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Chapter 24: Second thoughts

Mechs were one of Onyx federations most revered technology. They were a necessary investment in the federation as they directly contributed to the survival of their ancestors during the exodus. So despite being in a relatively peaceful era mechs were on the priority list right next to battlecruisers.

The federation was constantly upgrading its mechs improving on speed, armour and weapon variety. In the federation, they were generally four mech types on the market. Light, medium, heavy and assault mechs with the largest weighing about 100 tonnes.

The three calamities belonged in the assault mechs category but unlike most mechs, in this class, their speed and weaponry systems were beyond their time. And because of their advanced nanotec, they had the ability to resize themselves and adapt to different circumstances.

Anyone in the federation with mental power could pilot a mech. The difference in which mech one could pilot stemmed from ones mental power ranking. D mental power ranking personnel couldnt pilot an A-class mech. Likewise, an A mental power rankings personnel couldnt operate an SS class mech.

The three calamities were SSS ranked mechs which was a rare trait one could achieve in the federation. At mental power rankings of B and above there is also something rather special that not many could awaken. That is ones spirit beast.

It was named so but in essence, it didnt have a physical form. Rather it was better described as immense energy forms that manifest themselves at the heightened release of ones mental strength. Be it in physical combat or when one pilots a mech this spirit beast can manifest at the peak of ones mental strength.

Anything to do with mechs and spirit beasts would captivate Zi Hans attention. Thus his ceaseless questions following the revelation that his mother owned Chronos.


“So can I pilot it” he asked seriously as he scooched over his eyes as bright as pearls.

Zi Xingxi, “”

“You do realize you are far short in the mental power department, right You cant pilot it even if you want to.”

Zi Han knew this very well but couldnt help it. Two days ago if one had told him that his mother was in possession of one of the most powerful mechs in the federation he would have beat that person up for playing a prank on him. He would have made an example out of that person so no one would dare mess with him like that again.

Zi Han bit his bottom lip a little flustered. He had to improve his mental power ranking fast so he can test drive the legendary Chronos.

“Here, take off your jacket and put this on. We will be landing in five minutes,” she suddenly said tossing one of the coin-shaped objects in his direction.

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Zi Han caught it and scrutinized it for a second. As the stealth cruiser descended he saw his mother stick the device on her chest as she got up to her feet. He took off his puffer jacket before continuing with his examination of this strange device.

“Maam, the target is meeting with suppliers ten kilometres east,” spoke secretary K through a communicator.

“Alright, prepare to sweep the place clean after I am done,” she responded while placing a transparent earpiece in Zi Hans ear.

“Yes boss,” he replied as the door slid open revealing the phenomenal world outside. They were in a desert with red sand as vast as the sea.

Zi Hans brows furrowed as he stared into the distance. This place was also a part of Saarilia, a less popular part. Who would have thought this would be the perfect place for a drug kingpin to do shady deals.

Seeing his dazed appearance Zi Xingxi sighed as she tapped the device she gave Zi Han earlier. Black nanoparticles emerged and began surrounding his body creating a form-fitting protective gear.

“This....,” he said but he couldnt even finish his sentence. One could understand his astonishment. It was as though the world within the simulator had come to life and became his new reality.

Zi Xingxi held both his shoulders and said, “From now on stay focused. This is very important.” Zi Han nodded earnestly and watched her unzip the hard suitcase before taking out the AP sniper rifle.

She tapped the coin-shaped device on her chest and as the nanoparticles morphed she exited the sheath cruiser with a strange aura surrounding her body.

After taking two steps Zi Xingxi realized he wasnt behind her so she looked back and smiled, “Keep up unless you are having second thoughts.”

Zi Han hastily caught up with her. What second thoughts He was just a little shaken by the killing intent surrounding her body that he subconsciously froze.

His mother always had adont ** with me aura towards strangers but this version of her was completely foreign to him. The two didnt walk far before she set up a snipers nest.

As she lay her body on the ground the nanoparticles around her body adapted to the environment and blend in like a chameleon. Her sense of presence had reduced sharply as she became part of the environment.

Zi Han followed suit as Secretary Ks voice rang in his ear. “Targets ETA..... five minutes.”

“En,” replied Zi Xingxi as she looked through the scope. Zi Han felt his heart beat in his ears as he stared at her his eyes brimming with curiosity, excitement and slight nervousness. Such conflicting feelings swirled around in his chest almost making it hard for him to breathe.

Her aura was completely different from her usual self. The carefree and nonchalant version of herself had completely vanished replaced with a solemn disciplined self who had one goal in mind.

Her temperament had taken a great shift like she had multiple personality disorder. Discipline, steadfastness, ambition, rationality and emotional intelligence. The other persona exhibited all the above. She was like an entirely different person.

Zi Han wanted to be like her. Most children want to take after their parents and choose the same career as them when they are young but as they grow up they dont necessarily keep the same mindset.

But Zi Han had made up his mind in his late teens. His goal was always the military but now he wanted to be a part of the Bloodgarde.



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