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The Assassins Enemy Lover Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: A toad trying to eat swan meat

Unfortunately, Zi Xingxi was just like her name. She was as beautiful and unattainable as the galaxy making her the white moonlight of most men and women alike.

This face that brought so much trouble drove him here to get a weapon for their protection.

The young man with a buzz cut that had barely grown out sat on the couch as he placed a glass of liquor on the coffee table next to Zi Han.

With slight annoyance in his eyes, he rubbed his head recalling how he even got this buzz cut in the first place. Zi Xingxi had told him that she was into men with bald heads and like an idiot, he cut his lustrous head of hair.

Only for him to be laughed at by the entire neighbourhood when Zi Xingxi passed him with a look of disdain. In his entire life, he had never been humiliated like that. After that unfortunate incident, he decided to change tactics thus getting to her through her son.

“Why not just convince her that you need a new dad” said the man before taking a sip of liquor, “Its probably the least expensive option you have.”

Zi Han almost couldnt hold his expression as he heard these words. Wasnt this just a toad wanting to eat swan meat His mother was an ethereal beauty with a tough personality that scared the ** out of him at times.

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No one on this planet or even in the entire federation was deserving yet this man who was still wet behind his ears actually thought he had a shot with his mother. Each time anyone harboured any designs for his mother he reacted strongly.

He just had the urge to beat the ** out of them exorcising all those nasty thoughts out of their minds. Or better yet gouge their eyes out that way they wont ever look at his mother with that lewd gaze. Feeling irritated he grabbed the glass of liquor from the coffee table and guzzled it down.

If he had to deal with this annoying person then he might as well be tipsy. The man they call Dage uncrossed his legs as a man in a beach shirt brought a black briefcase and placed it on the empty space of the coffee table.

Pulling back his long sleeves he pressed his fingerprint on the briefcase and with a click it opened. He pursed his lips turning the opened briefcase to face Zi Han. Inside was a smart pistol which was also one of the most controversial weapons in the federation.

Thats because of its ability to automatically target and fire at multiple enemies at once. It was for this reason that it was only available to high ranking military officers but this miniature kingpin was in possession of such a precious weapon.

Zi Han recognized it at a glance and for the first time ever since he walked into this room his eyes that were indifferent and aloof suddenly brightened. He was itching to touch it but if he did that of his own accord he would be selling himself out. Once this man catches on to his weakness he would most definitely exploit it.

“Little Han have you ever touched a gun before” asked the man as he removed the safety, “This really isnt a toy.... so let Dage teach you.”

After saying all this he got up and slowly strode over to the French door leading outside to a small garden. With a slight turn of his head, he beckoned Zi Han over.

The boy felt like his heart was fluttering inside his chest as he got up. There was a slight tremble in his hands from the thrill but he clenched and unclenched his fist to contain himself. When that smart pistol was placed in his hand he found that it felt like an extension of himself.

Without being told he slowly raised his hand and his pupils constricted as he pulled the trigger. The feeling he got from this was completely different from the simulations his mother drove him to take part in ever since he was a kid. It was exhilarating to the point that he was itching to pull the trigger again and so he did.

Bang... bang bang bang!

After four shots rang out he paused staring at the obvious holes on the shooting target. The man they called Dage stood there frozen for a moment as he watched this boy who seemed like an entirely different person the moment he held that gun.

He suddenly felt a sense of fear like if he hands this smart pistol to this kid something bad will happen. But since there was no going back he called out, “Zi Han... I will give it to you but you have to do something for me first.”

When his voice fell Zi Han came back to himself and put down the gun before turning to face him. The man was holding up the blue vials in separate packets. “Deliver them to these addresses and I will give it to you... Oh and dont get caught.”

Zi Han took the piece of paper with the addresses and nodded his head. He had a pretty good idea of what was in those vials. It was a prohibited drug in the federation because of its effects on people with mental powers.

Regular opioids and sedatives did not affect anyone with mental power ranks above D level when it came to numbing pain or insomnia. Since anyone with a mental power above D was normally in the military the governance of the federation devised drugs best suited for individuals with high mental powers.

But because these drugs were highly controlled by the military it meant addicts who sought out drugs to numb their psychological pain or sought a sense of euphoria not achieved by regular substances would purchase such drugs illegally on the black market.

This is what this man they called Dage did. He made his money supplying such drugs to nightclubs, brothels and sometimes high mental ranking individuals with such a powerful drug known as TX1023 street name pixie.

Never in his life did Zi Han think he would get in contact with pixie which is why he hesitated to take on the task but recalling those break-ins where he almost lost his mother he grabbed the shoulder strap black bag they had been neatly packed in and said, “I will deliver as promised.”

After that, he pulled up his hood and walked out of the house. “Dage this kid he... are you sure he hasnt held a gun before,” said sister Shen as she looked at that target that had been shot four times on the same spot.

The man looked down at the weapon in his hand with a thoughtful expression. It seems after giving Zi Han this smart pistol he should never bother that pair of mother and son otherwise it might end up being used on himself.



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