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Sometimes, things were just strange.

Fuchens martial brothers should have been protecting the Unrestricted Spirit lineage, but they had betrayed it instead! The two soulless custodian slaves should have lived quiet lives, but they had become sacrificial offerings in this battle.

The custodian slaves were clearly not as smart as Fuchens disciples.

With two bloody holes in their bodies, they still stupidly stood there, looking confusedly at the blood flowing out of their bodies.

They could not understand it.

Why had the people they had saved stabbed them

As everyone watched, the two custodian slaves sighed and then stiffly walked away.

This universe was too complicated and not suitable for simple people to live in.

It was best to return to the Unrestricted Pavilion.

While there was no sunlight there, there was also no betrayal.

Even the stupidest person could hear the despair toward this universe in the sighs of the custodian slaves.

Xia Fei had gone to great lengths to get these soulless custodian slaves to open the door, but the total betrayal of Basalt and Lingxing had caused this door to be slammed shut.

“All of you will die today!”

That reckless Xia Fei! That crazy Xia Fei! That heedless Xia Fei! He had returned!

His eyes had gone completely red, radiating infinite killing intent! Behind him, a pair of damaged Fiendwings unfurled! Fiendish energy exploded!

The Fiendwings were damaged wings, and it was precisely because they were damaged that they were unique!

From the day they had been born, they were already imperfect, nor would anyone praise them as beautiful.

Still, no one could deny that this pair of unsightly wings was like a battle-hardened warrior, covered in wounds and brimming with glory!

Spirit Mountain trembled as if it were experiencing a 9.9-magnitude earthquake!

The ancient array, which had been there since the creation of the sect, had been activated by Xia Fei!

Nonetheless, this was not all.

A brilliant red eye flew out of Xia Feis hand, like the blazing flames of the underworld.

This was the Searing Eye, the strongest Soul Eye in the Alpha Universe!

The ancient soul array and the Searing Eye created a dual-layer soul array!

As was often said, when Xia Fei attacked, it was with the intent to kill!

The sky was engulfed by what seemed to be an enormous rainbow of Soul Marks.

Upon counting, there appeared to be nine in total!

“Not good! This is a Nine-level Unrestricted Soul Spirit Mark! Xia Fei has activated Spirit Mountains soul array!” Hei Wuji paled as he cried.

Not even Hei Wuji knew when the Spirit Mountain array had last been activated.

This was the first time he had seen someone activate it, but he could have never imagined that this had not been done by Fuchen, but rather by Xia Fei!

“Teacher, that red thing is a Soul Eye, which forms the strongest pursuit soul array in the world!” Shu Yuhe became rather frantic, urgently whispering into Nan Shazis ear.

“What are you panicking for!” Nan Shazi shot back stiffly.

He pointed at Xia Fei and shouted, “Idiot! Those two zombies who can block dark energy attacks are no longer here! Youve lost your biggest trump card! Dont think that you can stop me now just because youve activated Spirit Mountains array! Youve played all your cards, but you still havent seen my full hand yet!”

Everyone was stunned and looked at Xia Fei.

The guardians slaves had come in pair, as had the soul arrays.

Were these really all the cards Xia Fei had to play

Even in this situation, things were still very bad.

There were forty Peak Spiritualists on the other end, and while the two soul arrays might be able to do some damage to the Dark Spiritualists, they would not be able to annihilate them completely!

Xia Fei threw his head back and roared, his aura exploding!

He stared at Nan Shazi coldly and bellowed, “One, I had no idea that the guardian slaves would take part in this battle! Two, youre all still going to die!”

At this point, Xia Fei had no good reason to hold anything more back.

The dual-layer array had been activated, and now, no one could leave Spirit Mountain until the outcome was decided!

The battle had entered its cruelest phase!

When Spirit Mountains soul array activated, it boasted a truly impressive power! Xia Fei had to expend almost all his energy just to operate it, and he also had to put the rest of his focus on controlling the Searing Eye.

This was a whole new level of challenge.

Every second, Xia Feis brain needed to resolve tens of thousands of problems, executing countless combat decisions.

Fortunately, Peacock Blue and the fiendish blade Nirvana all had minds of their own.

They could move by themselves, attacking or defending based on their own judgment.

After all, humans were not computers.

At times like this, all the companions Xia Fei kept at his side showed their worth.

Without him controlling them, Peacock Blue and Nirvana continued to battle fiercely; they all went around and displayed their might.

Xia Fei had also let out Little Goldie.

This guy was not very smart, only knowing how to charge around mindlessly.

It was unlike the cunning Furball, who knew how to make feints.

To tell the truth, even Peacock Blue knew how to use its plant nature to hide under the ground and catch the enemy by surprise, yet Little Goldie did not know how to hide itself in dark space and make sneak attacks from there.

However, the battlefield soon bore witness to a surprising development.

Peacock Blue and Little Goldie seemed to have developed some sort of mutual understanding.

Little Goldie simply charged forward, serving as the vanguard, while Peacock Blue hid under the ground, and when Little Goldie sowed chaos in the enemy lines with his charges, it would make a sneak attack.

Little Goldie seemed to share some sort of mental connection with Peacock Blue, always moving to the right place.

It was as if Peacock Blue was charting out a course, which was aimed right at the enemys weak points, for the demon chrysalis.

Had Peacock Blue grown more intelligent with the passing of time

Since they were not human, Xia Fei had no way of knowing what Peacock Blue and Little Goldie were thinking, but for two of his powerful allies to develop a mutual understanding, it could only be a good thing.

In the past, Little Goldie could only work with Furball, and this was because the demon chrysalis adored Furball and regarded the latter as its teacher.

Now, it had formed a relationship with Peacock Blue.

Was this because Little Goldie had recently improved The shrinking of its body had led to an explosion in mental strength!

The most wondrous property of Spirit Mountains ancient array was that it had nine gigantic Soul Marks, and each one was identical to the Unrestricted Soul-Spirit Mark.

The insides of these nine great Soul Marks were in constant motion, creating a spectacular sight.

Each Soul Mark had the combat might of a Peak Spiritualist, and they did not have lives, so they had no fear of death.

If the enemy made a long-distance attack, the Soul Marks could block, serving as walls that protected everyone from harm.

If some reckless fool got careless and was captured by a Soul Mark, the Unrestricted Soul-Spirit Mark would act like a meat grinder and rapidly annihilate the enemy.

As for the Searing Eye, it was fearless, like a crimson net.

It wreaked havoc among the enemy, opening up its giant net and taking the lives of the enemy.

The Searing Eye could deal incomparable damage to the soul.

Let alone destroying it, even touching that crimson net would place one in excruciating pain.

In a flash, the Dark Spiritualist ranks were thrown into chaos by the Searing Eye, with even incidents of friendly fire occurring.

The summit of Spirit Mountain was in a chaotic stalemate.

In the space of two minutes, one Spiritualist of Botany was surrounded and killed by the Dark Spiritualists because this one had been standing a bit too far away; countless people were also heavily injured.

While the dual-layer soul array had impressive power, surprisingly, the collaboration between the Aurora Clan and the Skywings was also quite potent.

The Aurora Clan was strong in long-distance attacks, the barrages of Aurora Horizons serving like laser fire, striking wherever the clansman pointed.

As for the Skywing wolves, they specialized in close combat and guerilla tactics.

Gradually, the two clans came together.

As the Skywings used their exceptional close-combat abilities to remove nearby enemies, the Aurora Clan slowly moved up the front line.

With the protection of the Skywing wolves, the Aurorean did not need to stay too far away.

At a close distance, Aurora Horizon was even more powerful, and the area struck was larger.

This was a result that no one could have anticipated.

This was a wolfpack aided by cannonfire.

The cannons struck the enemy formation and threw it into disarray; after which, the Skywings wolves struck.

The enemy would see that the Aurorean had no protection, so they would charge in; after which, the cunning wolves would fall back and enter into melee with the enemies.

This back-and-forth produced an unexpected stalemate, allowing Xia Fei to hold out against the Dark Spiritualists despite his smaller force.

The battle at the summit of Spirit Mountain did not just have combatants but also spectators!

For example, Qiu Xingbang of the Celestial Might Spirit Academy was watching.

He was astonished, for he had yet to see any signs that Xia Fei might die.

The Dark Spiritualists were playing card after card, but Xia Fei had played his own cards to counter each of those.

Qiu Xingbang was left quite disappointed.

There was also the Night Clan.

They were extremely worried, particularly Zesyr.

She had tried several times to rush in, but Cloud Night had held her back.

The battle was full of twists and turns, each side deploying their trump cards, and the chief tacticians, Xia Fei and Nan Shazi, were both known for being ruthless and cunning.

Equally matched, they had ended up in a draw.

Nan Shazi snorted coldly.

It was rather shameful to have been pushed to this point by Xia Feis force, but he had to admit that Xia Feis dual soul array was quite powerful.

Spirit Mountains array was one thing.

That was laid down by an Unrestricted Spirit ancestor and was known far and wide, but that Searing Eye was truly wicked, rushing around with a pain that burned away at the soul.

His disciples would run away whenever they saw that Searing Eye approaching, for the torture it inflicted on the soul was truly difficult to bear.

Nan Shazi understood that he needed to break the array if he wanted to win!

The original owner of the Searing Eye had to have died with enormous hatred, an explosive rage, and Spiritualists relied on mental energy to survive, so they took far more damage than ordinary warriors.

It was clear that the Searing Eye was an existence that specifically targeted Spiritualists.

At this stage in the battle, Big Dipper had become a side character, hiding behind Xia Fei and constantly firing long-range attacks.

However, compared to the main force of the Aurora Clan and the Skywings, he was much weaker.

Such a minor character, so why was he so hard to deal with!

Nan Shazi furiously waved at Shu Yuhe, and after a moment of shock, Shu Yuhe grew excited.

The Dark Spiritualists were frustrated and angry over how slow their progress had been.

They were now willing to resort to any method possible in order to win!

Shu Yuhe pressed the button in his hand, and the cargo bay of that warship hovering above the cliff opened, four people jumping out of the pitch-black hanger! Four hunchbacks!

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