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Chapter 810: A Fatal Mistake

In Floating Star Valley, the Skywing wolves surrounded the temporary camp formed by the two religions and one clan.

They projected two giant screens; upon which the destruction of the Moonward Clan and the Primordial Sect was broadcasted.

“The Brightstar! Heavens! The Brightstar has been obliterated!”

“Son! My son! You died a terrible death!”

“I swear to eliminate the Skywings or die! I must avenge my family!”

The scenes being played were so realistic and gruesome that all the Moonward elites felt like they were being struck by lightning! After a momentary daze, they all went insane!

No one had expected the Skywing Clans counterattack to be so cruel.

They had completely ignored the Law Realms rule not to harm ordinary clan members.

With overwhelming power, they had snatched away the lives of more than ten million Moonwards! The entire process had taken a little more than ten seconds!

Nonetheless, the Moonward Clan had brought all this on themselves!

They had attacked the Skywing Clans Xia City first.

Thus, if the Skywings did not repay it a hundredfold, they would not be called the Skywings!

Rules When had the Skywings ever cared about such things!

They were forced to watch the space be littered with corpses and debris, as their clans supersized warship was destroyed! The Moonward Clan Law Emperors bellowed in fury and sorrow, their faces twisting and contorting!

This was exactly what the Skywing Clan wanted!

When the gods wanted death, they would first drive one to madness!

The Skywings were no gods, but they were also capable of driving their foes into panic and madness.

Superior Law Overlord Golcen Ward paled.

He knew very well that this was a plot by the Skywings! Before battle, they first applied enormous psychological pressure, mentally breaking the Moonward Clan!

The Moonward Law Emperors around him were crazily howling, cursing the cruelty of the Skywings.

It seemed like the video had provoked their will to fight.

This was exactly what made the Skywings so smart.

Two factions fighting was different from two warriors dueling.

Just the lack of fear for death was not enough to win.

When it came to a fight between two groups of comparable strength, what mattered was formations and tactics, and in this, the Skywings were undoubtedly specialists.

The wolfpack formation possessed incredible power, capable of both attacking and defending.

When paired with the incomparable advantage in speed that the Skywing wolfpack possessed, there was no beating them unless one had several times their strength!

“Brothers, fight to the death with the Skywings!” someone shouted.

The Moonward elites, who were already overcome with extreme grief and anger, madly howled, blindly charging out of their camp and into the distant Skywing Clan formation.

They were walking right into the Skywings trap!

This small group wanted to charge into the Skywing wolfpack formation This was seeking destruction!

“Everyone, stop right now!” Golcen Ward bellowed.

Alas, the vast majority of the Moonward warriors had already gone mad and were no longer listening to the orders from their patriarch.

Some of them followed Golcen Wards order and stopped, but the others heedlessly tried to fight to the death with the Skywings!

The situation was even better than the Skywings had anticipated.

If all of them had charged, they might have posed a little threat, but only a dozen or so of them blindly charging in was no threat at all!

Xia Buyun looked grimly at the handful of Moonward Law Emperors charging at them.

He waved his hand, and with a *whoosh*, the Skywings wolves vanished!

When they appeared next!

The wolfpack formation had been formed! There were only a little more than a dozen Law Emperors.

It was not even worth worrying about for the forty Skywing Law Emperors!

*Whoosh whoosh whoosh!*

They approached like ghosts, killing anyone that got close!

As a lone wolf, Xia Fei did not join the formation.

Instead, he wandered around the perimeter, observing and analyzing the battle, seeking suitable points of entry or isolated enemies.

“Strange… The Old God Cult and Moonward Clan are both here, but I dont see anyone from the Primordial Sect!” Xia Fei noted in surprise.

He muttered, “Where are they!”

The White Horse Constellation, the Wind Garden.

The Skywing wolfpack was gone, leaving behind Xia Wuye, also known as Superior Law Overlord Gu Li, to guard it.

Xia Wuye imposingly stood in the front yard.

There was a teapot in his hand, which he occasionally took a sip from.

When one man stood at the pass, ten thousand men would never be able to get through.

This was the sort of aura Xia Wuye exuded! It was as if he were holding a nuclear bomb, not a teapot, in his hand—one that could explode at any moment!

Wuye dropped his head to look at the time.

Half a minute had passed since the Skywings made their counterattack.

As one of the few clans in the Law Realm renowned for speed, the Skywings measured their attack time in seconds rather than in minutes or hours!

With their superspeed, the Skywings could create massive shockwaves on the battlefield with every passing second! This sort of frantic pace and the swift and mechanical precision was the thing that no other clan could ever imagine.

The Skywing Clan was like a race car that could travel at light speed.

Once it was activated, a savage metallic behemoth would crush all enemies in its path!

Xia Wuye was very familiar with the high-speed crushing offensive of the Skywing wolfpack.

He only needed to hold out in the Wind Garden for about fifteen minutes.

By which time, the battle would be over!


There was unexpected development!

*Whoosh whoosh whoosh!*

The surrounding roofs had suddenly become packed with people, thirty-three in total!

These were believers of the Primordial Sect! Thirty-two Law Emperors and one Law Overlord!

It was quite the coincidence.

The moment the Skywings had withdrawn from Xia City, they had split into three groups, aiming to crush the two religions and one clan.

At the same time, there had been a split of opinions in the coalition camp.

The Moonwards and Old God Cult had felt that holding their base was the best option, waiting until they got more news to make their plan.

As for the Primordial Sect, they felt that this was an excellent opportunity to make an attack on the Wind Garden.

After all, Xia City was connected to the Wind Garden via a spatial gate.

Since the Skywing wolfpack had left Xia City but had not returned to the Wind Garden, this meant that the most efficient path to the Wind Garden had been severed.

If they attacked the Wind Garden at this time, they could definitely catch the Skywings off guard! The key was speed! There could be no delay!

The Primordial Sects leader, Modo, was an extremely reckless person.

He had never before met or interacted with the Skywings before, so he had no idea of their power.

In his eyes, the only guard of the Wind Garden was Superior Law Overlord Gu Li, while his coalition had two Superior Law Overlords! Any random force could flatten the Wind Garden!

Alas, both the Moonwards and Old God cultists had suffered at the hands of the Skywings before, so they felt that sticking together gave them more of an advantage.

They disagreed with Modos rash plan and refused to send troops to assault the Wind Garden.

Primordial Sect Leader Modo left in a huff, taking his thirty-two Law Emperors to the White Horse Constellation.

Unfortunately, right after he left, the Skywing wolfpack assaulted Floating Star Valley!

Xia Wuye was startled.

It was easy to see from their appearances that these people were not human.

Thus, they were either from the Old God Cult or the Primordial Sect!

They could have come here for only one thing: attack the Wind Garden!

Level 4 Law Overlord Modo was black, and his head was completely bald.

Many years of cultivation and monotonous worship to his god had left him a man of few words, his face like a cast of black iron.

As he stood on the roof, he showed no emotion on his face.

His eyes suddenly chilled and then he raised his hand to order the attack.

Suddenly! The spatial compass in his bosom beeped, the intense vibration clearly communicating that this was an emergency signal!

Modo quickly took out his spatial compass and glanced at it.

He saw that Golcen Ward had sent a message, saying that the Skywing wolfpack had attacked right after he left! He needed to come back with his men immediately!

“That was quick!” Modo scowled.

As someone who had never interacted with the Skywings before, he was unfamiliar with their frenzied speed.

Modo thought that he was already moving very fast, unaware that the Skywings were even faster!

In less than a minute and a half, the Skywings had already finished exterminating the Moonward Clan and the Old God Cult! The next step was to exterminate their coalition army!

At this time, Modo had chosen to leave with his troops, essentially creating an opportunity for the Skywings, committing a fatal mistake!

Although Modo was rather rash, he understood what was more important.

He knew that the coalition army only had a chance if it was united.

Only then could it hold out against the vicious counterattack of the Skywings.

He needed to give up on his plan to attack the Wind Garden and return immediately to Floating Star Valley!

If the Moonwards and Old God cultists were wiped out, he would find it impossible to hold out by himself!

“Hurry! Return to the Floating Star Valley!” Modo said, his face pale.

He did not care that he was still standing on the roof of the Wind Garden as he bellowed.

“Go back! Leader, we just got to the Wind Garden.

We should kill this old man and flatten the Wind Garden first!”

“Thats right! It wont take long at all!”

The Primordial Sect had no idea that the situation was so dire.

They all pleaded with Modo, wanting to kill Xia Wuye and flatten the Wind Garden!

Modo got so angry his face started changing color as he urgently said, “The Skywings are already attacking the coalition camp! Its all over if we dont go back!”

The Primordial Sect believers were stunned.

They had not imagined that the Skywings would move this quickly!


The silent Xia Wuye had gone crazy!


Violent killing energy spilled out! All of the White Horse Constellation shook!

Wuye was keenly aware that the Skywing wolfpack had to confront one hundred seven Law Emperors and six Law Overlords! The enemy was far stronger than the Skywings, and the battle in Floating Star Valley was certain to be difficult!

He was currently anxious because he could not step out of the Wind Garden to fight for the clan, but now that the reckless Primordial Sect had delivered itself to his doorstep, was this not exactly what Wuye wanted If he could hold these people in the Wind Garden, the pressure on the Skywing wolfpack would be greatly reduced!

Once he realized what was going on, Xia Wuye spread out his arms and began to gather violent law force within!

‘Even if I die, Ill keep them here! Xia Wuye resolved himself.

Butcher Gu Li, who had killed people without blinking, had once more emerged! Xia Wuyes eyes turned blood-red, his insane aura causing the Primordial Sect Law Emperors to get goosebumps!

Was this the same hunchbacked old man who had been quietly sipping tea a few moments ago It was obvious that this was a killing god!

“Army-shaking Fury!” Xia Wuye roared.

His first attack was a wide AOE attack!


Two Sky Curtains, two hundred meters wide, converged like two invisible hands!

Xia Wuyes strategy was very simple:Do everything possible to hold these people down! Even one extra second is fine!

“Dont fight with him! Hurry and return to Floating Star Valley!” bellowed Modo, the veins on his neck bulging!

“You wanna leave! You stepped on the roof tiles of my Skywing Clan, so you had better leave behind your legs as compensation!” Xia Wuye roared back in his elderly voice!

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