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Chapter 381: Furball has a special ability, too

The Sacred Warrior Academy was built on a wild and brown mountain one thousand meters high.

It was like a giant stone from which the middle had been scooped out.

The basin in the center of the mountain had a diameter of a hundred meters.

Anyone passing by could not help but sigh in praise at the handiwork of mother nature.

A massive glass dome had been built over the peak, covering the entirety of the basin.

There was only one entrance to get inside and only one road through the wilderness to the entrance.

When he was thirty kilometers from the entrance, Xia Fei lowered his body.

The surrounding terrain was flat, and it was possible to see everything within one hundred kilometers.

The ground was covered in loose stone, a few stubborn blades of camel grass growing between cracks; of course, what was most abundant were the insects crawling between the rocks.

In truth, these insects were not true insectoids.

True insectoids were much larger—insects that were much larger in size.

The closer an insectoid appeared to a human, as well as the higher their degree of evolution, the greater their status among the insectoids.

The entrance to the academy was a tunnel, which was guarded by soldiers carrying loaded firearms on both sides.

These soldiers were not merely there to defend against infiltrators but were also there to prevent students, who could not stand the boring training, from indulging in drinking and pleasure.

The warrior academies of the insectoid were not so laidback as humanitys.

The academies trained in all weathers and were completely militarized.

The slightest sign of discontent would be met with stern punishments from the military instructors.

A light punishment was a day without food, and heavy punishments could result in being beaten into a cripple.

The insectoid had a society with very clear class distinctions.

Anyone who could got into the Sacred Warrior Academy was undoubtedly a child of the privileged class.

These youths who normally enjoyed abusing their power and indulging in luxury had never experienced such bitterness before, so desertions were frequent.

The soldiers at the gate were meant specifically to prevent this sort of thing from happening.

With Xia Feis speed, it was not hard to get through the security, but he had no means of ascertaining the situation in the tunnel.

If there was some sort of electronic sensor system, then no matter how fast Xia Fei was, he would be detected and put the base on alert.

After some thought, Xia Fei decided to go in through the transparent ceiling.

If this sort of massive ceiling was not cleaned often, it would affect the light, so there had to be an entrance near the ceiling.


Xia Fei lowered his body and shot off like a bolt of lightning, With a maximum speed at nearly ten thousand meters per second, he naturally did not care about a few hundred kilometers.

It took not even half a minute to cross the distance.

To Xia Feis surprise, there was a port behind the mountain in which a small insectoid ship, one that could fit a capacity of ten individuals, had been parked.

The pilot was a not-fully-evolved ant, which was currently pacing back and forth by the ship, apparently waiting for someone.

It was not long before a rope was thrown down from the mountain, and seven students wearing school uniforms scaled down it.

After nervously looking around, the students quickly boarded the small ship, all of them seemingly excited.

Xia Fei understood.

This was the insectoids version of the higher-ups having their policies while those lower down having ways to circumvent them.

The students caged in this prison-like school had naturally thought of ways to get out and play.

They used holes in the mountain to escape from their cocoon and run off to some places to have fun.

It was only nature for living beings to pursue freedom.

This was true for both insectoids and humans.

This rope also served to show Xia Fei the way.

He walked up to the rope and pulled on it twice.

Made from some sort of flax, it was very sturdy.

There was some dirt on its surface, and it appeared to have been used for a very long time as a means of traveling between the school and the wilderness.

After giving Furball on his shoulder a little pat, Xia Fei grabbed the robe with both hands and quickly advanced.

It took him only a few seconds to scale the thousand-meter-tall mountain.

The night was rather dark and gloomy, and there were no stars or moon in the sky.

All that could be heard was the whistling of the mountain winds.

At the summit, he could see the entire basin below him.

Many buildings were spread out within: the training ground, the dorms, the drilling ground, the swimming pool, et cetera.

The facilities were rather luxurious, and to the insectoids who had never cared much for quality, this schools quality was a little excessive.

The entrance used by the cleaning crew was several dozen meters away.

Behind a small door was a spiraling staircase.

Suddenly, Xia Feis sharp senses picked up the sound of footsteps coming from the stairs.

He hastily hid himself behind a giant stone.

He placed a hand on Furball to ensure that this scoundrel would not do something to draw attention.

Perhaps because it had been eating too well lately, Furball was frequently burping.

“Vice-dean Jin, a total of seven students just escaped; I remember all their names.”

“Oh, punish them with one hundred lashings of the whip tomorrow and then place them under house arrest for three days, with no food and only water.

Lets see if they will dare to break the rules again.”

“Yes, yes.

I will remember it all, but those new students are really something else.

Normal insectoids cant even be admitted into our Tanini Sacred Warrior Academy, but theyre doing all they can to get out.

Plus, they shouldve used their heads and questioned how such an obvious hole could exist.”

“This can be considered a lesson.

This is what each years new students do, and theres nothing strange about it.

There shouldnt be any other students running off at this hour, so lets close the door.”

Xia Fei now understood that this hole at the summit had been placed here by the school to test the ability of students to resist temptation.

Of the two insectoids, one had a stooped back and bent knees and was dragging a long tail behind him, while the other was much more advanced.

Other than the fact that he had golden scales on his head rather than hair, he appeared very similar to a human.

Xia Fei remembered that this one with golden scales was Vice-dean Jin Myeh.

He had the cultivation of a human at the Star River rank, and in terms of fighting power, he was second only to Dean Tude.

He was a very powerful insectoid warrior.

Xia Fei had an impulse.

In this dark night with the winds howling around him, if he could capture Jin Myeh, he could interrogate him on the location of the Blood Demon Claw!

Using his mind to tell Furball not to act recklessly, Xia Fei bent and slowly approached Jin Myeh under the cover of darkness.

Furball quietly stayed on Xia Feis back.

Its body was covered with dense silver fur, which would glisten under the light, making it very easy to discover.

Fortunately, Furball could attach itself to anything, so while on Xia Feis back, there was no need to worry about it falling off.

Xia Fei was like a hungry wolf preparing to lunge on its prey as he got ready to burst out at any moment.

Jin Myeh turned around and yawned, preparing to head off with that instructor.

It was late, and the two of them were rather tired.

Suddenly, Xia Fei charged from the shadows!

The ancient divine Butterfly Serpent and Celestial Moon in his right hand struck out at once! Butterfly Serpent moved to capture Jin Myeh, while Celestial Moon swept at the back of that instructors head.


Celestial Moon swept past the back of the instructors head.

Without even drawing blood, the instructor suddenly toppled over, lifeless.

On the other side, Butterfly Serpent had already imprisoned Jin Myeh like a coiled snake, while Xia Fei pressing a cold dagger to his neck.

All of this had been done in less than a second.

When a high-rank speed ability user made an ambush, they had an immense advantage.

No other special ability user could compare.

Jin Myeh paled.

He swallowed and sternly asked, “Who are you What do you want”

Xia Fei coldly replied, “It doesnt matter who I am.

Tell me: Where is the Blood Demon Claw”

Jin Myeh froze.

“I dont know what youre talking about.”

He was much taller than Xia Fei, and Xia Fei needed to stand on his tiptoes to press the knife to his neck, which left him very uncomfortable.

He made Jin Myeh take several steps back and placed a hand on his shoulder.

At the same time, he kicked the back of Jin Myehs knee.


Jin Myeh immediately got on his knees, his bones seemingly broken.

A groan came from his mouth as beads of sweat appeared on his forehead, his jaw clenching from the pain.

The tip of the blade pushed up; Xia Fei raised Jin Myehs head as he coldly glared.

“Im not used to asking a question twice.

Tell me where the Blood Demon Claw is or die!”


The moment Xia Fei finished saying these words, his body went stiff as if he had been petrified!

‘Whats going on! What happened! Xia Fei mentally yelled in panic.

Alas, no matter how he tried to move his body, it just would not do so.

His brain was still working, but his body was not listening to its orders.

Xia Fei suddenly recalled the paralyzation art depicted in those xianxia novels.

Once this art was used, the other party would be frozen.

However, Xia Fei was sure that this was not some paralyzation art but rather a special ability!

Several years ago, Xia Fei had entered some ancient ruins and encountered a strange insect.

Though he was not an evolved insect, he had possessed divine speed and could almost compete with Xia Fei.

At the time, Xia Fei had wondered if this was an insectoid ability user.

His current situation made him recall that situation!

“This insect is a control ability user! Theres an energy from his body thats linked to yours, targeting your nervous system!” Phantom swiftly said.

As he was just a soul, he was extremely sensitive to energy fluctuations and soon discovered the reason.

Xia Fei mentally groaned.

There were many kinds of control ability users.

Some of them could control the movements of others through sound, while others could use ocular cognition to control thoughts; Jin Myeh had the kind of ability that was the most sinister of all: a fine control ability! Using energy to control the nervous system!

Everyone knew that a human with a damaged nervous system was incapable of moving, and Jin Myeh had the ability to control the nervous system!

It was not that Xia Fei lacked the strength; the signals from his brain simply could not travel to his nervous system! Jin Myeh had blocked all of them!

Jin Myeh coldly sneered as he struggled to his feet.

His left leg had been broken, and he could barely prop himself up with his right leg.

“Despicable human, Ill bite you to death!” Jin Myeh roared.

His body, which was still being held by Butterfly Serpent, could not break free, so in his rage, he opened his mouth like a wild beast and bit at Xia Fei!

The teeth of insectoids were abnormally sharp, and Jin Myeh was no exception.

His mouth closed around Xia Feis most fragile throat!

Xia Fei couldnt respond because his nervous system was blocked! The situation was dire!


A silver bolt of lightning jumped onto Xia Feis shoulder.

It was Furball!

It had a life contract with Xia Fei, so Jin Myehs attack had enraged it!


Furball spat a silver comet which moved with incredible speed! Jin Myeh was tightly bound by Butterfly Serpent and was incapable of responding!

This small comet struck Jin Myehs body, and Jin Myeh simply vanished! He had transformed into an indistinguishable body of energy which dispersed in the air!

Silence! The only sound was the chirping of insects out in the wilderness.

No one had expected Furball to kill someone so easily.

What was called killing without a trace This was it!

After a long while, Phantom murmured in shock, “Heavens! Furball, what sort of attack is that Does this beast have an ability too”

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