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“The decisive battle will begin in sixty-five hours,” Xia Fei said after looking at the time on the screen.

Xia Fei had naturally made a conjecture.

Nobody could be sure about the exact time, but Xia Fei was certain that the battle was bound to be abnormally fierce and gruesome.

In war, attack and defense were two completely different concepts.

The offensive side needed to make meticulous preparations and strike only at the weak point of the enemy, while the defensive side would be caught completely off guard, disadvantaged be it in terms of morale, time, or place.

Xia Fei had been thinking about using a blitzkrieg strategy on the Inverse this time; alas, he discovered that the Inverse had secretly built an ultimate weapon to use against the Law Realm.

This made the situation much messier.

“I really dont understand it.

The Inverse arent some highly intelligent and advanced race, so how did they manage to build such a massive warship” Ulan looked at the video and information Fuchen and Xia Fei brought back and asked.

Fuchen replied, “Maybe some master is helping the Inverse out In any case, Ive never seen this level of warship anywhere else.

Its not that no one can make one, but theres no practical use for a warship this massive.

After all, were warriors with dark energy, and the days where we fought only with warships are long over.

Right now, a warships greatest use is simply transportation.”

At this time, Xia Fei started up the Silver Specter.

“Where are we going” Fuchen and Ulan asked.

“The battlefield.

Besides that, theres one more thing I need to confirm,” replied Xia Fei coolly.

The Cosmic Gate, the only path leading to the Law Realm.

Xia Fei left the Silver Specter on his own and only returned after around one hour.

“How is it What did you see” Fuchen and Ulan asked nervously.

Xia Fei lit a cigarette, a profound look in his eyes.

“I measured the Cosmic Gates width, and sure enough, the warship was built for punching a hole through it.

The gates width is exactly the diameter of that spherical warship.

As for the giant spikes extending from it, theyre designed to destroy the sealing lines of the Cosmic Gate.”

The Cosmic Gate was actually a rather fuzzy concept.

It was not an actual gate but rather a spatial singularity akin to a black hole or white hole.

The warship the Inverse had created was not meant to go through the passage but rather to destroy it.

It was like the main gate of a mansion, but rather than going through the gate, one destroyed the walls connected to it, instead!

Once the passage had been widened, the Inverse could use their advantage in numbers to sweep through the Law Realm.

Last time, they had been blocked off at the entrance by the Law Realm warriors led by Xia Fei─something that had left the Inverse feeling very frustrated.

However, if the passage was made extremely wide, it would be much more difficult to block it up with concentrated force.

This time, the Inverse would come completely prepared!

Once Fuchen and Ulan understood the situation, they asked, “The plans of the Inverse are clear, so what do you plan to do”

Xia Fei smiled, pointing at the distance node, which linked this universe to the Law Realm.

“The plan is very simple: We will engage in a second decisive battle with the Inverse at the Cosmic Gate!”

The orders were sent out, and the Aurora Clan warriors were all shocked.

Xia Fei was too bold, fighting a decisive battle with an entire race Here! Even the most imaginative warrior could never have imagined this.

Ulan had to appear again, encouraging the Aurora Clan warriors to bravely join the battle.

After an excellent speech, Ulan joined Fuchen in the command deck for some tea.

“How are things down below” Fuchen asked.

“Its okay.

The Auroras arent some clan without combat power.

In these five hundred warriors, around one hundred twenty have obtained their Soul Marks, approximately one-fourth of the total, and only the bolder members of the clan have been selected,” Ulan said.

“So youre saying that these warriors are pretty decent fighters” Fuchen stroked his chin and asked.

“You also know that the Aurora Clan is a cultured and refined clan, not exactly combat material.

Even after selection, these warriors are still very far from being ruthless fellows.

I think that it will be good enough if they can at least maintain their composure and hold off the Inverse attack.

We cant expect too much of them beyond that,” Ulan said with a sigh.

It was clear that he did not have much hope in the combat power of the Aurora Clan, with the main force still being him, Fuchen, and Xia Fei.

After a pause, Ulan took out a plant incubator from his ring.

Inside the incubator was a rare blood-colored sword orchid, its tough and sharp leaves like numerous swords.

“Do you need me to use this” Ulan said, his teeth clenched.

Fuchen was startled, and then he erupted in laughter.

“From what I know, its your master who left you this, and its the last one in the universe.

Are you really willing to use it”

Ulan sighed.

“Im naturally unwilling, but I also dont want to see Xia Fei die.

You know about my experiments.

Xia Fei only has to spend a day in the cultivation room, and he makes up to one year of their progress! This is an opportunity for me and an opportunity for the Spiritualists of Botany to make a name for themselves! I dont want to lose it.”

Fuchen waved his hand.

“Forget it.

You should keep your treasure.

Im sure that Xia Fei has a plan.

If its really no good, you still have me.”

Ulan nodded and put away the blood-colored sword orchid, his face brimming with affection as he did so.

Fiendish Wing Villa, the Skywing Clans mountaintop fortress.

The weather was bright and clear, and the snowstorm that usually engulfed the fortress year around had surprisingly given way to sunlight, the warmth of spring in the air.

Grand Ancestor Xia Gucheng was sharing a boisterous laughter with his grandchildren in the rear courtyard.

The Skywings had never cared much about the rules, so everyone from old to young, particularly the grand ancestor, liked playing around.

“Alright! You little cubs, stop messing around.

Xia Fei sent over some soul weapons specifically designed for us; those can be used in close combat.

I already tried some out, and theyre astonishingly powerful! As such, Im planning to issue one to everyone, which is why Ive gathered all of you here.

Even those who cant use them for the moment should get used to the special attributes of soul weapons.

Once you obtain Soul Marks, you can come and find me to get one,” Xia Gucheng announced.

Everyone instantly became serious.

The entire Law Realm was talking about soul weapons.

Everyone knew that those weapons were extremely powerful, and the divine weapons of the past were nothing compared to soul weapons.

At present, the elders of the Law Realm, who had already mustered the use of dark energy, all had soul weapons, causing their power to multiply! The entire Law Realm was discussing this, and with Xia Fei having sent a batch of soul weapons made specifically for the Skywing Clan, the eyes of the elite clans burned with desire and joy.

Xia Gucheng took out a pair of gauntlets from his spatial ring and said, “These are called the Twin Wing Roar.

Xia Fei gave them this name.”

“Twin Wing Roar! Thats a good name.

The Skywings are inheritors of the Law of Speed, and at full speed, we can fly across the galaxy as if we had wings on our backs.

That name is practically made for us.”

“Of course! Xia Fei is part of our clan, so he naturally has to name this weapon after our clans specialty.”

The Skywing wolves excitedly chatted.

Xia Gucheng waved his hand and said, “My cubs, let me finish talking first.

This Twin Wing Roar is a very wicked soul weapon.

Based on my experience using it, it primarily pulls out the bodys energy, taking the dark energy granted by our Soul Marks and unleashing it through our fists, not through the soul weapon.

“Xia Feis letter described the attributes of this soul weapon.

Ive thought it through and determined that its basically meant for our sole use; other people really cant do much with such a type of soul weapon.

After all, this thing is meant for close combat, only working when one is right in front of an enemy, which is precisely what we excel at.”

Everyone nodded.

Getting up close using their speed, charging in as one, was the standard tactic of the Skywing Clans wolfpack formation.

The Twin Wing Roars would undoubtedly multiply the power of the Skywings famed wolfpack formation, perhaps even by several dozen times!

“A close combat soul weapon! Thats truly wonderful! When we brothers surround our enemies and use such soul weapons to punch them, theyll be lucky if they only get pounded into dregs!”

“Only a few punches Were speed warriors! Give me one second and I can give them ten thousand punches!”

“Thats right! Its exactly what we speed warriors are good at!”

The Skywing wolves all began to give their opinions on how to encircle and tear apart enemies.

Everyone here was an expert at that.

“I know everything that youre saying.

Ill now teach you all how to use these Twin Wing Roars.

As for how to uncover these gloves potential, you should think about it on your own,” Xia Gucheng laughed heartily and said.

He was also very happy to have gotten Twin Wing Roar.

It was a huge deal for the Skywings to have their personal soul weapons.

Xia Gucheng put on the Twin Wing Roar and prepared to exhibit the power of the gloves to the Skywing warriors.

At this moment, the thundering of drums resounded through Fiendish Wing Villa!

“The Demonic Wing Token! Grand Ancestor, the Demonic Wing Token is flashing red! Our people are in trouble!”

The drums were a signal for the warriors of the Law Realm to assemble, and the Demonic Wing Token would be activated whenever a member of the Skywing Clan was in mortal danger.

Within one second, the Demonic Wing Token and the war drums had both sounded! All of the Skywing wolves became tense.

The chief manager of Fiendish Wing Villa, Xia Ke, rushed over at top speed and said, “Hurry! Something terrible has happened! All of the Law Realm must assemble! The signal was sent out from the Cosmic Gate! The spatial gates have all been activated.

We must hurry over!”

“The Law Realm must assemble! Then what about our Demonic Wing Token Whos been attacked!” Xia Gucheng shouted.

“Xia Guanghai.

It was his turn to guard the Cosmic Gate today,” Xia Ke said sternly.

The Cosmic Gate! The war drums and the Demonic Wing Token all pointed to the Cosmic Gate! There was clearly a serious problem there!

“What are you standing around for! All Skywing warriors of Law Sage cultivation and above should head over to the Cosmic Gate at once!” Xia Gucheng ordered.

The Skywing wolves were just about to go to the battlefield through the spatial gates, but at this moment, the armored Great Soul Hunter Hosu ran over from the front courtyard, his face pale and devoid of blood, his entire figure seemingly much thinner.

“What are you doing!” Xia Gucheng hurriedly went to support Hosu.

Hosu had yet to fully recover from sealing the Cosmic Gate, and while he had Xia Feis healing-type soul weapon to treat him every day, the injuries from that time were far too serious.

He was still very far from his peak state, and so the Skywings had been tending to him all this time at Fiendish Wing Villa.

“My seal, its breaking,” the stern Hosu said.

Hosu had laid down the seal; naturally, he understood its condition more than anyone else!

The Skywing wolves went instantly pale at those words!

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