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Chapter 843: Level 8 Great Law Emperor!

Xia Fei approached that Ark fragment with a measure of surprise.

He simply could not understand how a piece of metal that came from beyond the Cosmic Gate would actually share similar characteristics with energy in his brain region.

The Ark fragment was pitch-black and was no bigger than two palms put together, its shape slightly curved.

Despite the millions of years, this fragment still looked new.

It was very hard to imagine how such a small piece of metal could sustain much life in the expansive Secluded Springs.

Xia Fei circled around the fragment several times, not once attempting to touch it.

All he did was use his eyes to study the fragment and feel it with his body.

Furball, who was standing on Xia Feis shoulder, greedily eyed that piece of metal.

His diet was energy, and this Ark fragment contained a crazy amount of energy, so it pique Furballs interest.

However, Furball knew very well that this grade of energy fluctuation was not something he could subdue.

If he forcibly absorbed this fragments violent energy, he would highly likely injure himself in the process.

After all, Furball had yet to reach his adulthood; there was a limit to the amount of energy he could control.

“Strange… I can feel the gushing force of the Origin Energy through your spatial ring, so how are you able to control yourself so well despite your proximity with it Most people will probably not even dare to get anywhere near it,” Oro wondered aloud.

Xia Fei pointed to his brain and explained, “Balance.

That energy ball in my brain keeps fluctuating at a very close frequency with this fragment; since the two resonates at the same frequency, the risk is greatly minimized.”

Oro sort of understood Xia Feis explanation but was also somewhat clueless.

After all, he did not have an energy ball in his brain, so he had no way of affirming Xia Feis words.

It seemed like this was an issue with Xia Feis constitution and his heaven-defying ability to control Origin Energy, allowing him to remain unshakable even when faced with such energy fluctuations.

“This fragment has plenty of energy contained within.

If I can get this, I believe that itll be able to take a step further!” Xia Fei excitedly said.

Oro pursed his lips and rumbled, “A step further I think that absorbing all this energy wont just take you a step further; youll soar! Youd better be careful, though.

This fragment is anything but stable.”

Xia Fei gave a slight nod.

He stroked his chin with one hand as he pondered on how he could take in this fragments energy.

It was akin to a very tempting piece of cake that Xia Fei would not give up until he could pounce on it and ravenously take several bites off it.

Furball stared at Xia Fei longingly, seemingly waiting for Xia Fei to decide.

Xia Feis energy control capability was even stronger than the energy-type beast, Shatterstar.

If his master could benefit from it, perhaps there would be a chance that Furball could enjoy some.

Furballs eyes lit up as he attempted to unleash his major art of cuteness! He fawned on Xia Fei ardently, using his furry body to rub against his masters cheek, as if to say: “Master, find a way to split it.

It looks very delicious.”

Xia Fei patted Furball on his head and smiled.

“No risk, no rewards.

Theres no reason for us to just look upon such wealth and not make any attempt to acquire it.

Well of course give it a try no matter what.”:

Furball nodded his head ecstatically as if he fully agreed with Xia Feis view.

Oro was unamused.

This was truly a case of the beast following its master.

The two were equally greedy, gazing at this resplendent energy the Ark fragment was diffusing that their eyes had practically turned green!

Gritting his teeth, Xia Fei extended his hand and very slowly began to reach for that Ark fragment.

As if his palm was being enveloped by very warm sun rays, the closer he got to it, the higher the temperature became.

Xia Fei wrinkled his forehead, for the energy fluctuation was becoming stronger the closer he got to it.


Something unexpected occurred!

That colorful energy crystal in Xia Feis seventh brain region began to absorb the energy from the Ark fragment!

Xia Fei, Oro, and Furball were all extremely stunned at this development!

Instead of saying that Xia Fei had attempted to send the energy right into his seventh brain region, it would be more accurate to say that the energy ball inside his head had taken the initiative to do so, pouncing on that fragment and taking a very vicious bite!

Currently, that energy sphere in Xia Feis seventh brain region was already more powerful than before, allowing him to store even more energy.

Though Xia Fei had just slain two Law Overlords and three Law Emperors, absorbing all their energy into him, all that only filled about sixty percent of the mysterious little ball!

However, this time was different.

In only one thousandth of a second, the energy ball had already become filled even though he had just started absorbing the Ark fragments energy!

It was simply too fast!

Far too miraculous!

Without Xia Fei even doing anything, the energy ball became filled! It was as if it had automatically recharged itself!

As the saying went;Water will overflow when overfilled. This energy let Xia Feis advancement skyrocket, but at the same time, it exposed him to so much danger!

His seventh brain region grew unstable, and right now, Xia Fei needed to expend all that energy quickly!


Xia Feis figure blurred as he hid somewhere several hundred meters away from the Ark and sat cross-legged.

He forcibly controlled the fluctuations in his brain.

Alas, the overall energy was simply too much that controlling it had become a tall task.

Xia Fei made the decision there and then.

Since he could not waste the energy, he might as well use it to get promoted!

This was a gamble, for a warrior when cultivating was most afraid of external interference.

If Secludeless infiltrated the planet at this time, Xia Fei would be dealt a grievous blow!

There was risk to everything, and against an ocean worth of energy abundance, there was no reason for Xia Fei not to use it for himself!

The Ark fragment was very unstable; Secludeless was very clear about this point.

Xia Fei decided to gamble on this trepidation of the enemy.

It would be over if Secludeless dared to get near him!

Xia Fei still did it.

He stayed where he was and began making an attempt to reach level 8 Great Law Emperor!

Slowly, Xia Fei calmed himself down from the elation of gaining the energy.

The energy he had gained from the Ark fragment did not seem different from Origin Energy, but in actuality, there was a very minute difference.

The energy from the Ark, which was added after that, appeared to be cleansing Xia Feis body, circulating all over tirelessly.

This circulation made Xia Fei feel extremely comfortable.

Of course, this was all based off Xia Feis superhuman control of energy.

If others were in his shoes, they might be tormented to death by the repeated energy circulation.

What would normally cause pain to others actually brought pleasure to Xia Fei… Not many in this world would understand this.

Just what was it that gave Xia Fei this overpowered energy control

As he continued cultivating, the hidden danger of the energy abundance gradually came to be.

Dense beads of sweat appeared on Xia Feis forehead.

He had to give his one hundred percent concentration to control all this energy.

Though Xia Fei very much wanted to use all the energy, he understood the concept of taking a bite more than one could chew even better.

Anyway, there was an abundant ocean of energy coming from that Ark fragment.

Xia Fei had practically arrived in energy paradise, and he was not at all worried about not having enough energy, so he decided to release a portion of it.

After all, energy fluctuations were not just very dangerous but were also some sort of interference, making it hard for Xia Fei to concentrate on cultivation.

Rapidly working his mind, Xia Fei eventually came up with an idea.

Furball watched Xia Fei absorb plenty of energy and could only sit at the side, looking at him blankly.

Seemingly very much wanting to get a share of this boon, he appeared all too pitiful to anyone looking that their heart would surely ache.

This was Furballs crafty nature.

When facing an enemy, this creature would become craftier ever, but when in front of Xia Fei, he would maintain this pitiful yet lovable image.

Xia Fei could not bear to see Furball drooling like this, and since he could not use all the energy, why not give some to Furball

With this thought in mind, Xia Fei slowly extended one hand, and as if Furball had long been ready, he hopped right onto Xia Feis palm, his eyes wide with expectation.


As if he had opened a floodgate, Xia Fei released all the extra energy inside him!


Furballs eyeballs went red from all the excitement as he opened his big mouth and happily guzzled all that energy.

This was energy that had been stored in Xia Feis seventh brain region.

After refining, it tasted even more delicious than any of those energy crystals.

To Furball who subsisted on a diet of energy, it was a delicacy that trumped everything else!

Furball had a voracious appetite, and ever since he used the Singular Shatterstar Strike to defeat the Moonwards, he had never once reached full capacity.

Everytime he managed to store some energy, the subsequent battles would consume it all.

Xia Fei cherished Furball a lot.

Since he was getting inexhaustible energy from the Ark fragment, Xia Fei was ready to let Furball eat his fill this one time.

“Level 8! Youve reached level 8 Great Law Emperor!” the old demon lord exclaimed with wide eyes.

The speed of Xia Feis advancement through the levels was becoming faster and faster, so Oro was beside himself at this point.

That energy ball in Xia Feis seventh brain region had been completely used up.

A portion had been absorbed by Xia Fei, used for his promotion, while even more entered Furballs stomach directly.

Anyone could see the fat belly of a satiated Furball who was lying in Xia Feis bosom, snoring away.

Such pure energy truly sated Furball after pigging out on it.

Oro glanced at Furball and said, “Your pet is truly fortunate to be with you.

Most would have a hard time making Holy Beasts recognize them as their master, and even when they did barely get them to do so, they wouldnt have much energy to help their pets get promoted so fast.

Hes only been with you for a handful of years, yet hes already close to reaching his fifth form.

The day when he attains his full adult form is just right around the corner!”

Xia Fei felt very happy to hear that.

Not only Furball, even he had benefited greatly from this Ark fragment.

After just several hours, he had actually managed to make it across the level 7 threshold and become a level 8 Law Emperor!

Xia Fei had never been so excited before.

The energy coming from the Ark was simply too amazing.

It was as if Xia Fei was driving on a broad expressway, for the speed he was experiencing now was incomparable to the speed he got promoted in the past!

Several hours.

All it took was several hours for him to break through!

Such a speed of promotion was truly monstrous!

With a slight smile, Xia Fei once more approached the Ark fragment.

Furball also perked up anew.

The little creature was very clever.

He knew that such an opportunity was hard to come by, and given how strong the energy fluctuations coming from the Ark fragment, Xia Fei would probably have a hard time taking it with him.

What he wanted to do was have his fill this time and then store all the energy he needed for several years to come right in his belly!

Xia Fei did the same thing as before, absorbing all the energy from the Ark fragment into his seventh region, instantly filling up that colorful energy ball in his brain.

Xia Fei suddenly frowned.

The last time his brain region had energy leftover, yet this time he had managed to absorb the Arks energy completely.

Suddenly, he felt that his brain region was also a lot more stable than before, and the volatility had greatly been alleviated.

He had no idea if this was because of the energys purity or his brain region had become even better at controlling energy after having been nourished by the Ark fragments energy.

In any case, the difficulty of this second round had decreased a lot rather than increased!

“Just charge all the way! One more level and youll reach peak Law Emperor! After that, it will be the heavenly threshold of Law Overlord!” said Oro excitedly.

An encounter with a piece of mystical Ark fragment had allowed Xia Fei, Furball, and Peacock Blue to benefit greatly!

“Cross the Law Overlord threshold in one move!” Xia Fei froze ever so slightly as he muttered this.

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