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Chapter 332: Our Home

“Do you plan to rent this office tower” A real estate broker carrying a briefcase tilted his head and asked.

His hair was impeccably combed and looked as if it had just been licked by some family pet.

His face was freckled and he had a sharp and unkind chin.

Xia Fei nodded.

“This tower is in a pretty good location, but I want to take a look inside first before making up my mind.”

The freckled man nonchalantly sighed.

Xia Fei had simple exercise clothes and a pair of mountain boots on, appearing like a good-for-nothing.

Andre appeared rather like an old gentleman in his tailor-made western suit of pure cotton and with a cane in hand.

Alas, the styles popular on Earth were not in vogue in the capital ring.

The freckled man glanced at Xia Fei and Andre and immediately took them for countryside bumpkins.

Someone in this line of work had to have the ability to read peoples faces.

The freckled man was very disappointed, believing that he would be unable to extract much profit from Xia Fei.

“Of course, this is a good location.

Its on the western side of the Central Park and adjacent to Mufulon Avenue.

Its only five minutes away from the spaceport, and around us are the headquarters of the Alliances top corporations.”

The freckled man suddenly stopped.

He realized that saying all this to a countryside bumpkin like Xia Fei was just a waste of energy.

He immediately changed the topic.

“While the location is good, the rent isnt cheap.

This tower has twenty-eight floors, each one being fifteen hundred square meters.

Plus, its rented as a whole, not partially.

Are you sure you want to take a look”

Andre frowned.

This freckled man was clearly looking down on them.

If they did not want to look, why would they call the real estate broker in the first place

Xia Fei was very calm, though, merely softly smiling.

“I do.”

The freckled man pursed his lips and very reluctantly opened the door, allowing Xia Fei and Andre inside.

“Its best if youre quick about it.

I still have other clients to see,” said the freckled man impatiently.

Andre was about to unleash all his pent-up rage when Xia Fei stopped him.

“No rush.

Lets look at the building first.”

A few moments later, Xia Fei and Andre arrived at the top floor.

Andre used his hands to knock on the thick French windows.

“This building isnt bad.

Its built on a sturdy alloy framework, and the panoramic French windows allow in plenty of sunlight.

Theres even an artificial hanging garden on the roof, but our company cant possibly move over all at once, so we dont need this much floorspace.”

The freckled man was even more unhappy upon hearing this.

He softly whispered under his breath, “If you dont have the money, whats the point in putting on airs and trying to make yourself look good”

“What did you say” Andre could no longer hold back.

He questioned the man as he angrily thumped his cane against the floor, his face turning red.

“I thought that the people of the capital ring would have some more professionalism! I didnt think itd be this bad!”

“Professionalism” asked the freckled man casually.

“Ill be professional if youve got the money.

If youve got no money, youre just window-shopping.”

Xia Fei smiled as he pulled back Andre and took out his phone.

“Is this Nine Heavens Real Estate Im looking for Director Kong,” Xia Fei told the woman on the other end.

The freckled man froze.

Nine Heavens Real Estate was the company he worked for.

Did this young man have connections

“Sir, do you have an appointment” the beautiful receptionist asked.

Xia Fei sternly said, “Im the chairman of Quantum Holdings, an A-list supplier for the Alliance military.

Im seeking your director to discuss some important business.

If he doesnt want my business, Ill go and find someone else.”

The freckled man was dumbfounded.

Even an idiot knew what an A-list military supplier represented.

Sweat began to bead on his forehead, but Xia Fei did not even look at him.

It had to be said that a title had an inestimable weight.

The receptionist immediately looked at Xia Fei in a new light and connected him to the director.

“Is the twenty-eight-story commercial tower on Mufulon Avenue managed by your company” Xia Fei directly asked.

This Director Kong had already heard who Xia Fei was from the receptionist, and given the unyielding attitude Xia Fei was displaying, he basically took him at his word.


Does the chairman wish to lease this tower”

“Not lease.”

“Not lease What does the chairman mean”


I want to buy this tower,” Xia Fei calmly replied.

The freckled man felt his knees go weak.

This buildings rent was astronomical, but Xia Fei wanted to buy it How much money was this Had he really made a mistake

This Director Kong was ecstatic and wanted to meet with Xia Fei to discuss the price, but Xia Fei refused.

“Im sorry, I dont have the time.

Ill leave that to my financial director.

Besides that, I have an additional condition.”

“Please name it!” Mister Kong excitedly said.

As long as he could get this deal done, he would even call Xia Fei daddy.

“Whats your name” Xia Fei turned to the freckled man and asked.

The man had barely opened his mouth to speak when Xia Fei turned his head back.

“Forget it; I dont really care what your name is.

Director Kong, the service attitude of your employee has greatly displeased me and severely affected my trust in your company.

I hope that you can take care of this matter.”

Mister Kong exploded in rage.

After glaring at the freckled man, he fawningly told Xia Fei, “Chairman, please, rest assured I will fire this man immediately—ah, no.

I wont just fire him.

Starting from today, he wont be able to dream about working in this rings real estate industry ever again.

I will issue a letter of warning so that everyone in our line of work will know of his unacceptable ways!”

Xia Fei nodded his head in agreement.

The freckled man felt faint.

In the space of a few minutes, he had lost his job and been kicked out of the real-estate world.

The power of Xia Feis words left him in disbelief.

Director Kong whispered, “Chairman, could you tell me what did that scoundrel do to dissatisfy you This way, I can warn my employees.”

Xia Fei smiled.

“Oh, he just didnt look like a good person.”

Director Kong swallowed as he mentally told himself,Good God, you dont like the look of him so you decided to end his life This young man isnt just the normal kind of unreasonable!

The contract was quickly signed.

Perhaps because of the prestige of an A-list military supplier or because of Xia Feis domineering performance, Nine Heavens Real Estate refrained from quoting a high price and even reduced their price per square meter by fifty thousand star coins.

This was one of the wonders of doing business.

The stronger the client, the more the benefits they could derive.

After all, everyone wanted to form a long-term relationship with a big client.

Focusing on momentary profits was not the way of farsighted businessmen.

“Forty-two thousand square meters, each square meter costing 1,300,000 star coins.

This building cost us 54,600,000,000 star coins!” Andre was flabbergasted.

Just three years ago, he was worried about a million star coins; now, he was spending several billion in one go!

Xia Fei said, “Ive been researching, and a building at this price isnt that expensive.

The Alliance has been very stable over the last few years, with the real-estate prices rising about three percent every year.

Let alone using this place as our headquarters, well win out even if we use it purely as a fixed asset investment.”

Andre nodded.

“Lets make the twenty-eighth floor as your office.

With your current status, its high time that you have a decent office.”

Xia Fei shook his head.

“Theres no need.

Im always on the move.

Having an office will just be for appearances sake.

It should be left for someone who needs it.”

Andre found Xia Feis argument reasonable.

Ever since he got to know him, Xia Fei had never sat still.

He was always running around the place and caught up in trouble.

“Ill leave the layout to you.

Remember: This is for the dignity of the company.

Dont save money for my sake.” With these words, Xia Fei left.

“Where are you going”

“To see someone and give her something,” Xia Fei casually said.

“Xia Fei, what are you taking me to look at Why all the mystery” Avril curiously asked.

Xia Fei had come up behind her, covered her eyes, and then taken her to a strange place.

Avril did not know where she was, but she could smell the fragrance of flowers—sweet, pure and elegant.

Avril guessed that they were likely lilies.

Xia Fei warmly said, “This is what I wanna show you.”

Avril blinked and rubbed her delicate eyes.

In front of her was a beautiful three-story building standing in the middle of a group of villas, positioned next to an artificial lake.

It covered an area of around five hundred square meters and had a fence of red mahogany.

There were two trees in the yard, and lilies of all kinds of colors were planted in the garden.

The house was made with large quantities of precious golden-veined oak and exuded a very naturalistic atmosphere.

There was even a round swimming pond in the backyard, on which floated several adorable rubber ducks.

“What is this place” Avril curiously asked, her eyes bright.


“Whose home”

“Right now, its mine, but it might be ours.”

Avrils beautiful face turned red as she softly asked, “Who said I wanna make a family with you” but her feet moved her into the garden and squatted her so that she could smell the aroma of a lily.

“Lets go inside.”

“Mm.” Avril firmly nodded, taking Xia Feis hand as he opened the door and walked inside.

There was nothing in the house, and the sunlight slanting in seemed very warm and comfortable.

“Your home has nothing in it.” Avril walked to the French door in the back, looking out at the pond and the man-made lake farther out.

“I want to leave the decoration of my home to someone who likes that sort of thing.

I certainly dont understand it.”

Avril craftily asked, “How do you know that I will want to decorate your home What if I dont want to”

Xia Fei helplessly shrugged.

“Then Ill have to find someone else.”

“Annoying.” Avril pouted.

“I dont permit you.

You cant find anyone except for me.”

Xia Fei laughed and gave Avril a card.

“Those are your words, so Ill let you decorate our home.

This is the passcard.”

Avril obediently nodded.

Although this home was much cruder than her Sunset Villa, she still felt unbelievably blessed.

“Our home” Avril realized what was going on and immediately blushed.

She softly whispered, “Xia Fei, youre so naughty!”

A week went by.

Avril spent every day busily, but happily, decorating her future home.

She needed to select everything personally from the furniture to the towels.

She dragged Xia Fei around everywhere and made him complain endlessly.

There were very few men in the world who liked going shopping, and Xia Fei was no exception.

Of course, things were different with the girl he loved.

The moving of Quantum Holdings headquarters was being handled by Andre and Charlie and there was no need for Xia Fei to be involved.

After packing his luggage, Xia Fei said his goodbyes to Avril and started on his way to the location of The Brotherhoods Trade Carnival.

Avril had long ago accepted the fact that Xia Fei could never stay in one place for long.

She solemnly vowed that when he came back, it would be to a comfortable and refined home.


The Impaler flew through the starry skies, and Phantom excitedly said, “A trade fair held by The Brotherhood only once every three years.

I cant wait to see the Alliances top-class weapons and equipment!”

Xia Fei smiled.

“The same for me.”

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