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Chapter 12 – A Giant Step Leading to Eternity

“Ahn… Ahnn♪”


I caught a cold and missed school, but it seemed like Madoka-san was really with me the whole time.

When I fell asleep and woke up in the afternoon, the sight of Madoka-san studying with a reference book open on the table reassured me that she was there for me.

…Well, I woke up at noon and was hungry, so I had the bento Madoka-san made for me.



“…I… I’m glad I took the day off today.”

“Oh my~, you’re a naughty boy, Chinatsu-kun.

But I’m the same, I’m glad you rested♪”

I’m already feeling light-headed, but maybe it’s the fever.

I’m still a bit hazy but I’m definitely feeling better.

I hope it doesn’t come back.

I guess I was lucky that it was a relatively mild cold.

“You look like a little kid, Chinatsu-kun.

Very cute.”

“…Um… There’s a reason for that.”


I nodded.

“…I feel like spoiling myself in front of Madoka-san.

I don’t really get it myself, but that’s how I feel.”

Words came out one after another.

She’s older than me, very patient, very kind and a wonderful woman who takes care of me like this.

If she feeds me like this, my weak body will be even more spoiled by her.

When Madoka-san heard what I said, she smiled and said,

“It’s okay, I can spoil you more.

I’ll do whatever you want.”


Hearing something like that in my ear naturally raised my body temperature.

When I quickly averted my gaze from Madoka-san, she seemed to understand, and moved away a little.

“Good reaction… Yes, yes…”


“It’s nothing.

Hey, Chinatsu-kun, let’s have dinner and get some sleep again.

Your complexion is looking much better, but we need to make sure you heal perfectly.”

“I understand.”

Alright! I’ll get back to feeling better soon and reassure Madoka-san.

I thanked her again for making my lunch and laid down on the bed.

Then, Madoka-san sat down near me and put her hand on my forehead and stroked it.

“…I like taking care of Chinatsu-kun like this.

Hey, Chinatsu-kun, are you happy that I’m here”

“Of course.

That said, on the contrary, I’m a little bit sorry.”

“Ufufu♪ Well… This is what I wanted, so you really don’t have to worry about it.”


She patted me on the head and said, “Good boy, good boy.”

…What’s this She makes me feel like a child again.

Something deep inside me whispered to me that it was okay for me to be as lenient as I wanted to be with the woman in front of me.

Of course I wanted to do so, but as I said before, I also felt sorry for Madoka-san’s absence from the university.

“Does Chinatsu-kun’s room have a duplicate key”

“Yes, I have.”

“…This is just a suggestion.”

Suggestion I waited for Madoka-san’s words.

“Should something like today happen again, can Chinatsu-kun give me a duplicate key so that he doesn’t have to come all the way to the front door Of course I don’t think this happens that often, but if it’s okay with you… What do you think”

“I see…”

…Honestly, there was no hesitation at all .

I was honestly excited at the sound of leaving a duplicate key to Madoka-san.

I thought I was being a little too trusting, but how could I not trust such a kind person I nodded and pointed my finger towards the drawer.

“It’s in there.”


Teaching is also an acceptance of entrustment.

Madoka-san’s body shivered, but I didn’t pay any attention to that.

She turned her back on me and went to the drawer, where she quickly found the key.

“This is it.

Last check, are you sure you’re okay with this”

“It’s okay.

Well… Ahaha, somehow, I’m kind of happy.”

When I said this with a small laugh, Madoka-san approached me with her eyes looking down.

Although it was a little scary because her hair was slicked back and I couldn’t see her eyes, the kind of atmosphere she exuded was warm and welcoming.

“I’ll take good care of it.

Thank you, Chinatsu-kun.”

“…Um… Is there something wrong”

“No, it’s nothing.”

When she looked up, Madoka-san was smiling kindly as usual.

After that, we talked about various things for a while, and I closed my eyelids as I was getting sleepy with Madoka-san stroking my head again.

Until I was completely asleep, Madoka-san was always by my side.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“…Ah♪ Chinatsu-kun accepted me… Chinatsu-kun accepted me♪”

Madoka muttered, trying not to wake the sleeping Chinatsu, but unable to hide the happiness overflowing from her body.

Looking at the duplicate key she received from Chinatsu, Madoka’s face was filled with ecstasy.

Being given permission to enter Chinatsu’s room at any time brought Madoka more joy than she had ever felt in her life.

“Chinatsu-kun♪ Chinatsu-kun♪ Chinatsu-kun♪ Chinatsu-kun♪… Ah how wonderful, why does it make my heart beat so fast just by whispering your name like this.

Does this make me happy …Of course it does.

Because it’s Chinatsu-kun♪”

Yes, Madoka realized that she was happy because it was Chinatsu.

Today, too, she made lunch for Chinatsu and waited outside, but she felt strange when he didn’t come out at all.

Then, seeing Chinatsu looking like he had caught a cold, Madoka instantly took action.

She wanted to devote herself to Chinatsu, so it was only natural that she should take care of Chinatsu when he caught a cold.

At first, she had planned to take a day off from university to look after him, but she thought that would be intrusive… However, the lonely look in Chinatsu’s eyes made that idea fall apart in an instant.

“Chinatsu-kun, get well soon, okay A weak Chinatsu-kun like this is fine, but I still love your healthy appearance.”

The sight of him sleeping regularly was so adorable… And Madoka stared at the key she had received from Chinatsu.

Though she was supposed to be staring at the key, Madoka laughed when she realized that the key was somehow covered in a slippery liquid.

With the intention of never letting go of the key she received, Madoka tucked the key into her cleavage.

“Chinatsu-kun, I’ll give you a duplicate key too.

This is the first step of being truly together with each other♪”

Not only did Chinatsu give Madoka a duplicate key, but it would only be natural that Madoka gave him one in return.

Of course, he wouldn’t come and go as he pleased, but the difference between having a duplicate key and not was too great.


She was Chinatsu’s room, which meant it was filled with the scent of Chinatsu.

To tell the truth, Madoka had been fidgeting with her crotch while pretending to stare at her reference book.

Against her will, her body was seeking for Chinatsu, and she was just sitting still to suppress it somehow.

“Wonderful… How wonderful…”

She sat down beside the sleeping Chinatsu, whispered in a sweet voice, and touched her own body, which was very hot.

It was not a sign that she had caught a cold, but simply that she was aroused.

“…Ahn… Ahn~~”

Chinatsu twisted himself a little bit, perhaps because she had made a sound.

After confirming once again that he was not awake, Madoka was about to look at Chinatsu’s sleeping face again, when she heard a ringing sound to inform her of a visitor.

“…… …Hmph…”

“…Hnn… Who could it be”

It would be a pity to wake him up when he was sleeping so comfortably.

Madoka then went to the front door as if she thought she was living with Chinatsu.

As Chinatsu’s partner and a woman who watched over him, this was the result of such an assumption.

“…Maybe he’s sleeping.”


Or maybe he’s got better and is playing games.”

“Ahaha, I guess that’s possible too.”

Madoka thought that the two people on the other side of the doorway were probably friends of Chinatsu’s.

There was the option of not answering the door, but Madoka thought that it would be wrong to turn away Chinatsu’s friend who had come to visit him, so she opened the door.

“Ah, Naccha…”


Well, naturally, their puzzled reactions were natural.

And thus, the two people whom Chinatsu would have preferred not to meet Madoka, ended up meeting her.


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