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Chapter 21: Let mama show you how to live it large

Zi Han was dragged along down the stairs while thinking that if he sees a girl that makes his heart flatter he should stay as far away as possible from them. No girl was worth his little brother getting snipped off.

Before he knew it they were outside the building and in front of him was a Spectra hovercar Aurora series awaiting their arrival. He already knew his mother was formidable and his grandfather a legend but not this much.

In front of him was a luxurious hovercar, a god among mortals. It was the kind of vehicle that boys dreamt of owning as a sign that they had finally made it. Zi Han wasnt a car enthusiast but he could tell at a glance that this right here was an expensive vehicle with high-end features that go above and beyond with a sleek design. The design of the vehicle superseded that of ancient earths sports cars. The entire vehicle was black but its headlights and the side of its doors were lit up with a luminous dark green.

And what was the source of that dark green luminous light It was itrium one of the most expensive self-regenerating energy stones. In conclusion, this hovercar was something his mother who lived in a run-down apartment owned.

“Are... are we getting in that” he stammered out an obvious question with his feet frozen on the spot.

“What do you think... Come on, let mama show you how to live it large,” she said as the back door slid open inviting them in. The advanced driver-assistance system was turned on explaining the absence of a driver. It seemed his mother had summoned the hovercar on her light brain when he wasnt looking.

Zi Han sat next to his mother his head spinning due to the numerous questions in his mind. He wanted answers to so many questions but he didnt know where to start. Should he ask about the hovercar first or the guns He really didnt know.


While his brain was going haywire thinking about what to ask first a holographic display popped up at the centre of the vehicle and a pretty face with natural makeup and lustrous shoulder-length hair appeared.

The beautiful woman was about to say something when she saw Zi Han. Their two gazes met in aI look at you, you look at me moment. “AAAHHHHH! Young sir is so handsome!”

Zi Han, “”

He almost coughed out a mouthful of blood after hearing that voice. The voice didnt match her face at all. It was slightly deep and lacked the characteristics of a melodious voice that should belong to a goddess. From what he could gather it was the voice of a male god rather than a goddess.

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Before he could say anything offensive his mother said, “Thats auntie Feng. She had gender reassignment surgery and she is going for voice feminization surgery next month. Oh, and you better stick to her preferred pronouns otherwise she will ** you up and I wont do anything to save you,” while tapping something on the holographic screen floating in front of her.

Zi Han had little to no reaction as he greeted her politely, “Hello Auntie Feng. Its a pleasure to meet you.” What hadnt he seen in the streets of the surface city There were interspecies kids between humans and natives from various planets conquered by the federation army. Gender reassignment was at the very bottom of the list of things that could surprise him. Like his mother taught him, people can do as they wish as long they arent breaking any laws or endangering anyones lives.

Auntie Fengs expression beamed with stars in her eyes as her hands pressed down on her cheeks. “Kawai!!!! Young sir is so adorable and has great taste in fashion. You look sunny in that jacket,” she said pointing at the yellow puffer jacket on his body.

Zi Han was a little fluttered. This was the only clothing item he got to choose by himself. His mother would always choose clothes for him and they were mostly black, white and red. On his sixteenth birthday, he was given the choice to pick his winter jacket and he picked this.

He liked it very much but he had to endure his mother mockingly calling him a sunflower and if he wore it with black jeans she would call him a bumblebee and no she didnt mean bumblebee as in transformers but an actual bumblebee.

“Dont say that, dont encourage him. He looks like a **in bee,” said Zi Xingxi. As

expected she was dumping on his esthetics.

“Dont mind sister Xi Xi, she is just jealous. Young sir looks handsome,” exclaimed Auntie Feng with a genuine smile.

Zi Han suppressed a smile as he replied, “Thank you, auntie Feng looks dashing in maroon. It matches your eyes.”

Zi Xingxi, “WTF!”

“You stay away from her as well. Just because she cant get pregnant doesnt mean you should flirt with her,” said Zi Xingxi without looking in his direction.

ZI Han, “....”

He was just being polite how could this be mistaken for flirting. “Ai sister Xi Xi, you are overthinking it. He is just being nice,” said Auntie Feng before mouthing,Call me, while Zi Xingxi had her head down.

Unfortunately, it was as though Zi Xingxi had developed a third eye on her forehead. She said, “He wont be calling you ever so how about you give me an update instead.”

“Uh uh sister Xi Xi, no need to be upset. I was just kidding. Rivera has docked five minutes away and I have located the person you were looking for. The stealth cruiser is up and ready,” she said her expression much more serious than before.

“Mn, forward the details to my light brain,” replied Zi Xingxi before minimizing the holographic screen in front of her.

“Anything you want to say” asked Zi Xingxi after noticing how fidgety he was in the corner of her eye.

Zi Han of course, had a lot of things to say, a lot of questions to ask but where should he begin After his brain short-circuited several times he finally came up with a well-worded question but just as the words were about to escape his lips he saw the very same models of spectra series hovercars emerge from the streets ahead and behind them sandwiching their car in

the middle.

A convoy of luxurious vehicles filled the street travelling at a fast speed as though escorting important delegates. The words Zi Han wanted to ask suddenly changed to something else when they left his lips. “What are you” he asked with a couple of question marks hovering above his head.

A mischievous glint flashed in Zi Xingxis eyes as she said, “I am a devil straight from hell and you are my little demon baby. Come let mum pinch that face,” before dragging him over to pinch those cheeks that looked like soft tofu.


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