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Chapter 842: Resonance

Deception was important to warriors as well!

Xia Feis attacks were both real and fake, and that completely disrupted Secludelesss arrangements, only to drag Super Law Overlord Secluded Hunt down into deaths abyss!


The Blood Crystals dark red blade dug right into bone, and plenty of energy flooded into Xia Feis seventh brain region, giving him the sensation of incomparable satisfaction.

He was figuratively bursting with energy!

With a swift kick, Xia Fei splintered Secluded Hunts dried up body! Xia Fei stood amid empty space as he turned to glare at Secludeless with eyes full of naked rage!

At present, every warrior who had practiced the Law of Space was all but dead.

There was no one else that could stop Xia Fei from entering Secluded Springs foundation!

“Anyone who gets in my way shall die!” Xia Fei arched both his eyebrows as he viciously spat the line.

This insane aura of his that disregarded everything made Xia Fei appear to be very fiendish!

Law Sage Secluded was dumbfounded!

The old demon lord was also flabbergasted!

No one would have believed that Xia Fei would actually slaughter two Law Overlords and three Law Emperors, forcing his way into the plant planet even despite being surrounded by so many warriors of the Secluded Springs! He was already very close to that amazing Ark fragment!

There was no doubt that the methods Xia Fei resorted to were both cunning and vicious!

However, none of these mattered.

What mattered was that Xia Fei was still alive and standing while his enemies were all dead!

As long as he could kill his enemies, whatever method he used would be the best method! In order to survive, Xia Fei was willing to succeed by hook or crook!

Holding up one hand, Xia Fei pointed to that mysterious planet of plants and declared with a menacing glare, “If you dare to play any tricks, Ill destroy the entire Secluded Springs!”

His tone was forceful and sonorous so that Law Sage Secludeless could hear it even from afar.

Xia Feis crazy personality was undeniable!

With that said, Xia Fei began striding toward the planet, disregarding the formidable Law Sage completely.

Secludeless was stunned.

He gritted his teeth, his eyes almost spitting out fire!

Xia Fei was obviously the more underhanded between them, and it was his cunning that had killed his two assistants, yet he was now threatening him not to get up to any treachery What nonsense was this! When was a Great Law Emperor able to threaten a Law Sage!

What made it worse was Furball, who was perched on Xia Feis shoulder, sticking his tongue out to Secludeless! He was acting as arrogantly as his master!

Secludeless felt that he was about to explode in his rage! Being threatened by a human was already pushing it, but to be despised by an exotic beast, too He had never been submissive all his life.

He stared as Xia Fei made his way to that planet, which was of great importance to the Secluded Springs.

Secludeless suppressed his anger and bewilderment by force, nearly bleeding from his gums at how hard he was biting down.

This was when two characters appeared from afar, one tall and another short.

They were the other two Law Overlords residing in the Secluded Springs who were in charge of guarding the entrance, Secluded Sophora and Secluded Tune.

Secluded Sophora was short and squat, while Secluded Tune was skinny and tall.

After Heathfields elite Lionhearts had faked their assault on the entrance of Secluded Springs and proceeded to leave, these two Law Overlords were left feeling vexed and baffled, while their underlings had also suffered heavy losses from the clash.

They had barely managed to make sense of why the Lionhearts would attack Secluded Springs for no apparent reason when news of Law Overlord Secluded Messs death reached their ears.

They were, of course, extremely shocked upon hearing this, anxiously making their way over to the core of the Secluded Springs.

The moment they arrived, they happened to have heard Xia Fei threaten one of the six kings of the Secluded Springs with great disdain.

Furthermore, aside from Law Sage Secludeless, Great Law Overlord Secluded Hunt was nowhere to be seen!

Secluded Sophora and Secluded Tune frowned slightly as they exchanged glances with each other.

They simply could not understand how Xia Fei had managed to get away after getting surrounded by both Secludeless and Secluded Hunt.

Could the two of them had gone stupid, allowing a human to enter the most important core of the Secluded Springs

If Xia Fei were to mess things up in there, it could very easily bring the downfall of the Secluded Springs!

“What should we do”

“How could we let a human enter the Source Spring”

“Shall I get in and kill him At most, Ill do it quietly.”

Secluded Sophora and Secluded Tune kept asking, intent on following Xia Fei into the planet and killing him!

The Core Planet was what the Secluded Springs six kings called that planet of plants.

It was this planet, or to be precise, this Ark fragment, that had kept nourishing the Secluded Springs region for hundreds of millions of years! Calling it the core of the Secluded Springs was by no means an exaggeration.

“Dont do anything rash!” Secludeless said with a stern face.

“That man is truly crazy, even crazier than the most villainous Skywings!”

Secluded Sophora and Secluded Tune were startled as they squealed, “Hes a Skywing”

“Thats trouble.

Skywings are known as the God Races Demon-sealing Fiendish Blade.

Each and every one of them is crazy, no matter their age.

Theyre protective of their own and very unreasonable.

Making a move against him isnt right, but not doing anything to him wont do, either,” Secluded Tune said with knitted eyebrows.

Secluded Tune instantly regretted speaking the moment his words left his lips, though.

He had forgotten something in his hurry: Law Sage Secludeless was from the Ding Clan, and it was the Skywings who had single-handedly eradicated his entire clan, which numbered well over in the millions! Secludeless was the sole survivor, changing his name and hiding upon his arrival at the Secluded Springs, not showing his face to the outside world thereafter.

The animosity Secludeless had against Skywing was tantamount to a vengeance that could only be repaid with blood!

Having managed it to the Law Sage in the hidden Dark Space, Secludeless had only achieved it alone in hopes of one day returning an eye for an eye to the Skywing Clan!

In the end, before Secludeless could even settle this debt with the Skywings, the lone wolf of the Skywing Clan, Xia Fei, had come to him, and that lone wolf had even killed two Superior Law Overlords under his wings in passing!

Sure enough, enemies were fated to meet on a narrow road; it would be strange if Secludeless still let Xia Fei off this time.

Secludelesss face was even more savage after hearing Secluded Tune mention his nemesis.

Fiercely glaring at Secluded Tune, he turned and strode away.

If not for the severe losses he had suffered today, Secludeless would not mind slaying Secluded Tune there and then.

“You two, stand guard here for me,” Secludeless icily remarked.

“Dont think that youll be safe hiding in the Core Planet; Nowhere is safe here in the Secluded Springs!”

With these last words, Secludeless left with his fury still simmering inside him..

Secluded Sophora and Secluded Tune looked around, and the latter gulped audibly.

“He couldnt possibly have gone to find those guys, could he”

Xia Fei was making his way deeper into the Core Planet when Oro asked worriedly, “You shouldnt have gloated after getting the upper hand back there.

Its fine that you succeeded in killing both Secluded Hunt and Secluded Mess with your schemes, but why did you provoke the rage of that Law Sage still”

Xia Fei smiled, unfazed.

“The enemy was very strong; I could only find a chance amid the chaos.

I had to incite Secludelesss rage first so that hed get agitated and mess up.

Thats also one of the tactics one can use to deal with a more powerful foe.”

Oro pouted.

Another tactic He had no idea just what was inside Xia Feis head, always coming up with strange plans and schemes one after another.

It would often seem like just normal action when, really, there was a greater goal behind it.

This was practically a scheme calculated right down to the bones.

“No matter what, Secluded Springs must be destroyed!” said Xia Fei after a momentary pause.

“Why” Oro was shocked.

It seemed from Xia Feis expressions that he was not telling a lie.

It definitely looked like he had made up his mind to destroy the Secluded Springs!

“Its very apparent that Secludeless has some deep-seated animosity toward the Skywing Clan, and such an enemy needs to be eliminated, roots and all! Otherwise, given his Law Sage cultivation, hell surely cause trouble to the clan when he finally makes his play,” Xia Fei calmly explained.

“Every enemy must be eliminated, roots and all.”

Oro was surprised once more.

What Xia Fei had said was true.

Given how Secludeless was willing to abandon the life of Clairvoyant Secluded Well all so he could kill Xia Fei, it was evident just how strong a hatred he harbored against the Skywing Clan.

Secludeless had been hiding in the Secluded Springs this entire time, watching the Skywings from a distance.

Xia Feis sudden appearance had revealed his true motive.

As such, he would surely launch an attack in advance compared to his original plan, and his target was none other than the Skywing Clan!

Given Xia Feis resoluteness toward slaughtering any enemy, there was of course no way he would let such this one live!

It was just that Oro felt a little despondent over Clairvoyant Secluded Wells death and also a little troubled with how Xia Fei planned to get rid of Secludeless.

The Core Planet was thriving with plants, innumerous and strange!

It was practically a plant heaven!

Plants were intertwined, twisted and entangled with each other, leaving just a small gap between.

Good thing Xia Fei was versed in Crafty Approach; his superhuman finesse also meant that he could pass through these seemingly impassable paths.

Having a background in apothecary, Xia Fei could not help but feel very curious about all these strange plants.

He had collected quite a lot of samples for future use along the way, though he would have to study what these plants did and what their characteristics were in a laboratory before he could do anything with them.

Right now, the most important task was to find that Ark fragment.

If the mysterious Ark came from beyond the Cosmic Gate, then this Ark fragment could very well contain some message from beyond, as well as the secret to the origin of life.

Xia Fei followed along the complex path as he headed downward, attempting to get into the very center of the Core Planet.

The closer he got to the center, the more variety of plants he saw.

The road ahead had become more arduous to pass through as well.

It seemed that someone had once carved a path out before in order to venture deeply.

Though due to the passage of time, that path had become barely conspicuous; the plants, which were all overgrown, had since blocked it off on top of shielding it from sight, too.

Several minutes later, Xia Fei finally made it to the centermost part of the planet.

This place seemed like where the entire Secluded Springs had come forth.

The huge roots, gnarled and twisted, wrapped around a piece of black metal.

This black metals inside was hollow and looked like a crib; the Ark fragment lay peacefully inside it.

“Look! Thats the Ark fragment!” Oro exclaimed with gleeful excitement.

Xia Fei felt very excited as well, but he did not approach it right away.

First, he used his eyes to examine the object carefully.

Soon, he discovered that this metal did not belong to any known type in this part of the universe.

Even from a distance, he could feel the very powerful waves of energy coming from it.

These fluctuations seemed similar to the Origin Energy inside Xia Feis brain region, except that it was far more powerful.

“No wonder Secludeless is so afraid of others getting near this planet.

Turns out that the Ark fragment is so unstable,” Xia Fei muttered with a frown.

With a light sweep of his finger, Xia Fei pulled out an Origin Energy detector.

He carefully activated it, but before the screen could light up, that detector sizzled and emitted black smoke.

It was destroyed.

“What powerful energy fluctuations!” Xia Fei gasped in shock.

Oros brows furrowed and he said in a low voice, “Is your seventh brain region resonating with that fragment”

Xia Fei nodded.

“Ive already felt it, too.

To be precise, its that colorful energy sphere inside my brain region thats strongly sharing frequency with these Ark fragments energy fluctuations.”

If it could be said that the Law of Primal Chaos had been grasped by both Xia Fei and the Black and White Gods, even if the law was not exclusive to Xia Fei, that strange energy ball in Xia Feis brain region could be considered unique to Xia Fei.

Aside from him, no one else could absorb energy and form a crystal in their brain like he did.

For that strange crystal to resonate with the mysterious Ark fragment, just what could it mean

Contemplating over this, Xia Fei strolled in and very slowly approached that Ark fragment, which represented the unknown.

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