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28 She-devil

Eerie laughter reverberated from the enlarged screen giving Yi Chen chills all over his body. It seemed he kicked a baby elephant only for mama elephant to watch him within the shadows waiting for the perfect opportunity to stomp him to death.

It was the worst kind of revenge. You know its coming but you dont know when or how it is going to happen. Its because of this that it keeps you on the edge. Thats exactly how Yi Chen was feeling now staring at the she-devil laughing evilly.

Her laughter suddenly died down and her face became as menacing as that of a resentful ghost out to cut down the people who wronged her.

In her hands was a sharp silver object. She playfully poked the sharp end of the object on one of her fingertips her eyes drooping halfway. That face was an exact copy of the face he hit that day the only difference being the eyes. The aura was also different.

Because of his background and his environment of growth, Yi Chen could sense those who had blood on their hands and this woman right here was drowning in it but her son was different. It made it very difficult for him to believe they were related.

“Ah, judging from your expression you might not understand why I hacked your light brain and having this conversation with you. Since I am a generous person let me explain it,” she said with a malicious smile.

One of her legs crossed at the ankles was shaking slightly indicating her restlessness. If Yi Chen wasnt the Marshals son Lynn Feng swore that he would already be buried in an unmarked grave on some unknown planet where birds dont even **.

“Two days ago my precious son who I painstakingly gave birth to by the way.... came back home with a nasty bruise on his face,” she said with her finger circling around the side of her face to show him the exact location of the bruise.

“And just now.... I found out that this has everything to do with you. So I decided to have a one on one meeting with you and give you a piece of advice.”


As she said this her relaxed posture drastically changed to that of a beast intimidating another predator for stepping into its territory

“Dont ** with my son ever again otherwise I wont mind burning bridges with Marshal Yi just to get to you. Oh and I sincerely hope you had nothing of great importance in your light brain. If you do then I can only apologize in advance.”

Soon after that, his light brain shut down completely with everything in it gone. Even its self-regenerating energy source had been fried to a crisp rendering the device useless.

Yi Chen wasnt easily shaken but even he had to admit that woman was very terrifying. He wouldnt want to cross paths with her in this lifetime.

He regretted provoking her but now that it had already happened and he was now under her radar he could only stay as far away as possible from the pair of mother and son.

Forget it, Lets just treat the incident as me being bitten by a dog, he thought to himself as he picked up the fried light brain and tossed it in the trash.

After throwing it out Yi Chen walked over to the bed and he was about to sleep it off and put everything that happened in Saarilia behind him. But just as his head lay on the fluffy pillow Vega spoke up.

“Sir, I just received some information that the Marshal is throwing a fit,” it said its voice as calm and monotonous as ever which was a big contrast to Chronos.

Yi Chen sighed as he pulled up the quilt. “He will be fine,” he replied as his eyes shut involuntarily. He had had his fair share dealing with the crazy today and just wanted to sleep.

“But sir, it has something to do with Zi Xingxi,” it said effectively waking him up. That name was like a trigger word for him lately.

“Damn it,” he swore as he got out of bed and put on a pair of sneakers before storming out of his cabin. As he walked down the passageway he met a few crew members who saluted him and followed his figure with their eyes.

This time it wasnt because he was a heartthrob but because he actually left his cabin dressed casually. He wasnt wearing his uniform or a suit. He was in comfortable home clothes which was something never seen before.

His attraction index shot through the roof even though he was dressed in a pair of grey sweatpants, a black t-shirt and a pair of white sneakers with his mech hanging around his neck.

He looked more approachable but his expression remained as ice-cold as before exuding an unintentionalstay the ** away from me aura. When he entered the cargo bay of the warship he could hear his father cursing at the top of his voice.

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Not certain what he was dealing with he stood by the railing with his hands squeezing the metal bars. If he was directly going to step into the fire he at least needed to know what kind of flames he was walking into.

He looked down only to find his father standing there with fourteen black boxes tied up with a red bow at his feet. One of the boxes was open and inside was a severed head.

Yi Chen lowered his head having figured out what had happened. This was Zi Xingxis show of sincerity and it was obviously done at the command of Zi Feiji.

Since it wasnt a life and death situation Yi Chen decided to walk back to his cabin and sleep. But just as he turned on his heels his father cut the call with Zi Feiji as the screaming match had ended. His father happened to look up and saw him.

“Chen-er, come here...” yelled the Marshal his tone sounding more like an order than anything else.

Yi Chens steps paused and he pinched the bridge of his nose almost crying tears of blood. It seems he wont be sleeping any time soon.



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