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Chapter 616: Five Overlords gathered!

Dragon Ascension Martial Halls headquarters.

“Say that again! Xia Fei mightve been drawn into an internal conflict of the Yu Family” Busey of the Four Heavenly Kings sternly asked.

Next to him were Zanian Feng and Kuzan Feng.

Zanian, who was connected to a spy through his terminal, listened to this report.

“Thats truly too weird! Xia Fei only got back to the Yu Family a few hours ago, and hes already been swept up in a big event! How could he cause so much trouble Its no wonder the intelligence operatives all emphasized Xia Feis habit of getting into trouble.

It truly is the case,” Busey grumbled.

Kuzan frowned.

He was wondering if Dragon Ascension Martial Halls careless intervention into the matters of the Yu family would trigger some unexpected storm.

After all, the Yu family was a small clan in the circle, and if someone was going to intervene, it would be the Law Enforcement Board, not Dragon Ascension Martial Hall.

Moreover, a spy already told them that the Law Enforcement Board had arrived at Snake Isle upon first notice, but the Yu family had sent them back, saying that the isle was where the clans ancestral shrine was.

After some moments of silence, Zanian organized his words and said, “Snake Isle, which holds the Yu Familys secret, is enclosed by the Sky Curtain.

From the outside, Snake Isle seems calm, but anyone with a little common sense knows that the Sky Curtain is an isolation of the Law of Space.

Its completely capable of isolating the inside from the outside.

The calm that people on the outside can very well be an illusion.

“Several minutes ago, our men reported a powerful pulse of energy penetrating through the Sky Curtain.

An energy source so powerful that it can penetrate through the Sky Curtain Allowing everyone outside of the island to sense it This is utterly absurd.

The only explanation for the release of such a powerful energy source is that a Law Overlord appeared on Snake Isle.

“Everyone knows that the Yu Family has no Law Overlord expert! An outsider must have caused this trouble! Our spies searched all around the island and didnt find Xia Fei, so we can easily conjecture that hes inside the island!”

The energy pulse Zanians spy had felt was naturally caused by Green Dawns detonation.

Divine Beasts were born from nature, and when they died, the world would weep.

It was very normal for the energy pulse to penetrate through the Sky Curtain and be sensed by those outside of it.

“Xia Fei is inside Snake Isle” Kuzan was confused.

“Hes just a level 4 Law Sovereign.

How could he be so powerful as to break through the Sky Curtains isolation boundary”

Zanian smiled.

“Both Uncle Busey and I understand that we didnt just jointly recommend Xia Fei because he is quick-witted and good at analyzing things; more importantly, its because he has the Holy Beast Shatterstar and possesses a very strange law power! Its still the same Law of Space, but not only is it powerful, it can also neutralize other laws.

“I speculate that he might have his own understanding of the Law of Space.

What is a person who obtains his own comprehension of a law if not a genius He also has a strange weapon that can suck any lifeforms dry, leaving them shriveled-up corpses.

He could also be a member of the Skywing Race, meaning he has a group of those extremely bizarre fellows standing behind him.

“Let alone me, father, even you probably havent encountered such a bizarre and complex examinee before, right”

Busey nodded in agreement with Zanians words.

In their eyes, cultivation was not everything.

The key was that Xia Fei was hiding too many secrets, piquing their curiosity.

If they knew that Xia Fei also had Peacock Blue rooted in his right arm, they would likely be stunned beyond belief.

Kuzan remained unconvinced.

It was not that he was not tempted, but that the Dragon Ascensions name was just too conspicuous.

The entire circle was watching it, and every move needed to be made with extreme caution, to be pondered and mulled over again and again.

Busey shook his head and said, “This incident in the Yu Clan couldnt be related to that legend that the family was hiding an Immemorial Mystical Armament, could it”

Kuzan was startled.

“Ive heard about that.

There are thirty Immemorial Mystical Armaments in all, and most of them are kept by the two peak races.

Only a few have ended up in the circle.

If the Yu family were really hiding an Immemorial Mystical Armament, it shouldve fallen prey to someone elses schemes a long time ago.

Suddenly, the terminal on Kuzans desk began to flash.

Rather than grabbing it, he simply pressed his hand on it.

This was an encrypted secret signal, which was transmitted mentally rather than through words.

Only Kuzan could receive it.

Kuzan Feng drew his arm away in shock as he softly said, “The Moonward Clan and Nine Fan Clan have sent people to the Yu Family.”

Busey said, “Whats strange about that The Yu family pays tribute to those two clans every year, and the Moonward and Nine Fan Clans protect it in return.

Now that something is happening in the Yu family, theyre bound to send people over to see whats up.”

Kuzan shook his head.

“I wouldnt have anything to say if they had sent people from the start, but Snake Isle has been sealed for a day and a night now.

The Moonward and Nine Fan Clans sending people now is a little too late.”

Kuzan paused for a moment.

“Do you know whos leading them”

“Who” Busey and Zanian asked in unison.

“The second elder of the Moonward Clan, Jincheng Xiang, and the Azure Fan of the Nine Fan Clan, Yanzhou Jiu.”

“Two Law Overlords!”

Zanian Feng and Busey were both stunned.

Zanian asked, “Jincheng Xiang and Yanzhou Jiu are both old monsters who have lived for centuries.

Its rare for them to make an appearance, so how are they both heading to the Yu family today!

“On the surface, it seems like those recluse are heading there to protect the Yu family, but just as father said, isnt it a little too late if thats their real purpose”

Busey hastily asked, “Zanian, what do you mean”

“I have a wicked conjecture: Could the Moonward and Nine Fan Clan have known long ago that something is happening in the Yu Clan Theyre heading out now either to reap the reward or to clear the scene and make sure that no evidence remains!”

Busey jumped up from his chair.

“So youre saying that this is some conspiracy laid down by the Nine Great Clans!”

Zanian had no reaction, only staring at his father.

These were all speculations, and only his Kuzan could decide how to deal with the situation.

Kuzan massaged his temples, and Busey rather impatiently said, “Dragon Ascension Martial Hall appears to be under the control of your Feng Clan, but over the last few years, the human race has been in decline, and the number of students from other races now surpasses the number of students from the human race.”

“Your meaning is” Kuzan asked.

“The human race has produced quite a few excellent sprouts this time, and Xia Fei is one of them.

I am a human, so I am bound to favor the people of my own race.

Whether or not this is some conspiracy of the Nine great Clans, I do not wish to see a student with a lot of potential killed before he even enters the martial hall.

Its just that simple.”

Just as Kuzan opened his mouth , the terminal on his desk began to flash again.

After taking the message, Kuzan started laughing.

“Its getting more and more interesting.

Shatter Wu Clans Senba Wu and Withered Mu Clans Patriarch Mu Qiyun, who hasnt shown himself for decades, are also preparing to head out, probably to the Yu Clan as well.”

“Four Law Overlords!” Zanian swallowed.

Everyone knew of these renowned names, and all of them were extraordinary individuals at the Law Overlord level!

All of them were heading to the same place at the same time! It was too absurd!

Kuzan stood up and began to pace in his room.

“Four of the Nine Great Clans are heading out, and Im sure that the Law Enforcement Board will be going over, too.

Whats going on here” Kuzan muttered.

Busey and Zanian repressed their agitation and uneasiness as they waited for Kuzans decision.

“Heh! Since thats the case, Busey, you go, too.

Lets get a gathering of five Overlords!”

Busey stood up and sternly nodded.

Within the space of a few minutes, five Law Overlords would gather in the Yu Clan.

This was undoubtedly a rare event!

All of them had their own plans, with Busey not even having an idea of what was going on.

Suddenly, before Busey could leave, Zanians terminal began to ring.

“Young master, bad news! Someone in the Yu Clans Snake Isle used the Law of Void! The dark space has gone out of control! Even the people outside of Snake Isle can sense it! The Yu family has already sent an urgent request for help to the Law Enforcement Board!”

Snake Isle.

Xia Fei hastily came to a stop and stared at the masked man standing far in front.

This was simply a miracle!

The masked man was single-handedly controlling and closing the dark spatial tear!

Lionheart King Oro was right.

The masked old man was a Law Overlord and his enemy!

Once he closed the dark space, he would turn around and deal with him!

Be it Xia Fei or those golden skeletons, none of them could hope to survive!

The gap between their strength was massive, and not even with countless treasures could Xia Fei hope to hold out.

“Run! The farther, the better!” Oro hurriedly hollered.

His voice was rather hoarse.

If Xia Fei died, he would be exposed—a result that Oro did not wish to see.


As they spoke, the golden skeletons started attacking again! There was another series of explosions!

What Xia Fei had taken initially for his saviors had now become vexing ghosts who did not distinguish between friend and foe.

Xia Fei stood up, his head dizzy.

While dodging just now, he had gotten injured again.

He was at his limit, and each second of delay was dangerous!

Yu Hua howled and charged at a golden skeleton.

He wanted to use the chaos to kill Xia Fei, but he was well aware that the greatest threat originated from the golden skeletons.

The masked man said nothing, but the void continued to close.

In just a few more seconds, it would be completely sealed.

This was Xia Feis only chance to escape!


Edgeless erupted with flames and soared to the clouds!

Xia Fei still had a bit of focus, and he decided to break out through the top of the Sky Curtain!

The quantum engine operated at one hundred percent, letting out a heaven-shaking roar!

“Capture him! That item isnt on Yu Guding!”

The ones speaking were the two black-robed Law Emperors searching Yu Gudings body.

After failing to find the Nine Night Plum on Yu Gudings body, they hurriedly joined Yu Hua.

Since the Nine Night Plum was not on Yu Guding, it must be on Xia Fei!

Seeing the old man closing the dark space, the two Law Emperors were shocked.

Soon after, Xia Fei began to run.

How could the two of them let Xia Fei escape!

“Instant Movement!”


The two Law Emperors appeared above Xia Fei, blocking his path.

White light gathered in four hands as the two Law Emperors prepared to attack Xia Fei!

Xia Fei had nowhere to run!

Above were two Law Emperors, and on the ground were Yu Hua and the dangerous golden skeletons; this was not considering the masked Law Overlord! He was by far the most dangerous thing here!

With his last shred of rationality, Xia Fei made a decision.

An insane decision!

That mottled rainbow energy sphere in his seventh brain region burst apart with a pop!

“No!” Phantom cried with all his might.

Alas, he was a step too late!

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