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Chapter 845: Eight Blades of God and Eight Blades of Demon

The heavenly threshold of Law Overlord was not that easy to cross.

After all, this was a major threshold.

Besides energy and skill, it required a little luck.

Xia Fei had come across this Ark fragment with great difficulty, just like discovering a bowl of treasure, so there was no way that he would leave it that easily.

Even if he could not promote himself, he would stand guard here and feed Furball.

There was no doubt that Furball had struck it rich!

On this one day of eating, he had consumed more energy than all the energy he had consumed in the past combined.

His fur had become glossy and fine, and he appeared lazy and smug, his eyes brimming with dazzling light.

While eating the energy Xia Fei was transferring to him, Furball did not forget to repay his master.

He vigorously nuzzled against Xia Fei and used his tender, pink tongue to lick his masters palm.

This was Furballs method of sucking up to his master.

Although Xia Fei was very familiar with this ticklish fawning, he still could not help but like Furball even more because of it.

This fellow was always so cunning and obedient, so it was no wonder that Avril had taken a liking to him at first sight, constantly playing around with him in her hands.

Unfortunately, Avril was always trying to feed Furball snacks, so he was torn between liking and being wary of his masters beloved.

As Xia Feis other powerful aide, Peacock Blue remained proud and aloof.

The wood-type Immemorial Mystical Armament was the most tenacious existence and possessed a strong independent streak.

Peacock Blue could never imitate Furball.

It always quietly waited for Xia Feis order and then used fierce and rapid attacks to complete its tasks.

Furball was very naughty.

He would always compete with Peacock Blue for the position of Xia Feis number-one helper.

As Furball feasted on the energy Xia Fei sent him, he did not forget to shoot the occasional smug glance at Peacock Blue.

Alas, Peacock Blue was as proud and inflexible as a block of wood.

No matter how loudly Furball smacked his lips or gorged himself, Peacock Blue showed no reaction.

Furball saw that Peacock Blue was ignoring him and felt very disappointed.

Turning around with a grunt, he continued cozying up to Xia Fei.

Oro could not help but laugh.

“Furball and Peacock Blue are like the two extremes of your personality.

Furball is as cunning and sinister as you are, while Peacock Blue is as prideful and tenacious as you do.

One is a Holy Beast and the other is an Immemorial Mystical Armament, yet both have picked up bad habits learning your ways.”

Xia Fei was momentarily speechless.

Pursing his lips, he said, “I dont think that my personality is that extreme.

As for Furball and Peacock Blue learning from me, theres nothing to be said about that.

After all, this world is too dark; I wouldnt have survived this long if I were like any ordinary person.”

Oro thought it over and found that Xia Feis argument made a lot of sense, so he did not make any further comments.

In the early stages of cultivation, one must first complete the arrangement of the law pattern, but in the sprint phrase, Xia Fei would not have the time to speak.

After all, when charging at the threshold, he needed complete focus and was not allowed to commit even the slightest error.

Suddenly, Xia Fei broke his posture, his brows furrowing as he sternly said, “Wait, something is approaching!”

In the darkness, Law Sage Secludeless, as well as Law Overlords Secluded Sophora and Secluded Tune, stood with the Baynes twins and nervously waited.

The Golden Puppet of Weeping Blood had been mobilized, and the Baynes twins were currently controlling the blood puppet over a long distance.

“That Skywing lad is very quick-witted.

Can the Golden Puppet of Weeping Blood infiltrate the area and complete the kill” Secluded Tune worriedly asked.

Everyone knew that the Ark fragment was unstable.

If an unsuccessful assassination caused the Core Planet to explode, all of the Secluded Springs would be lost with it.

Secluded Tune and Secluded Sophora, who both did not know much about the Baynes Clan, were very concerned about this.

Law Sage Secludeless smiled and confidently said, “Blood puppets are made from the bodies of sapient lifeforms, but they dont have any sort of aura.

Just like this dark night, no one can sense them.

“I requested the Baynes family to come all the way to the Secluded Springs precisely because Ive taken a liking to their silent assassination methods.

Also, do you know what lifeform the Golden Puppet of Weeping Blood was made from”

After some thought, Secluded Sophora replied, “Legends say that the Golden Puppet of Weeping Blood is one of the three great blood puppets of the Baynes family.

Since ancient times, it has never once failed, which is truly incredible! When I saw that puppet just now, my entire back instantly became drenched in sweat.

I thought that I was seeing a real devil when I looked at those blood-red eyes.”

Secluded Tune added, “Thats right.

My skin was crawling.

How could there be such a bizarre puppet in the universe Which family did that Super Law Overlord come from After death, they were made into a blood puppet”

Secludeless appeared very smug as he lowered his voice and said, “Nighthawk!”


“The Golden Puppet of Weeping Blood was made from the body of a Nighthawk Clans Superior Law Overlord!”

“No wonder those blood-colored eyes were so frightening; the puppet was made from one of the legendary Nighthawks!”

“Didnt the Nighthawks go extinct ages ago”

In their excitement, Secluded Sophora and Secluded Tune had asked one question after another.

The Nighthawks were a sapient species of the Demon Race that had long vanished without a trace.

This name had once stunned the inhabitants of this side of the universe!

Each of the two supreme races had several major clans serving as blades, which they used to kill others.

Just like how the Skywings were the Demon-sealing Fiendish Blade of the God Race, in their heyday, the Nighthawks represented the supreme strength of the Demon Race.

They were also seen as a blade, the Ghost Night Blade!

“The Ghost Night Blade versus the Demon-sealing Fiendish Blade—this will be something to see!” Secluded Sophora clenched his fists and excitedly said.

“A pity we cant see this apex clash between the two fiendish blades.

Truly a great pity.”

Secluded Tune bit his lip, apparently still feeling uneasy.

“The Nighthawks were the pride of our Demon Race and were once incredibly powerful.

Everyone knows this, but I heard that when someone is made into a blood puppet, their rank will drop.

This means that, while the Bloodcry Golden Ghost was a Superior Law Overlord in his life, it isnt now.

Can it defeat that young Great Law Emperor of the Skywing Clan”

Secluded Sophora froze for a moment, then he replied, “Thats true.

I heard in the past that the process of turning a corpse into a blood puppet isnt perfect.”

Secludeless felt somewhat angry, impatiently saying, “The Skywings are called the Demon-sealing Fiendish Blade and also crazed demons; they rely on group attacks for victory, running around in the open and killing anyone they see.

“In contrast, the Nighthawks were a species of professional duelists.

Theyre called the Ghost Night Blade because of their nearly flawless assassination techniques.

Every time night fell, the Ghost Night Blade would take action! Countless generals of the God Race were silently slain by that blade.

“Back then, the God Race sent all Eight Blades of God to ambush the Nighthawks, and it was only at a grave cost that they managed to exterminate the Ghost Night Blade completely.

That just showed how powerful the Nighthawk Race was.”

Secluded Sophora and Secluded Tune were both startled.

“What! So the Nighthawk Race was wiped out jointly by the Eight Blades of God!”

“For the sake of the one Ghost Night Blade, the God Race was willing to send all eight its blades!”

In the Law Realm, many clans had nicknames; those clans known as blades were all exceptionally sharp.

The eight most outstanding clans of the God Race were known as the Eight Blades of God or the Eight Great God Blades.

The Skywings as the Demon-sealing Fiendish Blade, the Yellow Zithers as the Beautiful Hidden Blade, the Stargazers as the White Wave Azure Blade… all these were peerless existences!

The Demon Race had its own lethal blades, known as the Broken Blade, Permafrost, the Horizons as the Hundred Poison Blade, the Nighthawks as the Ghost Night Blade—all of them were illustrious names!

The Eight Blades of God versus the Nine Blades of Demon!

Alas, in the last war between gods and demons, the God Races eight blades had ambushed the Nighthawks and completely exterminated it, thereby balancing the two sides.

Now, it was the Eight Blades of God versus the Eight Blades of Demon.

As if some power in the Law Realm was causing both sides to be balanced, when the God Race lost the Law of Time, the Demon Race, in return, lost the Law of Life.

Even the number of clans each side used to kill their foes had been made equal.

Though the two supreme races had fought countless years, they had never been able to overcome each other.

One of the fundamental reasons for this was that the strength of both sides was far too close.

Now, the assassination clan, the Baynes, had taken out a blood puppet, one made from a Superior Law Overlord of the long-extinct Nighthawks.

How could Secluded Sophora and Secluded Tune not be shocked!

The little Baynes family, which was not even one of the Demon Races blades or a major clan, was in control of a blood puppet made from a Nighthawk expert.

This made Secluded Sophora and Secluded Tune both surprised and suspicious.

Secludeless patted Secluded Sophora and Secluded Tune on their shoulders.

Secluded Springs had only these two Law Overlords left, so no matter how arrogant Secludeless was, he still had to show his concern for them for fear of ruining their relationship.

“Relax, you two.

Naturally, I am sure that the Baynes will succeed, so I have invited them,” Secludeless said with a smile.

“Let me tell you another secret: While the Baynes family is on the decline, its entire clan consisting of no more than one hundred people, its had its own heyday, even once leading the entire Shadow Puppet Race.

“This Golden Puppet of Weeping Blood is a product made at the very height of the Baynes familys golden age.” Looking around, Secludeless dropped his voice to an extremely low level and whispered to Secluded Sophora and Secluded Tune, “The Golden Puppet of Weeping Blood is alive, not a corpse!”


Secluded Sophora and Secluded Tune were so shocked that their jaws almost fell off!

The Golden Puppet of Weeping Blood was made from a living body! A living and breathing Nighthawk Superior Law Overlord had been made into a puppet! How was that possible

After all, the Nighthawks were once the Ghost Night Blade—the lethal blade of the night—of the Demon Race!

Using the living body of a Ghost Night Blades Superior Law Overlord to make a puppet, the Bloodcry Golden Ghost would not be any weaker just because it had been turned into a puppet; on the contrary, it would get stronger!

Secluded Springs, Core Planet.

“Breath Control!”

Xia Fei, who had noticed that something was amiss, immediately used Breath Control.

He perked up his ears as he began inspecting his surroundings.

“Whats the situation” Oro anxiously asked.

“It feels like something is getting closer,” whispered Xia Fei as he frowned.

“That cant be.

The Ark fragment is so unstable.

Is there still someone who will risk trying to attack you inside it! Arent they worried about triggering an explosion and destroying all of Secluded Springs!” asked Oro in disbelief.

Normally, Secludeless group would be more likely to employ siege tactics.

It was not like Xia Fei could stay here for the rest of his life.

As long as Xia Fei left the Core Planet, he would inevitably fall into the numerous traps Secludeless had laid out.

There was no need to risk an attack.

“It seems to be an expert! This expert is moving without a sound and is devoid of any life signs, completely integrating with the surrounding plants!” said Xia Fei in surprise.

After all, Xia Feis earliest studies had been in assassination! If not for an unexpected turn of events that brought Xia Fei opportunity on top of opportunity, he might still be an assassin in the Panhuman Alliance, which was a profession that had a lot of potential.

“I cant just sit around!” Once Xia Fei confirmed that an assassin had infiltrated the Core Planet, he made up his mind.

Leaving the innermost region, where the Ark fragment was located, he began searching for his prey like a veteran hunter, moving without a noise.

However, what Xia Fei did not know was that the Golden Puppet of Weeping Blood, which had infiltrated the Core Planet, was no mere killer.

This intruder was part of a clan of the legends: the Ghost Night Blade!

Assassination versus assassination!

The Ghost Night Blade versus the Demon-sealing Fiendish Blade!

They were both evenly matched!

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