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27 Chronos has beef with Hydra

Buzzing sounds from the light brain constantly receiving notifications echoed in the spacious cabin but because its owner wasnt in the room it kept on vibrating.

From the other end of the cabin, one could hear the constant sounds of water running adding to the tranquil atmosphere in the room. The vibrations soon stopped with the light dimming having been neglected.

But it turns out the person on the other end was resilient. They switched from sending constant messages to calling. A melodic ringtone filled the air breaking the short-lived silence. The sounds were meant to be calming to ones soul but the urgency of the caller ruined that effect.

The bathroom suddenly swung open releasing a cloud of steam seeping out from the edges of the door. Wrapped in a bath towel on the lower half of his body, Yi Chen walked over to the closet while instructing the AI system linked to all his devices including his mech, “Vega, please answer the call,” he said as he flicked open a bottle of lotion.

“Yes sir,” replied Vega and soon after a modulated voice that didnt match the impatient rings followed through from the light brain.

“Yoh, you woke me up so early on my holiday to help you find someone yet you dare not respond to this ancestors messages. You messaged at two **in a.m...”

A dial tone followed as Yi Chen directly hung up on his friend. Less than a second later that melodic sound rang again and this time Yi Chen picked up directly.

“Speak,” he said as the towel slipped from his lower half. He slipped into a pair of sweatpants his brows furrowed.

“Alright, alright Chen-ge. I havent slept so I am a little upset. I found who you were looking for but I dont get it. Who is he” asked Li Ran the curiosity tearing at his soul.


He wasnt the curious type but when it came to this matter he was especially nosy. Why It was because Yi Chen was perfunctory about everything and everyone all except training. So one can imagine his reaction when he received a message at two in the morning to find someone.

He cried like an old father whose son had finally shown some interest in someone. But his happiness was short-lived. It wasnt some beautiful goddess but some brat from the surface city of Saarilia. It was because of this that he wanted to know the story of how this came about.

“Someone I fought with. Are you satisfied,” replied Yi Chen putting on a black t-shirt before swiping the light brain display screen floating midair.

“Someone actually dared to pick a fight with you. They are thousands of ways to die yet they had the balls to pick you Interesting,” replied Li Ran his curiosity ignited further.

“Are you are talking more nonsense than usual because you are tired. Go and sleep,” said Yi Chen as he stared at the thumbnail of the security footage from the surface city.

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“Fine, fine... I will hang up first,” replied Li Ran followed by another dial tone ending the call.

Yi Chen swiped the display and it was magnified ten times. With an unusually relaxed aura that is rarely seen by outsiders, he sat in the chair facing the table. The video began to play but it was only for a short few seconds.

Ever since the incident, he had been feeling a little unsettled especially when he heard that the drug den the young man was working for had been burnt to the ground and its occupants killed.

At first, he was very worried that something might have happened to him but when he met Zi Feiji and saw that uncanny resemblance he felt at ease. The former leader of the Bloodgarde wouldnt let anything happen to his grandson.

The only problem was that he still wanted to see it with his own eyes. As to why he was adamant on this even he wasnt certain. Maybe it was his sense of guilt or something playing tricks on his mind. All he knew was that he couldnt sleep as the feeling kept poking at him.

In annoyance, he messaged Li Ran at the witching hour just to find recent footage of that person.

He originally thought it wont be a problem for Li Ran to find the surveillance footage of him but apparently, he could only dig up a fleeting three-second footage on the surface city.

It turns out Zi Xingxi had worked hard to erase any trace of this person except this three-second low-resolution footage. Feeling a sense of ease he was about to take down the video when bam... the devils face appeared on his enlarged screen.

As to how this devil forcibly connected to his light brain One would need to go back not less than twenty minutes ago.

Zi Xingxi who had secretary K carry her son to the cabin in the Corvette starship was tucking Zi Han in the quilt because his sleeping habits are crappy as usual. When she tiptoed out of the cabin she was startled when she saw Lynn Feng a.k.a sister Feng standing right outside the door with an excited expression on her face.

“Shit..... Feng-jie, you do realise that I am a walking weapon, right Do you still want your pretty face”

“Uh uh I know I am wrong but I have exciting news,” she said almost blossoming like a yellow chrysanthemum in early spring.

Zi Xingxis expression turned ugly recalling what she had instructed her to do. “He took the **in bait didnt he” she asked and when she saw Lynn Feng nod her head she gnashed her teeth in annoyance.

She deliberately asked Lynn Feng to leave some crumbs off her little Han Han on the surveillance footage of the surface city. Who would have thought Yi Chen would actually look for her son.

Seeing Zi Xingxi angrily storming off Lynn Feng got so exhilarated. She liked the angry Zi Xingxi as long as the anger wasnt directed at her. It was both sexy and terrifying.

As soon as she entered the command bridge of the starship she sat on Lynn Fengs seat. While Lynn Feng forced a connection with Yi Chens light brain a certain AI that should have been barred from speaking suddenly said,

“I say we tear his ass apart, roast him then serve him on a platter to Marshal Yi. I cant wait to see the look on that stupid Hydras face.”

Lynn Feng, “.....”

“You do realise your words could be misunderstood as something else, right... And whats your beef with Hydra”

The Hydra they were referring to was Marshal Yis mech and apparently, it had some beef with Chronos despite having never clashed in combat.

Zi Xingxi raised her feet and crossed them at the ankles while resting them at the edge of the command centre console. She raised her finger to silence Chronos with a devilish grin that sent shivers down the AIs nonexistent body.

As soon as the connection was established Yi Chens blank expression appeared in front of her. “Hello, Yi Chen. Im pretty sure this doesnt come as a surprise,” she said and in a place, she couldnt see he was clenching his fist.



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