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Chapter 822: The powerful enemy in the darkness!

“A full luster and abundant energy, but why do I feel that theres something different about this crystal” Xia Laoshi examined that bright yellow grade 4 Origin Crystal Xia Fei had produced and muttered to himself.

He stroked his spatial ring, producing a complicated device.

It looked like a scale, but it was much more intricate, all kinds of flashing electronic equipment attached to it.

Xia Laoshi placed the crystal on the balance and activated the device.

A soft beeping could be heard in the training room, and it was not long before a curvy diagram and a row of data was produced.

Xia Laoshi gasped as he stared at the screen and murmured in shock, “What a sharp energy curve! So rich in energy!”

In normal circumstances, an Origin Crystal would not provide maximum energy from the very start.

If steady, the energy rate would gradually curve upward.

The smoother this curve, the more easily a warrior could absorb the energy inside, but Xia Feis crystal had a very strange angled line, which was extremely steep!

“Its not that this curve is bad, but those warriors with somewhat weaker control over energy will have a difficult time using your Origin Crystals.

After all, this line is too vertical, and the energy will enter their body swiftly and be hard to control.” Xia Laoshi frowned.

“As for the quantity of energy, its superb.

If a full score is normally one hundred nine or one hundred eight is the passing score, you will have hit one hundred three, a little higher than the professional standard.

“If I were to evaluate you myself, while I cant say that youre born for the energy master profession, your talents in this field are formidable! Besides this strange energy curve, the quantity and purity of energy have both reached the highest standard!”

It was clear that Xia Fei had stupendous talent when it came to energy control.

In the Law Realm, energy was everything, and a stronger control of energy could help him go further and faster in other aspects.

After the end of the energy mastery course, Xia Laoshi requested one day off.

It was not because Xia Fei was particularly tired; rather, it was Xia Laoshi who badly needed to rest.

Xia Fei bathed, had a short nap, and then returned to the Panhuman Alliance.

At the Half Moon Hill Villa, Xia Fei encountered Seth in a hallway.

As the Alliances strongest member, the safety specialist of Quantum Holdings, and Avrils bodyguard, Seth was extremely busy.

Fortunately, Xia Fei had given him an unregistered compass, allowing him to travel between the Half Moon Hill Villa and the Terminus Star Region, going wherever he was needed.

As the Skywings had been at war with the two religions and one clan a few days ago, Seth had naturally appeared at the Half Moon Hill Villa to protect Avril.

After greeting him, Xia Fei had Seth return to Terminus.

The war was over and Half Moon Hill had not been attacked by the Moonward Clan, so Seth did not need to be a bodyguard anymore.

Avril was Xia Feis sole weakness, her existence was what Xia Fei worried about the most.

It now seemed that Avril not going to the White Horse Constellation with Xia Fei had been a wise decision.

After all, not many people in the Law Realm knew about Avrils relationship with him.

The low profile was more able to keep Avril safe.

Xia Fei had always had a lot of problems on his plate, and there was no telling when he might rile up some powerful foe.

It would be terrible if his enemies used Avril to threaten him.

This was clearly his most beloved girl, but Xia Fei could not marry her with any great fanfare.

Xia Fei felt ashamed over this, so his visits to the Half Moon Hill Villa were becoming frequent, as he was afraid that she might feel abandoned.

Avril was a very perceptive person, and she naturally understood Xia Feis sorrows.

Not going to the White Horse Constellation and living an inconspicuous life in the Panhuman Alliance was a decision Avril had reached after much consideration.

After all, the Law Realm was very dangerous, and the only way Xia Fei would be able not to worry about his rear was by maintaining a proper distance.

Avril had never once complained about this.

Xia Fei took Avril to her favorite Interstellar Amusement Park and then took her to the seashore to bask in the sun, fully enjoying their short time alone.

To tell the truth, Xia Fei rather liked this mild and gentle lifestyle, but the shadowy presence behind the Cosmic Gate pushed him to advance madly, never to stop, to seize every second, and to live life fully.

The Hidden Realm.

The assembly zone of the megaweapon, the Titan-class superwarship.

Dimsky pointed at that planet-sized ship in the distance.

“Take a look.

Thats the first Titan in production.

Its outer shell is done, and we are in the process of assembling it.

Once the assembly is done, we will test it out.

It wont be long until it can display its formidable might!”

Xia Fei nodded.

“The construction is going very quickly.

Thank you for endless days and nights of work.”

Dimsky smiled.

“Were Mechs, so weve always worked twenty-four hours a day.

Right, I complied with your request and increased the number of docks.

Youre sure that you want a fleet made entirely of Titans”

“Its necessary,” Xia Fei firmly said.

“The more I explore the depths of the universe, the more I realize that the universe is a chaotic and dangerous place.

Theres nothing wrong with planning for a rainy day, and strength is the foundation of survival.

These Titans can increase our strength, so the more we have, the better!”

Dimsky nodded.

“The Cobalti were once the technology kings in the universe.

They felt that their Titans had the power to contend against law power, and there must have been a reason why.

Though we havent yet discovered how the Titans can exactly contend against law power, that doesnt mean that it doesnt exist.

“After all, we still havent understood many of its defensive and weapon systems and are simply copying the blueprints.

To understand the abilities of the Titan truly, we need to get this first one moving and take it out for a test drive.”

The Cobalti had been incredibly advanced, and the Mech Race had only been copying their Titans.

As such, there had been many key components that they were only able to produce but could not understand what exactly they were for.

The strangest design to date had been the second layer of defense.

Normally, warships had only one layer of energy shields, but Titans had a double layer of compound defense.

Xia Fei and Dimsky speculated that this second layer was something similar to a Law of Space seal, creating a law barrier around the warship to fend off enemy law attacks.

If this speculation turned out to be true, then the Titan would be capable of defending against both physical and law attacks.

This would be paired with the Titans destructive weapon system, the Doomsday! It was a lethal weapon that was certain to be able to sweep through the universe!

Alas, the second defensive layers composition was too complicated and was still in the research phase.

Xia Fei still had no idea whether it could actually produce a Law of Space barrier or not and what the defensive factor would be.

The truth would have to wait until they got to the defense testing phase.

Spatial compasses were truly excellent items.

In one day, Xia Fei was able to travel across the sea of stars.

Not only could he visit Avril in Half Moon Hill Villa, he could also see how the Mech Races work was proceeding in the Hidden Realm and how Phantom and Sophie were progressing in their research.

He could even take a trip to Terminus Star Region and see how Charlie was doing as well as how Quantum Holdings development plan was proceeding.

In the past, such efficiency would have been impossible to imagine!

Even Avril liked this sort of traveling through space.

To go wherever one wanted instantly was something out of a dream.

The Wind Garden.

Xia Fei returned to his cultivation chamber.

Xia Laoshi was not here yet, so Xia Fei lit a cigarette and summarized everything he had seen today.

The Panhuman Alliance was very stable at the moment, whether it was the Mech Race or Quantum Holdings.

Even the relationship between Xia Fei and Avril, after the initial passion, was gradually beginning to smoothen, but there were still many concerns.

No one would have imagined that Xia Fei had hidden his greatest trump card near the Panhuman Alliance, which the Law Realm looked down on, and that he was secretly constructing Titans in the Hidden Realm to resist the Law Realm.

Xia Feis way of thinking was always able to catch people off guard.

“Youre dabbling in more and more fields.

I feel like its actually a good thing that the trail for the Law of Time went cold,” Oro commented.

“How could that be a good thing Thats the strongest law power of the God Race, but now that youve mentioned it, theres something Im confused about.

The Moonward Clan went to such great lengths to get the Rending Yang Fire and the Wolf Butcher Blaze, but neither of these two Immemorial Mystical Armaments appeared in the war.

I wonder where the Moonwards hid them,” Xia Fei muttered, blowing out a smoke circle.

Oro smiled.

“You wield the Plant-type mystical armaments, so the Rending Yang Fire and Wolf Butcher Blaze are useless in your hands.

Besides, the Skywings arent people to be messed around with.

After annihilating the Moonward Clan, perhaps they already took possession of those two mystical armaments.

Its just that you havent been informed yet.

“I must say that you, Skywings, are truly sinister and vicious.

I wouldnt find it weird at all if you found several mystical armaments or even something stranger in the clan storehouses.”

Xia Fei said nothing.

He was not the only one who concealed his cards; the Skywings did, too.

Would anyone have expected Steward Wuye to be Superior Law Overlord Gu Li before the war with the Moonwards Also, before Xia Fei learned the Law of Speed, did he know that the Wind Garden was littered with secret passages and hidden training rooms, that it was not as old and cramped as it seemed

In short Xia Fei had many secrets, and so did the Skywing Clan.

These secrets had created the powerful forcefield of the Law Realms Demon-sealing Fiendish Blade!

The top-class clans were not top-class because of their population, number of elites, or their fame.

It was about who was more vicious in battle! Who had the most hidden cards to play!

Xia Laoshi pushed open the door.

After a day and night of rest, his complexion was much improved.

“Today, your lesson in the Law of Artificing begins!” Xia Laoshi solemnly said.

A warship, which was neither too large nor too conspicuous, moved slowly through the eternal night of space.

From its appearance, one could tell that it was an old-fashioned cruiser of the Law Realm.

It had no clan emblem, seemingly belonging to no faction.

Inside the warship was a large and sturdy cultivation chamber.

Inside, flames ran rampant!

A human was controlling a cold and sinister flame, attempting to have it subdue a bestial and violent flame!

If Xia Fei had been present, he would have realized that this cold and sinister flame was none other than the Rending Yang Fire that the Moonward Clan had purchased at the auction, the universes flame of supreme yin!

As for this violent flame was none other than the legendary flame, the Wolf Butcher Blaze!

This unremarkable-looking warrior had already subdued the Rending Yang Fire and was now planning to merge it with the other Immemorial Mystical Armament, the Wolf Butcher Blaze!

It seemed like mystical armament integration was not Xia Feis specialty.

This person was also trying to do what Xia Fei did!

It was just that Xia Fei had the Plant mystical armaments, while this man had Fire!

Divine flames scorched the prairie!

The training room had been painted to a red and hellish landscape!

In the eyes of this warrior, another flame burned: the flames of vengeance!

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