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Chapter 118 Scar

Exodus TalesExodus Tales

Locating an empty washroom, Xia Fei used Chasing Light to carve open a hole on the pipe and quietly landed inside with the metal plate in had.

Pulling out a bottle with a clear liquid inside from his spatial ring.

It was superglue and Xia Fei dripped a few drops of it on the edge of that metal plate before he raised it high above his head.

He lightly jumped and used this period of suspension in the air to put it right back in place.

Without closely examining this pipeline, there was no way anyone would be able to tell that someone had cut a hole on it before.

After covering his tracks, Xia Fei hid that red armband of his.

That eye-catching color would very easily cause him to be spotted by others.

No experienced assassin would have such a fatal color appearing anywhere on their person.

That was when he heard a series of approaching footsteps coming from outside the corridor.

Xia Fei immediately took several steps back and hid behind the door.

He began exercising his Breath Control technique as he hugged the wall tightly, going into a state of alert.

A warrior wearing the Owl Pirates signature uniform pushed open the door and swaggered in.

Xia Fei immediately followed behind without a sound the moment the person stepped through, his nose a hairs breadth away from the back of that mans head, yet this Scar underling had no idea at all.

Almost instantly, Xia Fei placed Chasing Light across that pirates neck as his left hand reached out to cover his mouth.

Because he was standing behind this pirate, Xia Fei had no idea what the expression on his face was at this moment, but he could imagine that it would be fairly splendid.

I have something to ask of you, refusing to answer means certain death.

Xia Fei used a deep yet expressive voice to make this statement.

This person nodded his head in a hurry.

Xia Fei could already feel warm moisture gathering on his left hand and figured that his captive had begun to sweat.

How many of you are there Xia Fei relaxed his grip on his left hand slightly when he asked this question.

He was not afraid of this man yelling, for his reaction time alone would allow him to finish him off at once, confident that this pirate would be unable to utter anything if he attempted to scream or yell.

A-Around fo-four hundred, stammered the person.

So few I recall that the Owl Pirates have north of one thousand men.

Theyve left on a mission.

What mission

Boss Scar didnt say, but it seems that theyve gone off with Boss Broken.

Xia Fei was slightly surprised.

Most of Broken Blade and Owls men were doing an operation together, and they had left around the time Ning Baichen led his huge coalition party over.

This further supplemented Xia Feis hypothesis that there was a ploy hidden at the center of all these series of actions.

There are only four hundred or so of you while the invading army numbers well over eight thousand How is it that you guys are so confident Xia Fei asked, softly chuckling.

Weve got a sonic ability user.

Hes able to unleash high-frequency sound waves, and theres a sound dampener in my left pocket.

Without this thing protecting me, my internal organs will rapture following the sound waves he releases, and thats the reason we arent afraid of their significantly larger number.

Xia Fei used two fingers to pull out a button-like piece from his pocket, which looked exactly like the small device he had found glued to Tullys armband.

The sonic ability was a type of AoE attack, and its advantage was how it could affect many people at once.

However, the strength of this sonic attack was very average.

Any special ability user with even a slightly stronger body would be able to withstand it.

The highest level of Owls Sanctuary was a sealed space, with rooms around it and a plaza right in the middle.

This sort of terrain was the best for a sonic user to unleash his ability, so the moment the coalition army entered this place, the entire level would be subjected to that ability users attack.

Xia Fei played with the sound dampener in his hand for a bit.

To think such a small sound dampener was enough to avoid being injured by that ability users attack that just went to show that the persons cultivation was hardly high.

Their plan ought to be, first, let the sonic ability user clear out the warriors with weaker combat strength and, second, have the people of the Ning clan and Owl work together to eliminate all the remaining strong combatants, thereby achieving their goal of wiping out the seven major forces.

The poor men of the seven major forces still had no idea that they had already fallen for the trap dug by the Ning clan, Owl, and Broken Blade.

Very soon, Xia Fei changed into Owl Pirates uniform and stepped out of the washroom.

The original owner of the uniform had actually spilled everything about what was happening, and now that he no longer had any value, Xia Fei did not hesitate to send him along to his death.

A long corridor connected all the many rooms on both his left and right.

Taking a deep breath, Xia Fei casually opened a door and stepped in with his head lowered.

He saw four of Scars underlings in the room presently seated some twenty meters away from him; they were discussing something in subdued voices while holding their laser rifles.

Breath Control was a fairly miraculous technique.

These people had clearly seen Xia Fei intrude into the room, yet none of them was alerted to his presence.

Like a blast of warm air that came from the entrance, all of them acknowledged it, but no one cared to pay attention, for Xia Fei was nothing more than a breeze to them.

The four were very familiar with this feeling, so none gave it any notice.

Suddenly, that breeze became a fatal hurricane.

Twenty meters were too close to Xia Fei, and all he needed was 1/20 of a second to arrive right in front of them.

Before his figure even came to a stop, his blade point already descended on them.

The cyan blade emerged from his sleeve and went straight for these peoples throats.

Chasing Lights mechanism needed but a moment to spring the blade out, and by the time it fully extended, Xia Fei had already finished killing the four men.

Achieving a speed beyond belief, his movement was so fast there was no way human eyes could follow.

In the time his cyan blade shot out and retracted, Xia Fei had already retreated outside and shut the door behind him.

Only then did these already doomed men register Xia Feis afterimage.

They did not even feel any fear build in them, for their brains could barely comprehend what had just happened when they died.

From the time he struck and the deeds completion until he left the room, the entire process took milliseconds to accomplish.

If anyone happened to be standing in the corridor, watching, all they would see was a man opening the door and closing it, and the time between these two actions was very short, yet it was enough to lay waste to everyone inside the room.

He continued his way forward, once more opening and closing a door, this time reaping away three lives.

There was hardly any change in Xia Feis expression, his black pupils glassy and calm, like a machine that was constantly doing the same task he was very familiar and adept with.

It was hardly an easy thing to take anothers life.

There were plenty of factors that must be considered, but Xia Fei had wholly managed to simplify the complexity of the act.

Open the door, observe, accelerate, activate his blade, retreat, and close the door.

Six actions all done at once.

No fancy moves, just as plain as tap water.

The only thing that could even be considered flamboyant was that cyan arc his Chasing Light would leave behind after every kill.

Unfortunately, very few could clearly see that beautiful crescent because the speed of Xia Feis blade was too fast, and just like the weapons name, his speed was almost near chasing light.

Speed was king in all the martial arts known to man, and any speed ability user was a born killer.

Besides, Xia Fei had practiced both Breath Control and Sly Thrust, and that only increased his affinity toward killing like fish taking to water; in the blink of an eye, he had managed to finish off over a hundred lives.

It was not difficult to locate Owls Sanctuarys command center.

Xia Fei stood before its entrance and stuck his ear to the cold metal alloy door in hopes of hearing any movement from within, but it was to no avail, for the thick metal alloy door was completely soundproofed, so he could hear nothing at all.

As he went about his purge, Xia Fei killed about three hundred or more of Scars men, and aside from the four snipers out in the plaza right now and the portion of soldiers within the coalition army who were in charge of backstabbing them, only two more individuals remained alive from within these rooms here on the highest level inside the command center: Scar as well as that sonic ability user, Bannon, the latter had hired from somewhere in exchange for a high price.

The common warriors were essentially inconsequential to Xia Fei, and the sonic ability user Bannon was hardly a threat, either.

However, Scar was still quite a handful.

Being a morph ability user who possessed a rare skill known as Thousand Thorns, Xia Fei had to be careful when dealing with him.

He faintly opened just a slight gap to that door, and he carefully peeked inside.

The command center covered an area of around one thousand square meters, and a lot of equipment was scattered all across the room.

It was evident that this place had been heavily modified and was no longer how it originally looked.

A hairy, middle-aged man was sitting on a large metal chair, and beside him was a pale-faced man in his thirties.

The seated middle-aged man was no bystander but Owl Pirates leader himself: Scar.

There was a horizontal red scar on his forehead as if someone had attempted to lobotomize him but changed their mind halfway and sewed the wound up.

He had broad and sturdy shoulders, his arms thick and powerful.

His body, including the palm of his hands, was covered in thick, black hair.

Anyone would mistake him for a black gorilla if they did not look at him closely.

The chair he was currently in was completely welded together by a metal alloy, thick and strange.

It was hard to imagine anyone enjoying being in such a sturdy and hard chair.

Scar and Bannon raised their glasses filled with golden malt liquor.

The two were having a very casual drink as if the coalition armys assault were of no concern to them.

The muscles in Xia Feis thighs tensed.

As long as an opportunity presented itself, he planned to charge in without a moments hesitation and slay the two men inside.

Scar took a big gulp of liquor and wiped his mouth with his hairy arm.

Brother Bannon, I heard that the old fox Ning Baichen plans to give you thirty virgins after this matter closes.

Is it true

The pasty Bannon was evidently not too used to drinking such hard liquor as his face visibly turned ruddy from it.

He panted for a bit before answering, Heh Actually, Id help him even if he didnt promise me anything.

After all, its the Ning clan who helped me escape from the Alliance and safely smuggled me into the Wild Star Region.

Is that so Scar guffawed.

Bannon placed his glass of liquor on the table and very sinisterly added, Of course, thats not true.

Were men of the Wild Star Region; only a fool would do something for no personal benefits.

Right, you are.

As long as the price is right, yours truly here will sell even my mother if anyones asking.

Scar made a joke in bad taste, tickling himself pink as he rocked back and forth in his seat.

Thats my chance! A persons neural response was the weakest while they were laughing.

Xia Fei used this moment to exert strength and went bolting right through the door with his Chasing Light unsheathed.

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