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Chapter 959: The Whitehead Flame Qilin

Its entire body seething with flames, this was the legendary immortal Qilin!

This was Xia Feis first impression of that Dark beast that had emerged out of space.

*Bang bang bang bang!

Each step the fire Qilin made created a heavy thud.

They were clearly in space, yet it sounded as if it was stomping on earth, much to Xia Feis disbelief.

Its ears stood tall while its eyes were like beacons; atop its white forehead was a blazing golden flame!

It was not that large, but it was bursting with power and majesty, and while its gaze was not very sharp, it was mature and unfathomable.

It moved its feet very slowly, yet it moved very quickly.

In the blink of an eye, the Dark beast had reached Xia Fei.

Behind were two people, one tall and one short, one old and one young.

They were both wearing suits of armor covered in beast-like patterns.

“A Whitehead Flame Qilin! Im guessing that youre Moha!” Xia Fei pointed at the distance and shouted.

The old man, on the other side, was a very wretched person, not even daring to meet Xia Feis gaze.

He hid behind his disciple as if he were some bashful girl.

However, Xia Fei knew that this old man was not ashamed at all, for there was a savage glow in his eyes!

Xia Fei had seen the eyes of Snake Queen Wenia.

Those snake eyes were very strange and wicked, but compared to the distant Mohas eyes, Wenias were nothing at all.

This was because Mohas eyes were just too bizarre! They were circles in circles, like ripples of water spreading out, and they radiated killing intent.

Xia Fei even suspected that those rippling eyes were also a kind of Ocular Cognition—perhaps one that was even more vicious than Wenias!

It was very strange.

Xia Fei had never fought with an Ocular Cognition expert in the Law Realm, but in the territory of the Dark lifeforms, Ocular Cognition experts appeared one after another.

It was as if these fellows were very skilled in this field.

“Shut your mouth!” Mohas disciple, Feng Jita, stepped forward, standing in front of his master and loudly saying, “You dont deserve to call my master by his name! This is my masters territory, so prepare to die! This Dark beast before you is called Suya! In the language of the Dark lifeforms, it means the sun.

Youll soon learn that being roasted by the sun is a fate worse than death!

“You killed our Dark beasts, so Ill flay off your skin and make it a stool as punishment!”

This was truly a strange master-disciple pair.

The master acted all coy and hid behind the disciple, while the junior spoke vicious words.

Moreover, Feng Jita was a truly arrogant disciple, pointing his chin at Xia Fei as he spoke, raising his head so high that it almost touched the heavens!

Xia Fei slightly frowned.

He disliked this Feng Jita kid.

The fiendish blade Nirvana flew out howling! Without any order from Xia Fei, Radix had made the independent decision to attack with Nirvana!


The cross-shaped blade attacked very quickly, and that Feng Jita clearly did not have very good cultivation and failed to dodge.

The fiendish blade cut through his stomach and instantly drained him to nothing!

Xia Fei heard Radix huff, “Ill flay you first, impudent little thing!”


Xia Fei was speechless.

When did Radix get such a temper He had been so enraged by Feng Jitas threats that the old soul had lost all his patience before Xia Fei could even do anything, rushing up and killing Feng Jita himself!

This would have been unimaginable in the past.

Xia Fei had thought Radix as a refined individual, a gentle scientist down to his bones.

Perhaps because he had been killing too many people alongside Xia Fei, he was growing more violent and bloodthirsty, madly sprinting down the path of the warrior.

Xia Fei gave Radix a thumbs-up.

To tell the truth, Xia Fei preferred the current Radix.

After all, he had been far too indecisive before.

In any case, when it came to enemies, the earlier they were killed, the better.

There was no need for small talk!

However, Xia Feis attention had been drawn to the actions of Moha and that Dark monster called Suya when Radix attacked.

The man and beast had taken a small step to the left.

It was a very subtle and synchronized move, and it was just enough to avoid Nirvanas attack.

At the same time, Suya had also used it back foot to kick Feng Jita lightly.

If Radixs attack had not been so fast, this kick would have saved Feng Jitas life!

This small move was very similar in function to Crafty Approach!

What astonished Xia Fei further was the Whitehead Flame Qilins intelligence! It actually knew that it could not make very big movements against a speed warrior.

After all, if its strides were too great, it would leave too many openings that Xia Fei could exploit.

Small movements were actually the best choice, allowing it to avoid the attack while retaining a cautious defensive posture.


Moha did not seem to care much about his disciples death.

He jumped onto the Qilins back, and then this Dark monster Suya shot backward like a bolt of lightning, instantly retreating to a safer position.

“A speed-type Dark beast!” Xia Fei furrowed his brows as he sternly spoke.

Just then, Suyas speed had hit four million, which was about the same as Xia Feis speed limit.

“Thats not all.

This Dark beast has subdued Immemorial Mystical Armament Warpsea Lotus!” Radix added.

Suya was a Flame Qilin, but bizarrely, there were pink lotus flowers sprouting from its hind legs.

This was none other than one of the Seven Plants of the Cloud Sea, the Warpsea Lotus!

Truly, one could rush around looking for something only to have it delivered to ones door.

Xia Fei had been searching all over for plant-type Immemorial Mystical Armaments, even willing to go to the ends of the universe, only to learn that this Dark beast, Suya, had already subdued the Warpsea Lotus!

“Moha is truly formidable, deserving of his title as the Dark lifeforms strongest beast tamer! Knowing that the Dark lifeforms dont have the ability to tame Immemorial Mystical Armaments, he created a mystical monster and had it tame the Immemorial Mystical Armament! Be careful.

Ive never come across anything like this in the databanks.

This enemy called Moha is definitely like nothing youve encountered before! He may have some other power that we dont understand!

“Look at how strange Moha is acting.

He just might be plotting something behind his back!” Radix said with a frown.

Xia Fei was naturally not about to underestimate this duo of man and beast.

Suyas speed of four million meters per second was already enough to draw his attention.

After all, Xia Fei had never encountered a beast so fast in his life, and it was not even considering that this monster was the proud masterwork of the Dark lifeforms master beast tamer—one that had even tamed an Immemorial Mystical Armament!

In the distance, Moha slid off the back of the Whitehead Flame Qilin and pointed at the distant Xia Fei; after which, he slunk into a dark corner of space.

Raising its head, Suya stamped its feet in space and then glared at Xia Fei and Furball, two white puffs of steam coming from its nostrils.

It was like a warhorse building up speed for a final charge.


After a short period of preparation, Suya charged at them!

A beam of light, a flame-spewing bolt of lightning, rapidly approached! This was truly a Flame Qilin, for as it accelerated, it became like a scarlet ball of fiendish fire.

It was impossible to tell where its body was within it!


As it neared Xia Fei, the fiendish fire split into two, Suya emerging from the fireball with a charge!

One went to the left while the other went to the right.

The fireballs target was Furball while Suyas target was Xia Fei!


Xia Fei released the energy in the rainbow ball of his seventh brain region and shot off in a curved line, his speed also reaching four million meters per second.

At the same time, Peacock Blue wildly flailed around, releasing one wind blade after another!

In truth, Xia Feis real speed was only two million.

It was only when he burned the energy in his brain region that he could get past the four-million mark.

In other words, Suya was actually faster than Xia Fei!

Dodging left and right, the Whitehead Flame Qilin used its agile movements to evade Xia Feis wind blades, its steps very light.

Clearly, it was using a movement skill on par with Crafty Approach!

“What a sharp monster! Unfortunately, you still must die!” Xia Fei roared.

He stopped dodging and charged straight at Suya.

“Peacock Blue!”

The eight blades of grass slowly opened like the hands of a god.

Xia Fei pushed them forward, hoping to grab hold of the Whitehead Flame Qilin.

After all, this beast had the Warpsea Lotus, so the ideal method would be to capture it and separate it from the Immemorial Mystical Armament.

Suddenly, Xia Fei saw a flash of cunning light in Suyas eyes.

It was not looking at him but rather at Furball!


With a massive boom, the fireball that was rushing at Furball disappeared! Suya switched places with the fireball, becoming Furballs opponent.

Meanwhile, Xia Fei was inexplicably dealing with the fireball!

“A cloning technique! This monster knows how to create clones!” Radix urgently said.

It was obvious that this was not some ordinary ball of fire but rather Suyas clone!

This was a cunning monster.

It had used a cloning technique to attack both Xia Fei and Furball, making them separate, and then it had switched places with the clone, using its powerful true body to attack Furball while Xia Fei was left with a ball of fire!

In the distance, the Dark lifeforms strongest beast tamer eerily smiled, making Xia Fei even more concerned.

The Whitehead Flame Qilin was undoubtedly an unprecedented opponent!

Suya had not just been able to subdue an Immemorial Mystical Armament but also the smartest and slyest monster he had ever met!


With another boom, the situation changed again!

The ball of fire transformed! It became a flaming monster, identical to Suya, its eyes burning with rage! On the other end, the two flowers on Suyas hindlegs bloomed, and the Warpsea Lotus began to unleash its full power on Furball!

The Warpsea Lotus had the attributes of water and plant! When plant mixed with water, water would help the plant grow!

The plant type had always been inextricably connected to the water type.

After all, plants could not grow without water.

The Warpsea Lotus, which could control water, was not necessarily the strongest of the Seven Plants of Cloud Sea, but it undoubtedly had the most chaotic attacks!

A rain of knives assailed Furball!

Furball was still in his enlarged form, about the size of a planet, and this enormous form was not suited for defense.

Moreover, even though the Holy beast Shatterstar had a protective barrier of energy, Suya still stubbornly attacked it.

This could only mean that it was confident that it could break through Furballs defenses!

Furball was very cunning himself, having spent so much time with Xia Fei.

He could not just expand his body, but shrink it as well!


Furball immediately acted, shrinking from a planet to an egg, and his defenses became more concentrated because of this!


Furball was still the Holy beast Shatterstar! He felt humiliated at being forced to shrink in size because of an enemy, so with a savage roar and bloodshot eyes, Furball faced his enemys attack head-on!

However, the situation suddenly took another turn! Powerful mental energy wrapped around Furball like a net!

Xia Fei would have never imagined that someone would try to seize control of his exotic beast, but now, Moha, the best beast tamer of the Dark lifeforms, was trying to take Furball from him!

In other words, Mohas goal had never been Xia Fei! Everything had been about the Holy beast!

Furball was in danger!

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