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“Since theyre not willing to leave Spirit Mountain, well just bring it back with us!” Xia Fei said at once.

The people from some other clans would have already fainted or criticized Xia Fei for being too far out there.

Spirit Mountain was huge; how could it possibly be moved

These were the Skywings, though.

The Skywing wolves cheered and praised Xia Fei on his superb idea.

As long as they moved Spirit Mountain, those two custodian slaves would have to come with them even if they did not want to.

Xia Fei put his arm over Fuchen and walked inside with him, asking, “You dont have any lingering attachments to Spirit Mountain, do you”

Fuchen was startled, and then he smiled bitterly.

“Its rare to see you go to such lengths.

I know that your desire to move Spirit Mountain away stems from not wanting to see those two custodian slaves be lonely for the rest of their lives and from not wanting me to become sad whenever I see this sight.”

Xia Fei truly did have these two motives, so he simply chuckled and said nothing in response.

“Do as you please.

The Fuchen of the past is dead, and the Unrestricteds are no more.

Besides, I already know why I have yet to reach the Annihilator tier.

From now on, I wont have any lingering attachments.”

Xia Fei asked curiously, “Oh, Im curious about that.

Whats the secret to advancing to Annihilator”


Fuchen replied, “Ill tell you more than just the key toward advancing to Annihilator.

There are many things that I need to tell you, but right now, you should take care of Spirit Mountain first.

Take away what you can and destroy what you cant.”

Fuchen squinted, his eyes flashing with resolve.

Actually, Xia Fei did not need to take all of Spirit Mountain; he just needed to chop off the part that had Unrestricted Spirit Pavilion and then rent a large barge to ship it back.

The clan was full of experts, and to the Skywings, rock was like tofu that could easily be cut through.

Xia Fei first ran over to the Unrestricted Spirit Pavilion and told the custodian slaves the news.

Of course, they had no reaction.

The Skywing wolves then got to work, cutting off a part of the left face of the summit and placing it on a rented barge.

Xia Guanghai was put in charge of escorting it back.

The barge was very easy to find.

A call to Suzu Treasure of the Heavenly Treasure Trading Company was enough to settle everything.

Xia Guanghai was very annoyed, for the grand ancestor was always giving him odd jobs like this.

Escorting the barge would take days.

However, Xia Guanghai did not dare to argue with Xia Gucheng and could only unhappily take on the task.

The second night after the Aurora Clans departure, the Silver Specter and a large barge set off.

Upon entering the star systems orbit, the ship stopped, and everyone stood by the deck window and watched as Spirit Mountain crumbled.

The present Fuchen was truly no longer the Fuchen of the past.

He himself had made the decision to destroy Spirit Mountain, and Xia Fei reckoned that such a decision must be extremely difficult.

For Fuchen to have taken that step could not have been easy.

“Come on.

Follow me to the cultivation chamber.

On the journey back, I have some final things to say to you.” After watching Spirit Mountain collapse, Fuchen waved Xia Fei over.

Xia Fei was startled.

Fuchens choice of words left him rather worried.

Final things to say It was as if Fuchen were settling his affairs.

“Let me go and see the results of that hunchbacks blood test first; Ill meet you in the cultivation chamber in a bit,” Xia Fei replied with a frown.

Several minutes later, Xia Fei arrived and saw Fuchen meditating within the cultivation chamber.

When Xia Fei came in, Fuchen opened his eyes and asked, “What were the results of the blood test”


Xia Fei shook his head.

“Theres none.

Its so weird.

Its been twenty-four hours, yet the supercomputer is still calculating nonstop.

Is there something abnormal in that hunchbacks blood—something that requires a large number of calculations to verify”

Fuchen pointed at the area across from him and said, “Sit down first.

What will come will come, and what will leave will leave.”

Xia Feis heart was like a bright mirror, and he felt like he knew what Fuchen was going to say, but rather than exposing it, he quietly sat down and listened.

“What I have to say first concerns soul weapons,” Fuchen cleared his throat and said.

“Youre talking about Nirvana” Xia Fei asked.

“No, Im talking about your three Annihilator-grade soul weapons,” Fuchen refuted calmly.

Xia Fei was startled, asking in surprise, “You must be a god! I really do have three Annihilator soul weapons, called Fiend Lock, Fiend Scar, and Fiend Tear, but I have no idea how to use Fiend Tear, so Ive never used it before.

How did you know about it”

Fuchen replied, “Im no god.

The god is that senior of mine.

I wont hide it from you.

His entire lineage consists of top-class soul weapon researchers, and its said that theres no soul weapon in the universe that they dont know about.

They even made a list, the Thousand Soul Ranking, which ranks the universes one thousand strongest soul weapons; one of your three soul weapons happens to be worthy of entering that list!”

Xia Feis jaw dropped.

The Thousand Soul Ranking Also, one of his weapons had the requisite to enter such ranking! This news was truly shocking.

After thinking it over, Xia Fei took out Fiend Chain and Fiend Tear.

He then placed them on the ground.

“Fiend Scar is my armor, so you should be talking about one of these two Which one is it”

Fuchen shook his head helplessly.

“That senior didnt tell me.

He couldnt say for sure, but its certainly one of them.

Youre already familiar with Fiend Lock; why not use Fiend Tear The one thats stronger should be the one he spoke of.”

Xia Fei could not help but laugh, and then he sighed.

“Theres something you dont know.

While I own Fiend Tear, I have no one idea how to use it.

This thing is like a shell, and I cant go around throwing a shell at people, can I Does that really count as a weapon”

Fuchens interest was piqued by Xia Feis words, so he picked up Fiend Tear and took a look at it.

It really was as Xia Fei said: an intricate and translucent shell.

It was very mysterious, its form and patterns inexplicably entrancing, luring the holder within.

Even someone with Fuchens experience did not know how to use the Fiend Tear to kill someone.

It was not like it could really be used like a flying weight as Xia Fei said, right

“I also dont know how to use it, but this Fiend Tear soul weapon is very light,” Fuchen remarked.

Xia Fei replied, “Its not light.

Rather, it has no mass at all.”

“No mass!” exclaimed Fuchen in shock.

“Theres a mystical substance like this in the universe! No mass, yet it actually exists You must know that even air has mass.

How can this have no mass!”

Xia Fei shook his head.

“You dont know, and I dont know, either.

When I chose the three of them, this was the most important reason why.

They may not be the strongest, but theyre unique.

As for Fiend Tear, its not as if I could only pick two out of a set, leaving that one all by itself.”

Fuchen put down Fiend Tear and tested out Fiend Lock.

This hair-thin chain was exceptionally tough and tenacious, and it was also extremely sharp.

Moreover, it had no mass; the same was true for Xia Feis Fiend Scar.

“No wonder that man said you had unusually good eyes.

You really did manage to pick out the treasures.

Theres no need to rush; just take things slowly.

I trust in your intelligence.

One day, youll be able to learn how to use Fiend Tear.

That person has a strange temperament, but hell never deceive me.

Since he said that youd acquired a treasure that could get into the Thousand Soul Ranking, it must be the case,” Fuchen said.

After a brief pause, he added, “Plus, your Nirvana is also a divine weapon that can enter the Thousand Soul Ranking.

Each one is a superweapon, and every weapon in the candidate list of ten thousand is a domineering existence.”

Xia Fei was very happy at first, but then his face turned solemn the next instant.

“Im naturally happy that Ive got treasures, but is that Thousand Soul Ranking public If its public, then I prefer my treasures not being selected.

My years of experience have told me that if Im not fearing thieves, I should be fearing the envious.

The moment someone finds out that I have something good, theyll come and add to my troubles.”

Xia Fei always thought about things differently.

A normal person would usually worry about other people not knowing of their nice things and would go ahead and show them off; Xia Fei, in contrast, was afraid that people would know about his wealth.

If his hand had not been forced, he probably would have kept the fact that he was a Spiritualist hidden.

Fuchen was amused to no end by Xia Fei, pointing at him and laughing.

“You, when have you ever lacked for trouble Im thinking that youre just afraid of other people knowing about your trump cards and want nothing more than to conspire the deaths of all your enemies.

Relax, your three fiendish weapons come from the Fiend Race, and the Fiends are a taboo for Annihilators.

No matter how strong Fiend weapons are, they will never be ranked on the Thousand Soul Ranking.

As for Nirvana, thats harder to say.

That man said that Nirvana can enter the ranking isnt just based on its outstanding combat power but also its unique trait.

“I hinted to you that Nirvana was about to advance because he wanted me to reveal that to you.

After this upgrade, Nirvana has officially entered the candidate list, and it will keep improving itself.

You must take care of it well.”

Xia Fei thought about this and asked, “Just who is that person youre talking about Why does he seem to know everything”

Fuchen chuckled.

“There are many masters like that in the universe.

The master and disciple I speak of are obsessed with a variety of fields, from cooking to music theory to making up various rankings.

Theyre capable of anything.

You might have even met them before and not even realized.

Apparently, they can even disguise themselves as ordinary people for their investigations.”

Xia Fei shrugged.

This was not anything special to him.

If not for their need to survive, the Skywings would get involved in all sorts of fields.

Even Grand Ancestor Xia Gucheng was an exceptional wood artisan.

One could extrapolate from this how multitalented the Skywings were.

Fuchen was quite the chatterbox on this night, saying many things to Xia Fei, explaining many cultivation problems for him and telling him about the essence of the Unrestricted Spirit.

Xia Fei could understand Fuchens mood.

Spirit Mountain was gone, as was the Unrestricted Sect.

The things that Fuchen had cared about the most in this universe were gone, and it was very difficult for him to stand back up after such an enormous change.

There was no night or day while traveling through the universe.

Twenty-four hours went by in the blink of an eye, a truly long conversation.

Swallowing some saliva, Fuchen suddenly became more serious, as if he were about to turn to a more serious topic.

At this moment, Xia Feis communication device rang.

“Ah! The hunchbacks blood test is done! Please wait a moment; I want to see whats so weird about that hunchback.”

Xia Fei jumped to his feet and rushed off to the lab, while Fuchen remained in the cultivation chamber.

Xia Fei opened the door, turned on the screen, and looked at the final result.

His face gradually darkened.

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