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Chapter 891: Alphas True Identity

“No need to be nervous.

Its Alpha who called me over,” Flynn said solemnly.

“Hes not just your friend but mine as well.”

Xia Fei knitted his eyebrows instantly the moment he heard this and quizzically asked back, “Alpha I dont know anyone by the name of Alpha.”

Indeed, Xia Fei was forever calmer and prepared compared to the average person; he was already suspecting foul play, given how strangely the situation had unfolded.

While others might believe Flynn right away, with him appearing to be very concerned and even mentioning Alphas name directly, Xia Fei was different.

Without being a 100% certain, he was not the sort to trust anyone easily.

Flynn was momentarily stunned as he patted Xia Fei on the shoulder and smiled.

“Looks like Alpha chose you with good reason.

Youre definitely not someone who can be easily tricked.”

With that said, Flynn turned on the screen in his office, and very soon, a row of words appeared:

[You can trust Flynn.

Hes my friend.

Hes worth trusting, just like you.]

This line of words was written in Alphas style, but Xia Fei was still unconvinced and maintained his silence.

This was when the screen began flashing madly, as the content of Xia Feis lesson today appeared.

Indubitably, if this was anyone but Alpha, there would be no way for them to even know what Xia Fei had been studying today.

Xia Fei waved his hand and quickly typed words on the screen.

[Alpha, just what is going on here]


Alpha did not answer him.

All he saw was the screen flashing rapidly and returning to normal.

Flynn sat down beside Xia Fei and said, “Let me tell you.

Right now, we are related as teacher and student, but weve already become secret allies.”

“Allies” Xia Fei smiled.

“From what I know, allies are people who form an alliance with a common goal.

Im sorry, but I dont think we have anything in common.”

Flynn pointed to the screen, unfazed by his comment, and said, “Alpha.

He is where our commonality lies.

Also, I know that you used the Hybrid Dragon Correction Core to join Fig Corporation.

This system that Alpha researched is really decent, and no one in the entire God Race can turn fake to real like him, forging such an exquisite disguise.”

Xia Fei was stunned.

He swiftly connected the dots and gasped, “If the Hybrid Dragon Correction Core was invented by Alpha, that would mean that everything had been planned by this mysterious Alpha! He knew I wanted to join Fig Corporation, my identity, and my background knowledge as well as expertise!”

Flynn shrugged as he softly answered, “No need to be so nervous.

Trust me; Alpha definitely has such capabilities.

Aside from him, I have yet to meet another person who can gain access to highly restricted databases of the God Race, leaving no trace of his infiltration.

Theres no one else that can tamper data so readily.”

Xia Fei involuntarily took out a hongtashan and lit one.

As the smoke from the cigarette wafted out, he could feel his heart rate steadily increasing.

Alpha was indubitably the most mysterious existence Xia Fei had met thus far.

It definitely seemed like he had had his eye on Xia Fei from a long time ago and had very quietly placed the Hybrid Dragon Correction Core in the hands of Blind Xue Guang.

Because he knew that Xue Guang wanted to kill Xia Fei, and Xia Fei would definitely not just do nothing with it!

After Xia Fei had obtained the Hybrid Dragon Correction Core, Alpha successfully created an identity for him to assume—one that would allow him entry to Fig Corporation and subsequently allow Alpha to contact Xia Fei, teaching him the unique study method and helping him join Research Division 1 as soon as possible!

With this thought in mind, Xia Fei felt himself breaking out in a cold sweat.

To have set in motion such an intricate plan over such a long preparation period, it was a good thing Alpha did not consider Xia Fei an enemy, or else he would definitely be a chillingly strong enemy!

This was when Flynn let out a bitter laugh.”Youre right.

Alpha indeed planned everything, but he still miscalculated because of you.”

“Because of me” asked Xia Fei quizzically.

“Youre truly too insane.

No one has anticipated that you would actually go and provoke Laikas most-prized student, Zack, and you even made him experience such a brutal defeat!” Flynns eyes twinkled as he said that.

“This one slap you sent their way was so vicious even the three giants got stomped.

Thats something completely outside Alphas calculations.”

Xia Fei raised an eyebrow.

“Is this why Independent College and Fig Star Academy are having a fall-out and why Alpha came up with this remedy”

Flynn said nothing and merely nodded.

Xia Fei was speechless.

To have completed remedied the situation in such a short time, mobilizing the entire Independent College to clash head-on with Fig Corporation, Alphas abilities were truly astounding!

“I dont know how I should tell you, but you seem to have a knack for making things even more chaotic and complicated than it already is.” Flynn sighed.

“This must be a kind of talent—a talent to stir the water.”

Xia Fei did not listen to his musing.

His mind was racing fast.

Alpha was an extraordinary strategist, having orchestrated a series of amazing circumstances.

If not for Xia Feis propensity to attract trouble, he really would have no way of telling that he had already become a pawn on the chessboard.

However, it was not just Alpha who was good at such arrangements; Xia Fei was also decent with such!

Very soon, Xia Fei came to a very shocking conclusion: Alpha was none other than Radix! The king of the mechs! He was the superexpert that the God Race had taken away many decades ago! The super-technology expert!

His mind was still swimming, but with each step he took forward, he gradually discovered that it had not been a matter of chance that Alpha ended up locating him!

If he had no idea that Xia Fei was determined to join Fig Corporation, none of the set-ups he had prepared would succeed.

From the weakening of the Cosmic Gate to the Black and White Gods egging him to search for the Ark, Hall of Valor, and Fig Corporation, all the way to the current situation he found himself in.

A complex and huge web of relationships slowly appeared in Xia Feis mind, and he became more and more convinced that Radix had been secretly watching him this whole time.

Moreover, he even recalled something Sentinel Goddess Sophie had once said: The reason why the mechs retreated to the Hidden Realm after exterminating mankind was that Radix ordered it so.

It had also been the only time Radix revealed himself in the millions of years since his disappearance, completely disappearing without a trace thereafter.

It was apparent that Radix had the ability to communicate over vast distances, and if he could contact Sophie despite being billions of lightyears away, why had he not spoken to her even once

Xia Fei felt his scalp going numb.

After his repeated deductions, Xia Fei finally understood that everything was all due to the Cosmic Gate!

Evidently, the instability of the Cosmic Gate was not just something the grand ancestor of the Skywing Clan worried about; it also made Radix, who was hidden deeply in Fig Corporation, feel uneasy.

Xia Fei just so happened to have arrived in the God Race territory at this time! As such, everything naturally fell in place.

As the secret ruler of the Mech Race, Xia Fei was one of the few people whom Radix could find and trust! The other was Professor Flynn, who was standing right in front of him.

With this thought in mind, Xia Fei flashed an intriguing smile as he took a drag from his cigarette and asked, “So have you ever come into contact with Alpha”

Flynn shook his head, speaking as he reminisced.

“Its not me who contacted him; in fact, its the other way around.

I was still very young back then, having just arrived at the company after graduating from Fig Star Academy.

I was in charge of the project pertaining to power, and while I was surfing the company intranet after dinner one day, I bumped into the mysterious Alpha.

“It seems that hes been secretly observing me for a very long time and knows of my foundation.

He also knows my personality—how I dont get along with my colleagues.

I was ostracized by everyone; its him who mentored and guided me throughout everything, from when I was the lowest-level researcher up to when I became a project lead of Division 1.

Unfortunately, I failed to fulfill Alphas wish and could only be a director of Division 4 at most.”

Flynn was verklempt once he began talking about the past.

Xia Fei wondered.

“Whats Alphas wish”

Flynn answered, “In Research Division 1, theres an exceptional project group, the pinnacle technology team.

Dont underestimate its small size; every single member of that team has unparalleled capabilities! Their status is completely comparable to that of a director of the entire Research bureau! Even the companys board of directors can only show respect to these cutting-edge researchers.

“Alpha originally hoped that I could join the team, but too bad I was a bit shy from achieving this goal.”

Xia Fei asked, “Why did Alpha want you to join the pinnacle technology team”

Flynn glanced at Xia Fei and shook his head.

“I have no idea.

Perhaps Alpha is a member of this apex team in Fig Corporation.

The team is a legendary existence in the company, anyway; You wont find any information about this team in every publicly accessible material, but Im certain that Alpha hasnt lied to me.

Theres definitely a team of peak researchers that deals with top-secret assignments!”

Xia Fei got up and nodded, no longer pursuing the matter.

This was when the screen flashed once more, and a row of words appeared again.

[Something came up and I had to go.]

Xia Fei tapped away.

[Sophies well.]

Over the span of several seconds, Alpha did not give any response, which was something completely unbelievable in the past! His speed of response had always been very quick.

Flynn asked, puzzled, “Sophie Whos Sophie”

Xia Fei ignored Flynn.

He simply saw a simple response flash across the screen: [Okay.]

Xia Fei felt a wave of excitement wash over his heart.

It was just a single word, yet it clearly meant that Alpha was Radix! Xia Feis speculation had been right on the money, and that Radix was the one leading him close to Fig Corporations Research Division 1!

As long as Xia Fei could locate Radix, then the issue of how Phantom could merge with a mechanical body, the matter with the Titan superwarship, et cetera would all be solved! How could Xia Fei not feel excited about closing in on such prospects

Alpha paused for a moment before continuing.

[The board of directors has come to a decision: Independent College will compete with Eternity Branch.

The announcement shall be made in a few minutes.]

Xia Fei nodded.

He took a look at the information Alpha had sent over and asked: [Will I have a chance to get close to you the moment I win]

[Its a possibility.]

[Then lets take a gamble and use artificial intelligence!] He typed these words on the screen with a firm gaze.

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