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Chapter 1425: The Killer Doctor, Chen Changsheng

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Xia Fans assessment was that the Wednesday Killer had already left Planet Meadow, so there was no point in staying at the crime scene.

Thus, he returned to the bureau with Traveling Buddha, preparing for the next phase of the mission.

Dylan was all excited, and on the way back, he constantly talked about how the logistics division had been bullied and abused all these years.

Dylan was elated that they finally had a chance to be on the front line.

There had always been a problem with the status of the logistics division in the Special Bureau.

Headquarters believed that, other than the main divisions, there needed to be a support division that could assist the primary divisions and that the people assigned to the logistics division were truly too weak.

They could not only provide little help to the primary divisions but would also often drag them down.

As time went on, the logistics division was given a subordinate role, taking on the dirty work of the bureau.

Investigators also became unwilling to be assigned to the logistics division, causing the division to get weaker and weaker.

As soon as the shuttle landed at the bureau, Dylan excitedly rushed into Division Chief Tong Guans office and told him the good news.


Tong Guan was startled when he heard that the Wednesday Killer Case had been given to them, and then he fell silent.

“Can… we do it” Tong Guan asked timidly.

Xia Fan had a bright smile on his face.

“Everyone has two legs and one head.

Its not as if anyone were a three-headed, six-armed monster.

Theres no reason for us to be incapable of doing what others can.

Also, as the logistics division has seven thousand people, we just need to work hard.”

Perhaps Xia Fans optimistic attitude rubbed off on Tong Guan, for he nodded in agreement.

Upon leaving Tong Guans office, Xia Fan told the waiting Dylan, “Gather all the heads of the various department to the logistics division for a conference!”

Chen Changsheng was one of the most respected elders in his community.

He was always wearing a red-collared suit and shining black leather shoes, and his beard was always immaculately trimmed.

When meeting any neighbors, Chen Changsheng would slightly nod at them in agreement, very polite and graceful; his neighbors affectionately called him Doctor Chen.

Today, Chen Changsheng bought a chicken, the free-range chicken raised by the natives.

It was alive and cost 15 alliance dollars, one of the most expensive poultry one could buy on the market, with simply delectable flesh.

He used a cage made for carrying poultry and took the chicken back to his apartment.

It was bright and sunny outside, but if one walked into Chen Changshengs home, one would instantly feel a bone-piercing chill.

Even when he was out, Chen Changsheng had his air conditioner working at maximum, the temperature set to 13 degrees Celsius, creating a stark contrast with the outside world.

There was a large glass case in the center of the living room, and in it was a water python from the Nolan Glacier.

It was pure white, with eyes as red as blood; its forked tongue was also blood-red.

Chen Changsheng stood in front of the glass and slowly raised the cage containing the small chicken.

The water pythons eyes flashed with a savage killing intent, and it slowly coiled.

As it spat out its forked tongue, it slowly drew back its triangular head.

The chicken sensed danger and began to squawk.


The python lunged forward, opening its mouth as it moved toward the caged chicken!


The head slammed into the glass.

The python felt frustrated and tried to bite through it, its curved fangs sliding across the glass.

After several seconds, the python disappointedly retreated into the depths of the glass case.

Even when the python had lunged, Chen Changshengs right hand had not shaken in the slightest; it was so steady it seemed like a slab of steel!

A surgeon required such a steady pair of hands, and when facing danger, they always needed to maintain a calm and collected confidence.

Fifteen minutes later, the python began to enjoy a luxurious meal, none other than the chicken that Chen Changsheng had brought back.

The chicken had been precisely cut into 108 pieces.

Chen Changsheng was still wearing that red suit made of wool while cutting it up, yet not a single drop of blood had stained it.

Although he had retired, Chen Changshengs skills had not declined in the slightest.

The python swiftly devoured the chicken pieces, and Chen Changsheng pressed a button.


The glass case began to turn.

Behind it was a white wooden board, upon which twenty-three sets of pictures were pasted.

There were two pictures to each set: One picture featured a young boy or young girl of thirteen or fourteen years old, and the other featured a corpse that had been neatly cut into 108 pieces.

Chen Changsheng searched his pocket and took out two more pictures.

One picture had a young girl with a few freckles, while the other picture featured this girl having been cut to pieces.

Chen Changsheng pasted the pictures to the whiteboard and then examined them like he was appreciating a piece of art.

He could still hear the girls voice pleading for mercy as he slowly put on his white rubber gloves and took up his No.

4 scalpel.

In his gentlemanly tone, he replied, “When you were bullying your classmate, did she not also plead like this”

The color drained from the girls face, and the fear made her heart almost burst out of her chest!

Chen Changsheng had started cutting her apart then; the sobs coming from the girls throat grew weaker and weaker until they fill silent, and the flesh began to cool.

Chen Changsheng entered his study, opened his diary, took up a pen, and started writing.

Name: Qin Xiaoqin

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Cause of disease: Antisocial personality

Treatment method: Live dismemberment

Operation notes: At the appointed time, patients home was infiltrated; an ethanolamine anesthetic was applied in order to perform pre-operation procedures on the patient.

The patient resisted, and the prepared hammer was used on the patients head to calm her down.

The surgery was performed with no complications.

The patients body was taken to the stadium and abandoned in Restroom No.


There were no complications.

After writing this, Chen Changsheng closed his diary and took a picture from his desk.

The picture had a young man wearing a middle-school uniform.

His face was somewhat similar to Chen Changshengs.

His name was Chen Liang.

He was Chen Changshengs son, and if he were still alive, Chen Changsheng would probably already be a grandfather.

Chen Liang was a kindhearted child.

He participated in charity organizations to care for the elderly, and he had hoped to become a surgeon like his father and save the infirmed.

Alas, all this had come to an end on a cold winter day.

He was called by a fellow classmate to the roof and was pushed down.

His head struck the ground, and blood flowed across the white ice before freezing.

Ever since that day, Chen Changsheng had feared the winter—feared the color white.

He could not even wear his white doctors coat.

In order to suppress this fear, Chen Changsheng had bought a white glacier python and kept his house cooled to the utmost.

It had taken the courts four months after Chen Liangs death to eventually sentence the youth, who had pushed him, to eighteen months of remedial education.

Chen Changsheng would never forget how that youth had swaggered out of the courtroom as if nothing had happened.

That scum felt not even the slightest hint of regret.

He knew that, as he was a juvenile, he was exempted from the death penalty.

His wife, who was unable to accept this reality, committed suicide by drug overdose.

Since then, Chen Changsheng had been constantly gathering information on the youth who had killed his son.

His sentence had been lightened twice, and the youth was ultimately released after eleven months of remedial education.

Chen Changsheng, hiding his scalpel in his coat, waited near that youths home.

One day, Chen Changsheng finally spotted him and his two friends in a gloomy alley.

Chen Changsheng let out a primal roar as he charged out of the darkness, flailing his scalpel around!

Several minutes later, Chen Changsheng was dumped into a trashcan in the alley.

The revenge had failed.

Lacking in training, he was no match for those three wicked youths.

After beating up Chen Changsheng and taking his scalpel, they had dumped him in the trashcan.

It started to rain, washing the blood from his face.

He began to cry, weeping at his incapability and weakness.

He soon began to plan his next ambush.

He bought a gun at a high price from the black market.

It was an old-fashioned pistol that did not use bullets.

Just when he was about to take his revenge, he saw on the news that the human scum who had pushed his child off the roof had taken part in a street brawl and was killed.

Chen Changsheng felt helpless.

Losing his revenge target had emptied him.

Work became Chen Changshengs sole saving grace.

He was unwilling to return to his cold and quiet house.

He threw himself into his work, saving numerous lives and becoming a top-class surgeon in his area.

However, the shadow remained in Chen Changshengs heart, planting a seed of hatred.

After retiring, he decided to die and leave this world that had given him nothing but sorrow.

However, at the final moment, fate signaled him that now was not the time to give up.

One morning, he woke up and found that he had gained a spatial-type special ability: Invisible Standpoint.

Humans were naturally born with seventh brain regions, but few people at his age would have it suddenly unlocked.

What had happened with Chen Changsheng was simply miraculous.

If Chen Changsheng had obtained this ability earlier, he could have definitely become a proud special ability user, perhaps even joined the Special Bureau.

Alas, it was when he had suffered all that there was to suffer and given up on hope that the mysterious seventh brain region had suddenly gotten unlocked.

Was it not a little too late

Chen Changsheng had thought about it for a long time, and he felt the flames of vengeance unstoppably roaring back to life.

God must have a reason for giving him this power at this time.

He probably hoped for him to do something before his death.

Cleaning the entire universe of trash!

Killing the human scum protected by the law!

In any case, their living would only cause pain to others!

Thus, a plan emerged.

The doctor who had once saved people became the most cold-blooded avenger.


Chen Changsheng put down the picture frame.

Turning on his computer, he entered the star regions medical databank.

When working at the hospital, Chen Changsheng often saw victims who had been beaten by their classmates come to the hospital for treatment.

He had always treated these victims very well and felt that those pitiful children were like his pitiful deceased son.

Chen Changsheng would ask what happened and jot it down in his diagnostic notes.

This was not his personal habit.

There were many doctors in the Deron Star Region who empathized with the victims.

They would all write detailed reports of the violence inflicted on the victims, which would then be submitted to the police as evidence.

If one carefully read these medical files, one would find the names of the school bullies, and then if one looked through their school files, one would be able to confirm the details of this human scum.

Although Xia Fan was very smart and had powerful deductive skills, he was still slightly off the mark.

The Wednesday Killer did not find targets through the polices encrypted files but through his medical files, instead.

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