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Chapter 14: Long awaited family reunion

“How mad is he on a scale of one to ten” she whispered while looking at this old man who had been by her fathers side since he was a kid.

The old steward smiled as he replied, “He is as mad as the day you got pregnant..... but like back then he wont be too harsh. Now please enter young miss.”

Zi Xingxi really wanted to run away now. If he was that upset then she was better off taking her chances with the Marshal. That day because she was pregnant her father didnt dare hit her. He instead hit Zi Hans father with a broom of all things. What was even worse was that Zi Hans father was their protection target. The Bloodgarde was meant to ensure his safety yet her father actually beat him up.

Rubbing her forehead with her fingers she reluctantly got into the hovercar. Within the shadows was a familiar figure that she hadnt seen for more than seventeen years. He was her father but she had ruthlessly cut him off taking his only grandson with her. If he wasnt angry then he must be livid.


A loud resounding slap echoed the spacious backseat just as the door closed. The driver was so terrified that he winced involuntarily as he hastily pressed the screen to close the partition separating the two worlds.

The steward heaved a sigh of relief as he watched that black partition go up. He truly needed to thank whoever invented such things. They spared this old mans, weak heart.


Zi Feiji clenched his fist tightly as he glared at her in the dark with bloodshot eyes. He was doing whatever it takes to restrain himself and not let his spirit beast come out and wreak havoc.

Zi Xingxi who had expected much worse than this placed her hand on her throbbing face her head lowered. Her eyes stung but she told herself not to cry. She shouldnt have left like that but she was afraid.

She was frightened that the people who murdered her husband in cold blood would also do the same to her son. The capital planet was like hunting grounds but instead of deer she and her unborn baby were the prey. But in exchange, she had hurt her other family.

Her body trembling she whispered, “Dad,” with half her face covered with her hair draping down haphazardly.

“Now you know that you still have a father, huh.... I told you back then, didnt I I told you to protect him well but what did you do You developed feelings and slept with him... why didnt you listen to me You could have picked anyone else father wouldnt have been angry. Even a homeless loafer would have been fine but you..... you had to pick him,” he vented out all the rage he had pent up for seventeen years.

With his chest heaving, he kicked whatever was in front of him and swore, “Shit!” which was something out of character for a rigid person like him.

“Now look what happened,” he said while pushing his hair back in frustration, “he is dead and left you with a fatherless son.... tsk. That though is not what disappoints me the most. What disappoints me is that you brought my grandson here in this ** hole to live.”

For a moment the hovercar fell into silence and as the street lights shone through the windows his dark expression was illuminated demonstrating how pissed off he was.

“Xi-er, help me understand why because I your father cant understand it. Have I given you the impression that I dont love you... Have I given you the impression that I wont love my grandson” he said with his voice brittle for a second.

That tone made Zi Xingxis heartache so much that she raised her head to explain. “No, no... you misunderstand. I was afraid he would.... he would look like him. I wanted to hide him away until I was certain he doesnt look like him and-,” she said before Zi Feiji interrupted her,

“Does he”

Zi Xingxi stared at her father with a look of confusion for a split second but before she caught on he asked again, “Look like him... does he”

She hurriedly shook her head before whispering, “He looks more like his grandfather... ex-except the eyes.” Clearly, she could have said that he looks like herself but because she knew how to coax her father she chose to say it that way.

As expected Zi Feijis seething anger melted like an ice cube. His rage simmered down as he took out something from his interspatial ring on his finger. It was a top-notch medical kit.

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A subtle smile appeared on Zi Xingxis face as she caught the medical kit. As expected her father still loved her. “Does it hurt” he asked in a low voice feeling ashamed. His hand that slapped her was still itching so the impact must have been pretty bad.

Zi Xingxi who had been slapped so hard that she saw stars and accidentally bit her lip till she drew blood would never admit it. She had only angered her father to the point of beating her twice. The one time being now and the other time was when she told him she was pregnant.

The rest of the time he treated her like she was the most precious person in his life. One can understand how heartbroken he was when his only family vanished into thin air that even he the former leader of the Bloodgarde couldnt find her.

Seeing that smile at the corner of her mouth Zi Feiji unclenched his fist and said, “Two... no, one day. I give you one day to pack up and bring my grandson home. Do you understand”

Of course, she understood him loud and clear. There was no way her father would let her run the Bloodgarde underground and still move around with his grandson. Even she knew it wasnt safe for her son once they started operating fully to clean up the Federations mess. She could only leave him with her father. It was the best thing for Zi Han.



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