They laughed at each other after the exchange they had just had.

Madoka wanted to wrap Chinatsu in her true feelings, and Shirayuki wanted to protect him with true friendship… This is how they met and hit it off.

Soon after such a conversation, Chinatsu finally woke up .

“…I didn’t know you were here, Shirayuki.”

“Ah, Nacchan!”

Chinatsu, who seemed to be completely back in perfect shape, appeared with Ryoma.

Shirayuki was about to rush to Chinatsu’s healthy figure, but Madoka rushed to him and embraced him tenderly.

She invited Chinatsu into her supreme bulge, which was much more overwhelming than Shirayuki’s that the thought of even comparing them was absurd.

“Are you okay now”

“Ah, yes… Um, Madoka-san… What did–”

“It’s fine.

I’ve become good friends with Shirayuki-san.”


What on earth did you two talk about, was the question that came to Chinatsu’s mind.

For a while after that, Chinatsu had a taste of heaven and h**l, burying his face in Madoka’s cleavage and smelling her scent in front of his two friends. 


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