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Chapter 844: Golden Puppet of Weeping Blood plus Peak Law Emperor

Dark Puppet species, Baynes family.

In the main hall, two Law Emperors and one Law Overlord had gathered.

The two bald men were of course Baynes Sein and Baynes Dein.

They were twins, one with a tattoo on the left side of his face and another on the right, both possessing level 8 Great Law Emperor cultivation.

Baldness had always been a Baynes iconic tradition.

Even their father, Holein Baynes, was bald, except that he was a higher level.

He was a level 3 Law Overlord and looked a little older.

Sein and Dein lifted their aunts head and recounted the request to take revenge that she had made in exchange for her life.

Holein nodded his head after he was done listening.

He remained indifferent after hearing his own sisters tragic tale, and there was not even a trace of sadness on his face.

He even seemed to have only received a very common business request from a stranger.

The Baynes were all Dark Puppeteers and were even notorious in the Demon Race for their assassination skills.

They were emotionless and cold-blooded.

As long as they were given the corresponding tribute for revenge, they would have no qualms killing even their own blood!

“Do you know who did it” asked Holein in a grave tone.

Sein and Dein exchanged glances before answering in unison, “The Moonwards were slain by the Skywings.

Aunts son, who was under the care of Moonward Clans Golcen Ward then, had always maintained a low-profile existence.

He hardly had any existing enmity with others, so the Skywings were the most suspicious.

As for the specific details, well have to wait till the investigation with our peers from the God Race is concluded to know more.”

The killer profession was very well-organized; those in this line of work in both peak races often exchanged information with one another.

When they came across a target that they had trouble handling, they would even invite the other race to help them settle it.

At the moment, Sein and Dein had already gotten the word out, so their peers in the God Race were helping them investigate the identity of who killed Wu Yuming.

Holein expressionlessly nodded his head.

“I see.

The both of you will personally avenge your aunt once we have the results.

We wont let that person off, even if theyre a Skywing! After all, your aunt already paid us the deposit; taking payment to eliminate disaster for others is an unchanging rule of the Baynes family.”

A simple exchange of words and the deal was settled.

Not a peep was uttered regarding how their aunts head would be put to rest or if it needed a burial.

It even seemed like the one who had committed suicide was some stranger that they had no relations.

This was when the aged steward reported from the entrance, “Patriarch, Lord Secludeless from the Secluded Springs has come to visit.”

Holein immediately furrowed his brows and muttered, “Secludeless What has he come here for

“Invite him in!”

Very soon, Secludeless stalked into the hall with a grim expression on his face.

After a brief exchange of pleasantries with Holein, Secludeless said, “I came this time to get your help in killing someone.”

Holein, who had seen such a situation many times before, asked as always, “Who”

“A Great Law Emperor from the Skywing Clan.

At the moment, hes trapped in the Core Planet in the Secluded Springs, but that place is extremely unstable.

Theres no way I can unleash any of my major attacks, so I must rely on your familys art of assassination.

Im here precisely to ask the Baynes patriarch to make a trip over personally,” Secludeless said through gnashed teeth.

Just the mention of Xia Fei made this Law Sage feel furious, wishing that he could just eat Xia Fei whole.

“Skywing!” Holein was startled.

Beside him, Sein and Dein were also surprised.

They had just been looking to settle their score with the Skywing Clan, and Secludeless had come out from nowhere with another business related to the Skywing Clan.

Truly, enemies were bound to meet on a narrow road; all the people who had enmity with the clan had come together this time.

Holein mirthlessly laughed with a trace of playfulness as he told Secludeless, “I agree, but his body belongs to us.”

The reason why the Baynes was outstanding in the killing profession was that they practiced an extremely evil technique, Blood Puppetry!

Unlike how the normal Dark Puppeteers controlled wooden puppets, the Baynes could control other sapient lifeforms by animating their corpses via a secret family technique!

Xia Fei was from the Skywing Clan, and so he possessed an exceptional speed that outstripped the rest.

If they could make him into a blood puppet, it would be equivalent to them gaining this lightning-fast speed.

He would be the perfect material to be a blood puppet, which was why Holein had requested Xia Feis corpse.

Secludeless had already expected Holein to make such a request.

Though he would much rather shred Xia Feis corpse into pieces, he felt that paying this price to hire the Baynes was worth the trade.

Secludeless nodded and coldly remarked, “Okay, the price is as before.

The corpse shall belong to you.”

Holein waved his hand to Sein and Dein and said, “You two shall take care of this business.

Be sure to do this cleanly.”

“Understood!” Sein and Dein got up and answered in the affirmative.

Secludeless appeared to be slightly dissatisfied with this.

He had witnessed Xia Feis abilities with his two eyes and knew that he was not an average problem.

Sein and Dein were both level 8 Great Law Emperor.

Though they were twins who shared one mind and had that advantage, Xia Fei was ultimately a Skywing!

He was also a Great Law Emperor—a Skywing Great Law Emperor that could definitely instakill people from other clans—and belonged to the God Races Demon-sealing Fiendish Blade, meaning that his combat prowess should be at a level his peers could not compare to at all!

Great Law Emperor Secluded Hunt was powerful, too, yet he still got slain by Xia Fei after falling for his schemes!

Secludeless felt that sending Sein and Dein alone may not be enough to ensure the death of Xia Fei, and it was best if Holeinn himself stepped up to the plate.

This was when Holein uttered a single line that eliminated Secludelesss doubt over this matter.

“Bring our familys Golden Puppet of Weeping Blood.”

Stunned, Secludeless had had difficulties hiding the glee on his face.

The Golden Puppet of Weeping Blood was the most prestigious puppet of the Baynes.

This puppet, which had been passed down through the family for many generations, was said to have been made using the corpse of a Super Law Overlord and to have ended countless lives!

Since the Baynes twins would be bringing along the Golden Puppet of Weeping Blood for this assignment, success was assured!

Peak Law Emperor!

Just as Secludeless went to hire the Baynes, Xia Fei broke through to level 9 Great Law Emperor!

“Great! Youre now standing at the peak of Law Emperor after twenty-four hours! The heavenly threshold of Law Overlord is next! Im afraid that everyone in the Law Realm will collapse if they ever hear about this crazy speed of promotion youve just experienced!” The old demon lord was excited, his two eyes shining brightly.

In truth, Xia Fei was a super genius when it came to energy control! The Ark fragments energy would possibly have no use to others, yet the amazing energy ball in Xia Feis brain region could absorb some for its own use and help him soar to such heights!

Law Overlord.

What was once a powerful and distant form of address was now a hairs breadth away from Xia Feis grasp!

The Skywing Clan only had three Law Overlords, including Wuye or Guli who was not related by blood.

If Xia Fei could cross this threshold, he would surpass the bespectacled Law Overlord Xia Tian, becoming the Skywings third expert!

More importantly, Law Overlord meant that Xia Fei would take yet another step closer to the God Race! The two peak races represented the pinnacle of the entire universe, and only the warriors who stood at the peak could get in!

The moment Xia Fei joined the God Race, he would have a chance to learn even more exquisite law powers, the Atlanteans final inheritance, the mysterious Cosmic Gate, and the secrets behind the Mech king Radix.

These were all things Xia Fei had long wanted to find out, and finally, he would have a chance to get in touch with them!

Deep down, Oro was hoping that Xia Fei would improve even faster, for he had an agreement with the latter; the moment this young man joined the God Race, Oro would be released and finally be allowed to be reborn!

Oro began to feel much doubt after that moment of happiness, wondering aloud, “How strange… Furball is an energy-type Holy Beast, yet even he is helpless when it comes to this Ark fragment.

Why are you able to use the fragment to get promoted so quickly, then Is there perhaps some unknown secret behind all this”

Xia Fei shrugged, clueless.

“I dont understand it, either.

The energy in the fragment not only helps me advance by several levels but also cleanses my meridians.

Even more of a mystery is that there seems to be some sort of message in that fragment.”

“A message” Oro was quite shocked as he asked.

“What sort of message”

Xia Fei lit a cigarette and shook his head.

“Its a very strange sound.

Every time I absorb the fragments energy to the brim, that sound will echo in my seventh brain region.”

Oro pouted.

“Could it be an auditory hallucination A fluctuation created when you got filled with energy, perhaps”

“No.” Xia Fei firmly disagreed.

“I know how to distinguish energy fluctuations.

This sound isnt a noise frequency as a result of that.”

Looking at the Ark fragment, Xia Fei postulated, “I might be able to hear it more clearly if the fragment were just larger.

Unfortunately, theres just this small piece, and I have no idea on what sort of metal it is to contain such abundant energy.”

“It may also not be the metal itself that has this effect.

Probably something happened to the Ark on its trip that resulted in this.” Oro chimed in.

Xia Fei had nothing to say or any further questions.

The Ark was a very shocking existence.

If even a small fragment could contain such abundant energy, what more of the whole ship!

Whether it was because of the Ark itself or something that had happened to it, this was Xia Feis chance at the end of the day! A chance for him to improve!

Xia Fei rubbed Furballs furry head with one hand as he examined his surroundings with his senses, to see if there was anything abnormal.

Now that Xia Fei was deep in the enemy base, unable to escape, he must be careful with everything he did.

Furball had benefited greatly this time.

It was just too bad that, while Xia Fei had gotten promoted twice, Furball was still the same as before.

Xia Fei could not understand Furballs promotion.

Not only did the Holy Beast have a strange temper, his promotion differed from other exotic beasts, too.

Sometimes, Furball would unexpectedly advance; at other times, nothing would happen no matter how much energy Xia Fei fed this pet of his.

However, none of that mattered now.

Since the Ark fragment was still here, then there was simply no end to energy.

As long as Furball still had the appetite to eat, Xia Fei would feed him as much as he wanted until he got promoted.

This planet of plants was as silent as ever, almost as if Secludeless and the others were afraid of getting near the energy fluctuations coming from the Ark fragment.

Xia Fei thought about it and decided to keep challenging the Law Overlord heavenly threshold.

There were not many opportunities like this, so he needed to grasp onto each one tightly whenever he encountered them!


Several hours later, the boundary of the Core Planet in the Secluded Springs.

After three out of the Secluded Springs six kings died, the remaining three received the Baynes assassins, the twins Sein and Dein.

Five pairs of eyes stared at the Golden Puppet of Weeping Blood at the same time.

This was the most powerful blood puppet of the Baynes Family!

The three kings appeared to be very surprised.

They were shocked by the appearance of the Golden Puppet of Weeping Blood and its overwhelming murderous aura!

Sein was extremely confident.

“Originally, the cultivation of us brothers isnt high enough to control this puppet king.

Its a good thing that we are twins.

We share one mind, so our control ver the Golden Puppet of Weeping Blood is even better than our father making an appearance personally.”

“You all should just relax.

Even though hes a Great Law Emperor of the Skywing Clan, theres no way that he can escape from our Baynes familys puppet kings slaughter!” Dein added.

With all that said, the Baynes brothers got into stances and demonstrated their Law of Puppetry at the same time.


The Golden Puppet of Weeping Blood promptly opened its bloodshot eyes, and they caused everyones heart to shudder!

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