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Chapter 11: Mama bear is mad as h*ll

The bright lights though less spectacular illuminated the neglected surface city. From the empty streets and closed windows, one could tell that this boisterous town had gone to sleep. This is what is expected considering that this was a city that law enforcement barely cared about.

Those outside at this hour only held malicious intent like Zi Xingxi. In her hand was a lock-on handgun which she was tapping against her thigh making the man beside her very nervous with each tap.

Thats because he knew she was pissed off. When she became this silent while making rhythmic sounds with whatever weapon she had in hand it meant she was extremely livid. By extreme, he meant the kind of livid that says, “I am going to kill some bastards today,” kind of livid.

He took out his handkerchief and wiped his forehead and cheeks but he couldnt do anything for his armpits and back which were sweating profusely. He was so relieved when the hovercar stopped in front of a small house garden.

He wanted to inform her that they had arrived but before he could say anything Zi Xingxi had already gotten out of the hovercar. He could only hasten his footsteps and catch up with her.

As the heels of her stilettos clanked along with her movements a group of men dressed in an assortment of grey and black clothes rushed forward and entered the place before she did. Along the roadside where her hovercar had parked, they were three others even more luxurious than the one she drove in.

These men could only have come from the other hovercars and were here as her backup. The sound of gunshots were heard with occasional flashes coming from the house but Zi Xingxi wasnt deterred. She walked into the house her steps powerful and overbearing like this was a regular thing for her.


Sounds of people screaming and grunting from the gunshots didnt faze her one bit. She leisurely walked into the open plan lounge hoping to find a place to sit and wait for her men to bring this Dage person to her.

When she walked in she saw a fluffy head of hair peeking out from behind the kitchen counter. Since she was a hands-on type of person she raised her lock-on handgun and immediately fired a shot with no consideration. Her aim was extremely good striking in between the persons brows in a perfect headshot.

Blood splattered on the oven door painting a gruesome picture but her expression remained unchanged as she walked behind the counter and stepped over the body lying on the ground heading for the fridge.

With high expectations, she pulled the door hoping to find something good to quench her thirst. To her dismay, the inside of the fridge was full of an assortment of vials with a variety of colourful liquids contained in them.

A fog of condensation escaped the fridge as she scratched her head with the hand holding on to the lock-on handgun that was still warm from the shot just now.

“Tsk...,” she tsked as she slammed the door shut, “you could have kept something good to eat in the fridge as well. Its not like it would have affected your **ty products.”

Her voice as she said this sounded extremely dissatisfied. She hadnt eaten all day apart from breakfast. Because she was so upset about her sons face she forgot to grab the egg tart he bought for her. Now she was starving and unable to concentrate.

She avoided the blood on the floor by standing with her legs spread apart over the corpse as she searched the cupboards for something to eat. Lucky for her this kitchen wasnt only used as a laboratory to cook that illegal **.

In the topmost left cupboard, she found a packet of unopened crisps. The corner of her lips quirked up into a sly grin as she opened it with a ripping sound. When she turned around with a thin salty snack in her hand she spotted a figure at the end of the dark corridor running away.

On reflex, she picked up the knife on the counter and threw it in that direction. The blade cut through the air with a loud high pitched sound before striking the person in the leg.

A loud dull sound followed alongside a ring of curses as the person rolled on the ground in pain. Zi Xingxi could give a rats arse right now. She walked over the body accidentally stepping on the pool of blood that had formed at some point.

“Fuck....,” she swore with her brow furrowed as she checked underneath her shoe. She might have to throw these heels away when she gets home otherwise her son would notice that the tip of her stiletto was covered in blood.

As she sat down on the dining table she slowly ate the crisps waiting for her people to bring the man named Dage to her. Ten seconds later her men dragged in a man with a knife sticking out of his thigh towards her. His head was hung low with his hands cuffed in front of him as they carelessly placed him on the seat opposite Zi Xingxi.

Her legs crossed together at the knees she stared at this man who had the balls to involve her son in such messy things but because his head was lowered she couldnt see his face clearly. But she didnt need to say anything because in the next second one of her men grasped his hair tightly and forced him to look up.

Grimacing in pain the man was forced to face the person in charge but when he saw who it was his expression changed to that of astonishment. How could he not recognize his goddess that he dreamt of every night

Countless times he had tried to get her attention by buying her flowers which by the way were a rare commodity in this era. He even bought her shoes, dresses and jewellery but she didnt even give him enough time to present his tokens of affection.


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