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Chapter 18: No day dreaming

He had only managed to get hold of such a masterpiece in the simulation and only knew how to fire it. Now that he was seeing it in person his blood was rushing in excitement. If only he could butter up his mother so he can get to fire it once. Even if she wont let him at least she should let him touch it.

While he was recalling her series of actions a marble suddenly hit his forehead. “Ah!... Seriously,” he yelled struggling to maintain the same posture as any movement will earn him an extra ten minutes.

“No daydreaming,” she said as she pointed at her eyes with both her middle and index finger before pointing at his face, “I am watching you little brat.”

Yes, this brat really needed to be watched because he not only caused trouble for Zi Xingxi but also Zi Feiji. The old man had been so excited that his grandson was coming home that he spent four hours on Onyx Starnet buying things for his grandsons room that is until unexpected guests waltzed in spoiling his mood.

Zi Feiji hurriedly minimised his screen when the old steward walked in and announced the arrival of the Marshal and his son Yi Chen. The damn idiot didnt even wait to be invited in. He just strode past the old steward and directly sat opposite him wearing a wolfish grin plastered on his face.

His son was even more well mannered than him standing behind his father waiting to be invited to take a seat. “You!.... your son even has more manners than you do. You do realise I am still your senior,” said the red-faced Zi Feiji pointing at him with a trembling finger.

Marshal Yi snorted coldly and said, “Yes I do remember which is why you should be slow to anger. Do you have your medication nearby lest you get a sudden heart attack”


If Zi Feiji wasnt angry then he was absolutely angry now. Since he wasnt one to be outdone he retorted back and the two began a senseless quarrel. Yi Chen was fully aware of the type of relationship these two men had so he wisely stayed out of their quarrel.

Its just that he had a feeling that this argument might go on for an hour or two. Lowering his head he checked the time on his light brain intending to track time and see if these two would finally break their record.

While waiting he finally took a closer look at Zi Feiji. His blood froze for a second realising something. The face, the lips and the ears were a little familiar. All apart from the eyes and age everything was more or less the same.

As though to confirm his suspicions he heard his father say, “Elder Zi, who exactly are you protecting, huh”

Yi Chens breath stalled but he still managed to control his facial expression making it difficult for one to discern his emotions. Recalling that stubborn young man with an explosive temper he finally understood why he was the way he was. He took after his grandfathers temperwise but if he was Zi Feijis grandson what would he be doing here selling illegal substances

“Considering all the evidence there is no way all of this is just a coincidence,” said Marshal Yi.

Zi Feiji who had been quite noisy just now suddenly wilted his expression more serious than before.

“For a man like you who abides by a strict schedule this trip to Saarilia must have been somewhat of an emergency, right” continued the Marshal as his body leaned forward changing his sitting posture.

“You see, I so happened to check your itinerary and you.... you had no plans to leave the imperial city. But all of a sudden you show up here after blocking someones identification in the defence system.”

Wagging his index finger he smiled coldly while continuing, “Not only that but I found something very interesting in a drug den on the surface city. I am sure elder Zi recognizes what this is.” He placed a sealed bag on the table and in it was a cigarette bud familiar to the two of them because it was unique to a certain someone.

Zi Feiji didnt even need to look to know his daughter had **ed up. He just stared coldly at Marshal Yi. If eyes could kill then Yi Chen would already be burning joss paper for his father by now.

“Now... I dont need to mention who this belongs to. Like I said before I will pretend like I dont know what the Bloodgarde is up to but if they involve themselves in the illegal drug trade then I will burn them to the ground,” he said as a cold glint flashed in his eyes.

The tension in the atmosphere was extremely tense but among them, it was only Yi Chen and the old steward who bore its brunt.

“She is not involved in that kind of business,” said Zi Feiji with his jaw clenched tightly. In his mind, he was already calculating how to end Marshal Yis life if he dared touch his daughter and grandson. If he loses the two of them there was really no point in living.

Marshal Yi leaned back into his seat and said, “Good. She should keep it that way and I am certain we can all live in harmony.”

“What is it that you want then... The Marshal didnt travel all this way just to say this,” said Zi Feiji having clearly read the situation.

Marshal Yi spread his arms at the backrest of the couch as he lifted his left leg to rest over his right one. “Why of course I need Elder Zi to show his sincerity. That gang of drug dealers were plankton in the pond. What I want is the head of the big fish.”

“Normally I would tear the city apart but seeing that Elder Zi is protecting someone I can only ask you to take care of it for me.”

After saying this Marshal Yi got up from his seat and with a smug smile he said, “I give you twenty-four hours. After that, I will tear apart the city and maybe stumble upon your little secret.”

The pair of father and son immediately turned to leave right after that in imposing steps like someone owed them millions.



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