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Chapter 10: Zi Xingxis true self

His chest tightened as he watched her fix her coat. In her other hand, she had the medical kit. She tossed it to him and said, “After you are done make sure to use the face mask I gave you last time. If you dont **in use it I will know.”

Her hand touched the doorknob, turned it and she continued to say, “Dont stay up late and lock the door.”

“Um.....,” he said but after that, the door was closed before he could continue. He had no idea where she was going which wasnt worrying. What was worrying was that she wasnt coming back early which had never happened. She would go out from time to time but she would always come back before his bedtime.

He didnt want to worry but it was hard not to. With the portal medical healing device in hand, he lay down on his back thoughts chaotic.

On the other hand, Zi Xingxi pulled up the collar of her coat as she went downstairs. The nights on planet Saarilia were bone-chilling no matter what season it was. This was why she put on her coat but catching a cold was the least of her worries right now.

As she pushed the glass door out of her apartment a black hovercar with tinted windows drove by halting right before her. The drivers door suddenly opened and a man dressed in black hastily got out of the car and rushed over to open the back door for her. This was completely unnecessary because the car door could just automatically slide open for her but if he valued his job he had no choice.

Zi Xingxi entered the back seat of the hovercar while taking out another cigarette from her pocket. As she sat down a hand extended towards her with a lighter and lit her cigarette for her.


She took in a long drag of smoke and felt a great sense of relief wash over her body letting go of all her anxiety and worry that comes with being a mother. Exhaling slowly she let out a puff of smoke like she was ridding herself of all her worries and concerns.

Her head leaning back on the headrest of the seat she asked, “Where did he go today” After asking this question she suddenly felt like the cheap cigarette in her hand wasnt calming enough so she put out the cigarette in the ashtray on the armrest of the seat. After having such a **ed up day she needed something expensive and high end that could do the job.

The man sitting beside her in the hovercar felt his soul abandon him at this moment when she asked that question. The weight of the news he carried was extremely upsetting that he couldnt help but be frightened for his life.

He visibly stiffened as he subconsciously shifted a little to the side his body almost plastered on the tinted windows of the hovercar.

Zi Xingxi at this moment had her head lowered with the golden light from the outside reflecting on the side of her face as she took out something from the side pouch in front of her.

She flicked open the thin box made of gold in her hand. Inside were neatly arranged cigars. At a glance, one could tell how expensive and rare these treasures were.

Things made using traditional methods from old earth were considered luxuries only the elite class of the Onyx Federation could enjoy that includes her cigars.

Her fingers pinching the head and band of the cigar she sniffed it with a contented expression. She had missed this kind of treat and could only enjoy it this way, in a hovercar in the middle of the night.

Realising she was about to take out the cigar cutter to snip the foot end of the cigar he panicked. It was better to talk now before she has that cigar cutter in hand. One should know that a cigar cutter is not limited to that use only. It can also be used to cut off fingers with ease.

Just as he was about to speak, Zi Xingxi turned to look at him making his breath tighten for a split second. Zi Xingxi who didnt want to spend the rest of her evening sitting in this cramped space waiting for him to speak twirled her fingers with the cigar in hand while saying, “Go on.”

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The man rubbed his sweaty palms against his pant legs and said, “The young sir went to see that small-time drug dealer named Dage. He did some deliveries for him throughout the other districts then,” pausing as he gulped hard, “he went to..... Sky city.”

At the mention of the words, drug dealer Zi Xingxis actions paused. She had no recollection of who this Dage person was but the words drug dealer struck a nerve. This person actually had the audacity to involve her son in such filthy business If she reacted strongly to Zi Han getting involved with drug dealers then one can only imagine her reaction when she heard he went to Sky city.

She didnt even have the heart to enjoy her precious cigar. She carelessly tossed it back into the box and threw it back into the pouch. Zi Xingxi held out her hand and the man was a little slow to react but he quickly got back to himself hastily taking out a lock-on handgun before handing it over to her.

Like it was the most natural thing Zi Xingxi inspected the weapon first with an expression like that of a killer before the hunt. “Slight change in plans... I will personally pay this Dage person a visit,” she said as a clicking sound permeated the air.

“And Morano Gambino” he cautiously asked with beads of cold sweat lacing his forehead.

Her finger lightly tapped the barrel of the lock-on handgun as her hand rested on her knee. Rubbing her lips with the side of her hand she said, “Send a few men to rough him up.

“They should remind him who is keeping him in business.... Tell them to tell him that if his wife dares to ** with me or my son ever again I will chop her into pieces and serve her flesh in his restaurants to his customers.”

There was nothing casual about this threat. If she says she would do it then Zi Xingxi the current leader of the Bloodgarde would most definitely deliver on her promise. The mans face drained of all colour as his blood ran cold.

He had worked with her even before the Bloodgarde turned into an underground organisation but he still couldnt get used to her vicious methods she used to deal with her enemies. She might scare the living daylights out of him but he pledged allegiance to her and was the most loyal person around her.



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