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"Then I guess we're done talking about this to some extent."


At Lee Ye-Eun's words, Evangeline nodded quietly.


“The next matter is….”


 "Oh, about that matter….”


At Evangeline's words, Lee Ye-Eun also nodded and exhaled as if she were tired.

Nevertheless, the two did not rest for a moment and continued talking while rummaging through the documents.


The two talked in this way for a long while, coordinating their relationship and reaching an agreement on the details accordingly.

In one way or another, each of the two was heads of huge forces. 

It meant that each of them had so much power that even a single word from each of them could bring about a big wave, so they had to be careful in many areas.




I concentrated, thinking there might be something I shouldn't miss in their conversation.

But it wasn't long before I could realize that there was nowhere for me to cut in.

There was no way I could offer any plausible opinion on matters such as the compensation that should be provided to the people of the five streets if they were to be evacuated, the diplomatic problems that would arise if they were to concentrate their forces, or the problems of contacting and linking with guilds and organizations whose names I had never heard.


In the end, I had no choice but to keep a serious look on my face and wait until they finished talking.

But that was only for a moment, and I could feel my mind gradually becoming hazy unknowingly by their continued conversation.

Was it because I had changed into the form of a child


Or was it because there were so many things to care about

I don't know which one it was, but at least one thing was certain: I wanted to fall down and fall asleep right now.


“…… ah."


At one point, I seemed to be dozing off, nodding my head.

I shook my head slightly to wake up.

Then, when I straightened my gaze, my eyes directly met Evangeline's, who was staring at me.




As I quietly turned my head in embarrassment, this time my eyes met Lee Ye-Eun's.

She naturally put down the cell phone she was holding.


“… that, I'm sorry."


I covered my mouth that was about to let out a yawn with my hand, and muttered like that.


“Maybe it's because I'm young, but it's hard to hold back the drowsiness.”


Lee Ye-Eun clapped loudly at the words I said as if I were ashamed.

Then, Shin Woo-Seok, who was probably waiting outside, immediately opened the door and came in as if he had been waiting.


“Yes, Clan Head.”


“Go get some bedding.

Fluffy and soft…… okay."


Even if it touches a child's skin, it doesn't hurt at all.

As she added, Shin Woo-Seok bowed his head.




“No, it’s okay.

Woo-Seok-ssi, I'd rather have some coffee instead than that....”


“It would be better not to drink coffee with that body.”


Evangeline mumbled quietly.


“First of all, your body has definitely got younger, so… Caffeine isn't good for children, right If you're sleepy, why don't you close your eyes"


"Then can't you get my body back to normal"


To those words, Evangeline answered with a soft smile.


“Well, I can, but if I frequently use transformation magic on someone other than myself, it puts a burden on the body.

Don't you have to go back to that form when we leave later I want you to be just a little more patient.”


She nodded slightly with an ah.


“If a really young body is inconvenient, would you rather want to change into a woman's body Originally in your age group....”


“No, thank you.”


Looking at that figure, it seemed she was enjoying the trouble I was in now.

It was when I was making a promise to myself that I'd never leave myself to her magic again.


“Wait, what do you mean putting a burden on the body"


Lee Ye-Eun muttered like that in a cold voice.

Evangeline opened her mouth as if making an excuse with an oppsie expression on her face.


“No, um… I think I exaggerated too much.

To be precise, I mean it becomes a burden if you use it frequently in a short period of time, but now it's completely....”


“So you’re saying that it can be a burden”


Lee Ye-Eun said so and naturally grabbed my wrist.

Then she put her hand on my forehead and narrowed her eyes as if examining me.


“The pulse is normal, but the energy has definitely weakened a lot.

The body also feels a little cold somehow."


Muttering anxiously, she first took off the cardigan she was wearing and put it over me.


“It became a young body….”


“If I think about it, it wasn’t a problem that I could simply let go.”


Lee Ye-Eun carefully pulled me towards herself.

Then she hugged me tightly as if she were protecting me from Evangeline.

A brunch of the World Tree came out of her left arm and began to wrap around me little by little.


“This child is a member of the clan who has legitimacy and the right to succession after me.

How dare you blindly use dangerous magic that transforms the body in this way on such a child....”


“Clan Head, please calm down for a moment.”


I sighed and tried to get up.

But for some reason, I couldn't move.

I wondered what the hell was going on, and before I knew it, her World Tree was almost covering my entire body.


That wasn't all.

Perhaps resonating with her World Tree, the World Tree in my body was shaking.


[Aha, come to think of it, did they say that even the same World Tree has a perfect top-down relationship You can not even rebel against this woman if you only look at the World Trees.]


I should have coaxed this woman first at that time, but I picked the wrong order.

Svengali muttered so in a nonchalant voice that now felt as if he had little lingering feelings.




I tried to move stealthily in her arms, but it was of no use at all.

If I use Henir's shadow, of course, I could easily get out of this state, but....




At my words, Lee Ye-Eun moved her head and looked down at me.

Somehow, it seemed like I was being hugged by her from the back.


“First of all, Evangeline-ssi's magic is a magic that cannot be used unless the target completely accepts it.

I've heard enough of the danger from her and agreed after thinking about it."




“Coming out like this is an act that humiliates not only her, but me as well.

Plus, Sister also understands that there was no other way to do it other than this one, right”


“Tha, that's true, but….”


Her eyes went down in a moment, as if she were depressed.


“Rather, release me quickly.

I can’t even move right now because I’m being pressed by the World Tree furtively.”


“…that's not possible."


She expressed her refusal in a trembling voice, but clearly.

I stared at her, wondering if I had heard it wrong.

Then Lee Ye-Eun muttered as if making an excuse.


“No one really knows if there will be any aftereffects or side effects in your body, by any chance… and, what was that We have different body structures than ordinary people.

So, I think you should go and get a thorough examination right now.”


“I’ll get it later.

I'm busy right now."




Hugging me tightly, she pulled me towards herself once more.


“I won’t release you until you tell me you'll get it right now.”


At the touch I felt at the moment, I thought that if I kept doing this, I would see a more embarrassing situation.

Then suddenly, what Han Soo-Young told me about prevention education passed through my mind.

And there has never been a better time to use it than there is now.




“… uh"


"I don't like it."


I stared straight at her, who had hardened, and spat out the last word that would be the decisive blow.


"Don't do it."




Evangeline immediately lowered her head, making the sound of air escaping.

Meanwhile, I could feel the power of the World Tree that had been pressing me disappear like snow melting in an instant.

Immediately, I came out of Lee Ye-Eun's arms and stared at Evangeline, who was shaking slightly.


“Evangeline-ssi, stop laughing and get up.

I think we'll have to go back now."


“Keuhmm… Hmm.

Shall we"


Evangeline stealthily got up from her seat.

Meanwhile, Shin Woo-Seok came in with a pillow and blanket in his arms, opening the door.


“Are you going to go back”


He looked at me with a straight posture, putting down what he had in his arms beside him.


"Yes, I have other things to do.

Oh, come to think of it, there is something I'd like to ask you for."


"Please ask anything."


"There's something I'd like you to prepare."


I added, looking at his expression.


“But it’s a bit too much and expensive….”


Then he replied immediately, as if telling me not to worry.


“Even if you say you want to have a private plane, I can handle it on my own, so please don't feel burdened and tell me.”


“Then what I'd like to ask you….”


I recalled my memories and told him the ingredients needed for Lee Yu-Na's treatment.

He nodded, reflecting on the ingredients I had mentioned for a moment.


"It won't be difficult to prepare, but I think it will take some time.

Please understand."



I'm rather grateful that you're doing it.

They aren't cheap either.”


“What I manage is the property of the Clan Head and the Young Master, anyway.

You don't have to be grateful to me at all."


Shin Woo-Seok said so and bowed deeply.

It was when I was about to leave with Evangeline, who was approaching me.



I heard the sound of something hitting.

When I turned my head, there was Lee Ye-Eun, holding back a painful groan with her knees clasped.


“Ar, are you going back already”



I'm done with the work, and I've secretly bunked class and come out.”


It was actually a lie.

It was such a lie that anyone could notice with a little thought.




However, Lee Ye-Eun was startled and immediately made an astounded expression on her face.

She didn't even think that I was lying.

She had a look of deep anguish on her face, no matter who looked at her.


After a while.

Evangeline and I came outside with her telling me to go quickly like pushing my back.


“… it's so much better than that.”


“What do you mean”


While we were waiting for the taxi, Evangeline muttered quietly.


“I mean the World Tree clan.

I heard it was rich, but it looks like it's really rich."


“Why are you bringing that up all of a sudden"


"Just, you know the ingredients you mentioned earlier.”


Evangeline glanced at me with a look that seemed to be envious.


“They're all incredibly precious and expensive.

Some of the things you mentioned were so expensive that I gave up.

But on the spot, in one word....”


Evangeline, who was muttering like that, stared at me and smiled.

And soon she spoke to me in a voice full of mischief.


“Don't you need a beautiful blonde lover It's awkward to say it with my own mouth, but I'm not the kind of person who lacks anything or feels inferior."




I stared at her without saying a word.

It was in the meantime.


[I am saying this just in case.]


Svengali muttered as if he was genuinely dumbfounded.


[Do you know that now, in the eyes of others, a blonde high school boy is asking a young boy if he needs a lover]




* * *


The leg, bent like a whip, was launched, changing its trajectory in the blink of an eye.

Jin Ye-Seul's leg dug deep into Lee Yu-Na's abdomen, and a frightening sound came out.




With a short scream, Lee Yu-Na fell into the distance.

Jin Ye-Seul, who threw the kick, was also puzzled, as if she hadn't expected she'd be beaten helplessly.


“Okay, stop now.”


Professor Grossman, who was watching the scene, raised her hand.

As if she had no intention of continuing in the first place, Jin Ye-Seul immediately approached Lee Yu-Na.




"Are you okay"


“Ah, yes.

I'm fine.

I'm sorry, I made you worry for no reason....”


As Jin Ye-Seul held out her hand, Lee Yu-Na, who was coughing, tried to smile and took her hand.

Then, as if she felt the pain again, her eyes contorted.

Immediately, Lee Yu-Na let out another pained moan and shrank away.


“I didn’t kick that hard, though….”


Jin Ye-Seul muttered like that, as if a little bemazed.

Meanwhile, I could see Professor Grossman approaching the two with a no-way expression on her face.

I took the potions and a first aid kit that were always available in the training room, just in case.




"Ah, yes.



“Excuse me for a moment.”


“Oh, wait…!”


Professor Grossman grabbed Lee Yu-Na's neck without hesitation.

And before Lee Yu-Na could do anything, she pulled her hem right down.

Thanks to this, her neck, which had always been covered just below her chin, was exposed.


The first thing I saw was a dark blue geometric pattern that rode up on her collarbone part and neck.

At first glance, it looked like a tattoo.


“Oh my God, no way, this is…!”


Professor Grossman made an enervated sound and immediately brought her hand down and grasped the hem of her clothes.

Then, Lee Yu-Na shook her head in surprise.


“Wa, wait a minute…! Professor, please wait a minute!”


“You think I’m playing with you now!”


It was the first time I had ever heard Professor Grossman's thunderous cry.

And perhaps it was the same for Lee Yu-Na, she gave a blank look.

Perhaps thinking she made a mistake, Professor Grossman immediately apologized, saying, I'm sorry.


“I’m sorry, Yu-Na.

For shouting...

But Yu-Na, this is really not something you can just overlook.

Even a little is fine, so can't you trust me and show it me"


“Ah, ugh….”


Lee Yu-Na hesitated and soon let go of the hands that were holding her collar.

She looked at me and muttered with a bright red face.


“Do, don’t look this way….”


"Oh, sorry."


I immediately apologized, put the potions and first aid kit I had brought on the floor, and turned around.

Soon after, I heard the sound of the hem of the clothes being lifted.

What followed was the sound of Professor Grossman's breath like a sigh.


"Let me touch it for a moment."


“Oh, there's…!”


Meanwhile, someone reached out from behind me and covered my eyes.

It was Jin Ye-Seul.


“I wasn’t watching.”


“Yes, I know.”


She answered so.


"So don't even listen to the sound now."


Soon after, her palms gently moved and covered my ears.

I couldn't hear anything.



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