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Chapter 10 – To Whom Are the Overflowing Feelings Directed



Madoka-san, who had been washing up next to me, was staring at me.

After enjoying Madoka-san’s lap pillow as much as I could, she suggested that we have dinner together again today, and there was no way I could refuse that sweet invitation.

It wasn’t another one-pot dish like sukiyaki again, but we got hamburgers and stir-fries that Madoka-san cooked… Yes, all the food she made seemed so lavish.

So after I finished the food, I stood next to Madoka-san to at least wash the dishes, which was what I am doing now.

“…Fufu, sorry, I just thought this kind of thing was nice.”

Finally Madoka-san took her gaze off me.

She returned her gaze to her own hand, but immediately glanced at me again.

This naturally led to a clash of gazes, and each time, Madoka-san would smile and I would be embarrassed because of that.

“…Hey Chinatsu-kun, can I tell you something a little dark”


“…You’re really sweet.

Thank you.”

I haven’t done anything to be thanked, and I really want to know more about Madoka-san.

I don’t care if it’s light or dark.

“Remember when I said that… I was so lonely”


“…To be honest, I really don’t know why I stayed by that man’s side because I was lonely.”

If she was alone and lonely, it wouldn’t be hard to understand why she would want to put her trust in someone.

I’m not Madoka-san, so I can’t understand how she felt at that time, but no matter how kind he was to her at first… I can never forgive him.

“If I was insecure, there must have been lots of people I could turn to, or maybe I didn’t know what to do with myself after putting up with the harsh words.

I don’t mean to say that I grew up in a comfortable environment, but I was never told I was gross or that I should die or anything like that, so maybe it resonated even more… Well, I don’t know if he ever said more behind my back, though…”

Madoka-san stopped washing the dishes and continued speaking, staring off into the distance.

“I think my feelings were distant at the time, but I didn’t understand myself, and I probably didn’t care about his cheating.

It was just that his words were too harsh, and I was disgusted by them.”


Certainly not everyone is used to swearing or slanderous language.

Many people would be offended by being told to die, even if it was just for fun.

Anyone would feel distressed if someone said such a nasty word to them at a time when they are vulnerable.

“Today, I’ve been thinking about it.

What shocked me, what saddened me.

To be honest, it’s a past that doesn’t matter anymore, but when I thought about it again, I realized once again how kind Chinatsu-kun is to me.”


“Fufu, I know.

You want to say you didn’t mean it like that, don’t you”

Yes, I didn’t save Madoka-san so desperately out of calculation.

I just wanted her to live, and I didn’t want any eventuality that might have happened.

“Still, Chinatsu-kun saved me.

I can never express my gratitude, but thank you so much, Chinatsu-kun.

I was really happy that you were by my side.”


….Oh no, I’m so happy that my heart is about to go berserk.

I’m really glad that I felt the uneasiness and decided to take action at that time.

It’s just that I can’t help but think that Madoka-san’s eyes staring at me are a little scary… Eh, what am I talking about Madoka-san Scary

“So, Chinatsu-kun, let me thank you a lot from now on, okay”

“Ah… Yes.”

When she looked into my eyes and said those words to me, I felt light-headed like I was floating in a fever.

I didn’t want anything in return, but I couldn’t help but nod at her words.

“Chinatsu-kun, are you leaving right after this”

Those words got me thinking.

It was almost 8 o’clock and I wasn’t sure about Madoka-san, but if I was allowed to be more selfish… I’d like to stay with her a little longer.

“Do those eyes mean you want to stay with me a little longer”


“So you’ll stay here a bit longer, right Now you can’t leave♪”

I felt as if I was completely dominated by Madoka-san, who stopped me when she asked me to stay here and told me not to go home.

Madoka-san, who was smiling happily, took me by the hand and I sat down on the sofa again.

“Do you want me to give you a lap pillow again Or is there anything else you want me to do”

“…Well… Um…”

“Slowly, just say it slowly.

I’ll do whatever you want, Chinatsu-kun.

Come on, feel free to say what you want…”


Really, I’m going to be ruined.

I managed to stand up against the gentle, sweet voice that seemed to be dragging me into the swamp.

“I-I’m going back because I have homework!”

“Ah… Mouuu~~”

Ah, her cute pouting face is so cute… No! I shook my head and headed for the door.

Well, Madoka-san understood and didn’t try to hold me back.

I put on my shoes and was about to open the front door when Madoka-san’s arms reached out on either side of my head and… Then she crossed them over and put her arms around my stomach.

“Thank you for today, Chinatsu-kun .

I really enjoyed our dinner time together as well as the sweets.”

“Me too… It was really great.”

“That’s good… Hey Chinatsu-kun, are you really leaving”

“Ah… Gugh…”

…I didn’t know what it was… But it wasn’t just her voice and her arms, I had the unfamiliar sensation of being entangled in something else.

Like a thin thread entangling me in numerous layers… And finally, Madoka-san let go of her arms.

“I see.

I’m sorry to have bothered you.”

She apologized, and I hurriedly said that it wasn’t the case, and I rushed back.

I also felt regret having lost that warmth from my body, but… I greeted Madoka-san and walked out of the room.


Cold wind caressed my cheeks as I stepped outside.

Before I went back to my room to warm up quickly, I looked at Madoka-san’s door one last time.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“…Hah~♪ I’m really happy.”

After Chinatsu left, Madoka stared at the door he had left through and muttered .

Her cheeks were flushed red and she made no attempt to hide her expression of ecstasy.

Every time she thought back to the warmth and sensations she felt just a few moments ago, her body shivered.

“…Ah… I want to feel more… More of Chinatsu-kun…”

She put her strength into her body as if she was embracing herself with her two arms.

As if to show her strength, her large b*****s were distorted and squashed by her clothes.

Madoka felt a little suffocated by this, but she was still fantasizing about it.

That the person hugging her so strongly and painfully was Chinatsu .


Madoka sat down on the spot with a shudder, letting out rough breaths.

Her moist eyes were staring in the direction of Chinatsu’s room, as if she would have kept staring at Chinatsu if there had been no wall there.

“Beyond this wall, there’s Chinatsu-kun… Hey, Chinatsu-kun, just thinking about you is ruining me so much.

I’m not lying in the words I’ve told you, but… I’m not sad anymore, it’s just that I’m in pain when Chinatsu-kun isn’t by my side… It’s painful, really painful…”

Madoka fell on her face, and when she raised it again… She shouted loudly.

“My feelings are overflowing and I can’t seem to stop them~~!!”

Sometimes strong feelings can change a person and transform them into something completely different.

Madoka is no exception.

However, it does not mean that her fundamentals have changed.

Her gentle temperament was established by her human nature, but… It was also true that her feelings for Chinatsu only became more volatile after that incident.

I miss you… I miss you… I want to touch you… Anywhere is fine! I just want to touch you…

The only person beyond Madoka’s imagination was Chinatsu, a younger, but dependable and gentle boy.

Thinking of him, who constantly wished to be pampered and not be able to leave her, Madoka slept alone and lonely again today.

“…Fufu… Ahahaha! This loneliness isn’t so bad either… This loneliness will surely set my feelings ablaze when we get together, right, Chinatsu-kun”

Somehow… Madoka had a feeling that the lonely and unpleasant night would soon be over…


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