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Chapter 371: Conqueror Xia Fei

Daimu kept groveling on the ground, begging for Xia Fei not to hurt his people.

He had lost his sight, so the tribal chief had no idea where Xia Fei was, and he was merely randomly kneeling on the ground.

After several steps, Daimu was on the left side of the command center, over a very plain looking metal flooring.

“Oh, Venerable one, what I said is the truth.

Entering the ancestral spaceship requires the eight chiefs of the Tulon tribes to each hold a black crystal token, using their special abilities in unison to power up the spaceship.

Im willing to gather the seven other chiefs and open this ancestral spaceship so that you can see the living cerebrum of the insectoids.”

His words sounded extremely humble, and his attitude was unquestionably subservient.

After all, he was already well advanced in years, so anyone could not help but find it utterly pitiful to see him lower his head and plead in this fashion.

However, no one noticed that the corners of Daimus mouth had quietly curved into a smirk.

He fingered a circular protruding metal button on the flooring with his right hand and sprawled down flat on the ground.

Unfortunately, while most people might have not noticed this small action, he was unable to get past Xia Feis two eyes which had cultivated the Beast Spirit Codex.

Xia Fei flashed a slight smile as he exercised Breath Control, quietly arriving beside Daimu as he waited for something to happen.

All he saw was Daimu tearfully begging in remorse even as his nose sniffed randomly in the air.

Unfortunately, Xia Feis Breath Control would also hide his scent, or else just the smell of tobacco lingering around him would have given away his position.

Daimu steeled his resolve and pushed the button!

A floor piece roughly two square meters suddenly sank down, and Daimu fell along with it! At the same time, a firm steel plate fell down on that only door leading to the command center! It seemed that this had been a ploy to trap Xia Fei!


Daimu landed heavily on the ground below, a painful fall that he gritted his teeth to bear.

Meanwhile, a metal plate immediately sealed off the trapdoor he had just used.

Such metal plates used in warships were very sturdy, and even Xia Fei would have trouble trying to open one if he actually got trapped behind it.

Daimu had miscalculated, however.

Just as he crashed to the ground, Xia Fei landed lightly on his feet some three meters away without making a sound.

Daimu sniffed the air with his sensitive nose before finally relaxing, coldly harrumphing.

“Hmph! Oh, dear Venerable Xia, has no one told you that the Tulon species is untrustworthy”

Xia Fei saw him with a smug look across his face, looking as if he had just been victorious.

Xia Fei shook his head as he sighed.

“I really wouldnt know if you didnt say a word, but I can see it clearly now.”

The smile on Daimus face instantly melted away; his originally green face turned even greener after getting shocked by Xia Fei.

Two thousand lives.

Two thousand of the most elite warriors of the Tulon species.

That was the result of Daimu making a move against Xia Fei.

The withered landscape was now drenched in blood, bringing color to the lifeless land as the air permeated with the smell of death made people vomit in disgust.

“Venerable one, didnt you say that youd only kill a thousand of my tribesmen Why did you end up taking two thousand of their lives, instead” Daimu could not help but tremble as he asked this between tears.

“The tribal leader made a mistake, so the punishment is doubled!” Xia Fei coldly grunted.

Phantom shrugged.

This time, he no longer begged for mercy for these little green lives.

The reality had shown that the Tulon species was evil, repaying kindness with cunning, not at all the least bit trustworthy.

Against such a group of sapient lives, Phantom had no better solution aside from delivering death.

It was just Xia Feis frequency and magnitude of slaughtering that Phantom somewhat criticized.

He did not know why, but ever since Xia Fei returned from the Death Tri-region the second time, he had become more bloodthirsty, something that Xia Fei might not have even realized himself.

Xia Fei was never merciful to his foes, but this time was different.

Perhaps it was Avrils situation that was making him irritable, leaving so many corpses in his wake the moment he made a move.

“Youve got another chance here.

If you fail, Ill definitely eradicate your entire species,” Xia Fei said softly.

Daimu was in a daze, and in the next moment, his entire body deflated, like a balloon that had lost its air.

In front of Xia Feis deranged slaughter, he had already lost the last shred of bravery in him.

“Im going to go find the other tribe leaders and open your ancestral spaceship.”

Daimu nodded, not saying a word.


Xia Fei captured another tribesman by the name of Murimu, whom he took on his Impaler with Daimu, flying toward the western plains.

The little robot Pod had no idea what the role these two aliens with green skin were onboard, enthusiastically bringing them snacks and drinks.

Murimu was speechless when he saw the AI robot Pod.

A machine capable of intelligent thought This was an extremely magical sight to behold in front of the Tulon species!

“Theres a settlement of Tulons past this snowy mountain.

Their leaders called Yaimu,” Murimu said.

Xia Fei pursed his lips, thinking to himself that the name of the Tulons were all strange, having the suffix -imu.

He saw a big cluster of tents by the foot of the mountain from afar as well as several stone huts.

The size of this tribe appeared to be bigger than Daimus, with far more tents around.

The Impaler came swooping down from the sky, emitting an ear-piercing sonic boom.

Though it was not winter here, the mountains were still snow-capped, and the Impaler triggered a small avalanche with its stunt, instantly burying a third of the settlement.

The Tulons stared up to the sky in fear.

Warship, avalanche—the superstitious Tulons took all this as heavenly punishment, except the result was a little too severe.

Murimu opened his mouth but was tongue-tied.

It was clear that Xia Fei had intentionally caused the avalanche, effectively killing a third of the tribesmen in that settlement.

Murimu began to congratulate himself that his tribe did not suffer a similar fate, far more fortunate than having lost 2100 fellow tribesmen or the tens of thousands that got buried under snow.

The Impaler slowly made landing, and Xia Fei disembarked with an emotionless expression on his face.

“Get your tribal leader, Yaimu, out!” Xia Fei shouted.

Several reckless Tulon warriors tried to sneak up on Xia Fei, holding that long spear that could shoot lasers, seemingly attempting to ambush Xia Fei.

A smirk skittered across Xia Feis lips as he appeared beside one of these warriors with a light tap of his toes, grabbing him by the throat with his left hand and exerting a bit of strength.


The warriors neck was instantly broken, snapped like a duck, and his green tongue lolled out.

Three or four warriors saw what Xia Fei did and charged to fight the intruder in their anger as they screamed their warcry.

Xia Feis figure suddenly disappeared and then reappeared; this time, there were more corpses on the ground, all killed the same way.

No one could make sense of just how Xia Fei had struck.

Any attacks made in front of a speed ability warrior who possessed speed that crossed 10,000km/h would appear weak.

*Crack! Crack!*

In order to shock these Tulons psyche completely, Xia Fei did not use any weapon, leaving behind a trail of corpses with broken necks wherever he went.

The Tulon tribesmen surrendered.

Any one would not have struggled plenty facing such a powerful display of strength and bloodshed.

Xia Fei was like a god of death, culling this settlement with every step he took!

The first to fall down on their knees were some warriors.

All of them dropped down and began saying words expressing servitude, but Xia Fei was unmoved.

He knew that Tulons were not trustworthy, so he continued killing anyone who made even the slightest odd movement.

When the number of corpses had crossed the thousand threshold, their tribal leader Yaimus weak psyche could no longer handle it.

He stepped out of his tent with his tribesmen and knelt before Xia Fei.

“Venerable one, Yaimu, one of the eight tribe leaders of the Tulon species, bow to you.

I plead for you to show mercy and let my poor tribesmen off,” Yaimu said, his voice shaky even as tears streamed down the corners of his eyes.

Xia Fei approached him and growled, “Youre Yaimu”

“Yes, Venerable one.”

“Youre coming with me.

Bring along your black crystal!”

Many many years after this incident, the Tulons living on the planet still spread legends of the great conqueror Xia Fei.

It was said that this vicious and cruel god descended from the heavens in a metal warship, killing close to a hundred thousand Tulon in a single day.

This person single-handedly subdued the eight great tribes and became the overlord of the entire planet.

Everyone had to supplicate before him, or else a great disaster would befall upon them.

The conqueror Xia Fei used a simple method to achieve this end, and that was through massacre; only a distressingly madman could subdue this evil species.

Even the most foolhardy and resilient warrior could not help but cry when the corpses pile up the entire Latus Valley.

Whenever a child refused to sleep, their parents would scare them with tales of the conqueror Xia Fei returning, terrifying these younglings so that they would go hide under the bed covers, praying that the murderous god Xia Fei would not descend upon them.

Of course, these were all in the future.

However, eight Tulon tribal leaders hesitantly standing in a row before Xia Fei, awaiting his orders, was absolutely true in the present.

It was not hard to tell from the look in their eyes just how much fear they were feeling.

If not, just a look at their soiled pants would be a very obvious indicator of what they felt about their current predicament.

Pointing to that towering and steep mountain with one hand, Xia Fei asked coldly, “Is that the ninth warship your ancestors rode on, where a living insectoid cerebrum resides”

The eight tribal leaders nodded their heads repeatedly.

Xia Fei carefully looked at the sight before him a few times.

From the shape of the mountain, it did not seem that this Tulon ship was anything smaller than a capital ship.

It must have been a long time ago, given how the warship had already fossilized and was no longer recognizable beyond its size, yet the ship was still giving off that vague majesty it had so many years prior.

“Come, youre opening the entrance for me.

I wanna look at this living insectoid cerebrum,” Xia Fei ordered in a grave voice.

Eight grooves on the rocky wall could still be vaguely made out, neatly arranged in a shape of a circle.

The tribal leaders each slotted in their black crystal into the grooves, and everyone used their ability to transfer energy within.

A rumbling sound could be heard as the mountain wall parted in the middle, revealing a deep and dark passageway which led inside.

Xia Fei was in no hurry to get in.

Instead, he waited several minutes for the turbid air within to flow out before sorting out his Celestial Moon on his right arm and striding right in.

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