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Super Dimensional Wizard v6 Chapter 3148: pick

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  When Angel came to the signal tower, the orange light was still shining outside. When he came out, the goddess of the night had already pulled up the curtain of darkness.

  The bright moonlight burned a hole in this curtain, and the brilliance poured out on thousands of trees and vines, like a layer of faint snow marks.

  Anger walked on the "snow" in such an environment.

   However, he is not alone, not only are the evening winds lingering with him, but also the wood spirit and Dangros.

   It's just that the wood spirit was hidden deep in his pocket, and he didn't even dare to look out. On the other hand, Dangros, with his fingers on Angel's left shoulder, looked up at the Bilon tree garden in the night.

   "Are we going to find Orao" Dangros asked in a low voice curiously when he saw Angel walking towards the crowded clan tree.

   "No, after Orao receives someone, he will come back by himself."

  Dangros: "Where are we going now Go back and wait for Olao"

Angel passed through the clan tree, along the main street of Bilon Tree Court, all the way to the commercial street with the most serious light pollution, and then said to Dangros: "Come here first to see if there are suitable materials. ."

  The so-called materials, of course, refer to the materials needed for the hats made by Dong Liz. Even if Galatea did not propose the specifications and characteristics of the hat, since he agreed, he did not want to be too perfunctory.

   After all, it is to engrave its own alchemy logo.

   On the other hand, when Dangros heard that he was going to hang out outside, he immediately fainted. At this time, it was still thinking about the protagonist of "The Apothecary of Different Fire", how to conquer the legendary fire in the sky, and just wanted to go back immediately and continue to chase the drama.

  Angol patted Dangros with a smile: "You can also choose the materials. After all, you will need your help when refining."

   Refining hats... In fact, there are not many places where Dangros is used, but in order to mobilize its enthusiasm, Angel simply entrusted it with the heavy responsibility of selecting some materials.

   And when Dan Gross knew that he was going to select materials and use them for later refining, his originally sluggish expression immediately cheered up.

   It is very clear that alchemy is the place where it can best prove its worth. If it wants to follow Angel in the future, it must work **** alchemy.

   In the process of alchemy, what it needs to do is generally smelting materials, casting and shaping. Among them, the cognition of materials is also a part of it to learn.

   Ingres let it choose the material, maybe it was a test for it

  Dangros thinks a lot, but in fact...it is basically his own brain supplement, Angel has no intention of testing it.

   However, seeing Dangros cheering up, Angel simply walked into the first shop that specialized in selling metal mines - "Silver Waves under the Moon".

"The material you want to choose is used in the hat support and the curtain. The hat support is the key to shaping the shape of the hat, and the curtain... just use metal for decoration; whether it is a hat support or a curtain, the material required, the specific choice. Which one, you can decide for yourself."

   After Angel finished speaking, he stood up again and motioned for Dangros to make his own choice.

  Dangros took a deep breath, thinking that this was still a test, so he had to make a serious choice.

  It jumped up and landed on the counter of the store. Under the surprised eyes of the clerk, it moved with all five fingers and quickly moved around the store.

  Fortunately, the clerk heard the conversation between Angel and Dangros before, and Angel did not hide his breath. The clerk knew that it was an official wizard, and most likely an alchemist.

   In this case, even if they saw Dangros running on various counters, they did not stop them, but just stood silently on the side, waiting for Dangros to make a choice.

  The store has semi-finished metals that have been smelted and calcined, as well as raw ore that has not been treated at all.

  The former is mostly the choice of non-alchemists or beginners in alchemy, while most of the real alchemists will choose raw ore, start refining from melting and calcining, and finally refine the props to achieve true harmony and perfection.

  Dangros is no stranger to alchemy, and natural selection is the latter.

   Jumping back and forth on several raw ore cabinet racks.

   A few minutes later, Dangros returned empty-handed, and the first sentence after it came back made the expressions of the surrounding clerks change.

   "Why do I always feel that the raw ore here makes me very uncomfortable."

  Dangros words seemed to imply that there was something wrong with these raw mines, and the clerks expression naturally changed subtly. If it wasn't for Angel, the official wizard, standing beside him, it is estimated that the clerk would have directly stepped forward and rolled up his sleeves to chase people away.

  Angol: "Then do you have a choice"

  Dangros was silent for a moment, dragged Angel to a cabinet shelf, and pointed to the dark raw ore inside: "This raw ore makes me the most uncomfortable, why don't you choose it"

  Dangros pointed back at the raw ore, for fear of being contaminated with the aura of too much raw ore.

And Dangros' words also made the surrounding clerks bewildered. They all thought that Dangros was here to smash the field, saying that the raw ore here made it uncomfortable... Why now, the choice is the most uncomfortable. 's raw ore.

   Perhaps seeing the confusion in the eyes of the clerks around him, Angel smiled and tapped Dangros.

  Dangros immediately turned into a flame and flew to Angel's shoulders. It wasn't until he landed that Dangros re-condensed the shape of his palm.

   Seeing this "burning" scene, the clerks around seemed to understand something.

   This store is called "Silver Waves under the Moon", and the name is very mouth-watering, but from the name of the store, it can be seen that the metal ore it sells is Moon Silver.

Moonsilver is a highly developable, accommodating and extensible material. Because of the further research of Moonsilver by Gusiro from the R&D Institute, Moonsilver has become the mainstream material in the Southern Region, especially Used in mechanical alchemy, it is almost indispensable.

   Moon Silver can accommodate elements of various natures. Since the name of this store has "Wave", it actually means that most of the Moon Silver in their store is produced in the sea and has certain water element properties.

   Before, the clerk did not recognize the race of Dan Gross, and thought it was a "clone" or the like, but it was later "fired", which proved its identity.

  Dangros is the Fire Elemental Spirit.

   Since it is a fire element spirit, it is normal to feel uncomfortable with the water element.

   Figured this out, and the clerk naturally understood everything.

   "Just this one." Angel pointed to the raw ore selected by Dangros and said to the clerk.

   The clerk showed an attentive smile: "This is the moonsilver ore born in the depths of the Devil's Sea, and it is the most abundant water element in the store..."

  The clerk gave an introduction and bragged about the best, nothing more than to sell a high price.

   Although what he said was true, this kind of raw ore with a strong water element was not very good to balance the internal energy when refining, and it was a test of the alchemist's skills. The clerk didn't say this.

   However, Angel doesn't care either. It's not difficult for him to smelt this piece of moon silver anyway, and it was chosen by Dangros. As long as it's not an exaggerated price, just buy it.

  In the end, the clerk offered three hundred magic crystals.

  This price...is lower than Angel imagined.

   The clerk had been blowing it for so long, Angel thought he was going to pay for six hundred magic crystals, but he didn't even get half of it, which surprised Angel.

  Angol understood the clerk's pleasing expression.

   It should be because he didn't care too much, so that the clerk could see that he didn't buy it back to the fryer, but really had the ability to refine this raw ore. In other words, Angel is likely to be a true alchemist with some means.

   In the face of this kind of alchemist, the clerk with some discernment is not willing to offend, and the price is naturally not so harsh.

  After paying the magic crystal, Angel left the store under the attentive eyes of the clerk.

   Next, Angel went to a shop specializing in ancient silk platinum, and asked Dangros to choose a platinum silk thread with strong tenacity and ductility to be used as a suture.

  After buying the hat support and stitching, the next step is the leather and yarn materials.

  Leather is used for hats, and yarn is used for curtains.

   It was just that Angel went around the commercial street and couldn't find any suitable leather or silk. However, I learned from an old tailor specializing in witch costumes that high-quality leather and silk materials can be found at tea parties.

   And the tea party with the widest channels nearby is called Muzi Tea Party, where there should be the ingredients that Angel wants.

   If it was in the past, Angel would definitely go in from his left ear and go out to his right. After all, no matter how wide the channels of the tea party are, it requires the participants to be witches!

  Angol can become a witch, but he is not that scumbag of Dox. He almost never observes the witch's body and demeanor on weekdays. It's okay if you didn't get in, but if you get caught after getting in, that would be embarrassing.

   However, looking back and thinking, he is not alone now. Didn't Portia send Sally, and said that Sally should be his temporary assistant.

  Isnt this just a pillow when you are drowsy When the time comes, let Sally Ye go directly to the tea party and buy the materials on your behalf.

   No matter how bad... let Doakes go.

   He still remembered that Olao had said before that Doakes mentioned that he would take him to a tea party, and that tea party seemed to be a Muzi tea party.

  Angol gave the old tailor a grateful smile, and with a tacit expression, he left the tailor shop.

  It is worth mentioning that this old tailor is a man.


   After returning to Fanxing Street, Angel also tried to find leather and yarn materials, but unfortunately, he still could not find any suitable ones.

   Angel thought for a while, but decided not to look for it.

  Tomorrow, the multi-ethnic regular gathering in the White Sun Mirror Realm will be held. You can go and see if there are suitable materials at that time. If you really can't find it, then leave this problem to Sally and Dox, and try your luck at the Muzi Tea Party.

   After Angel returned to the travel hotel, he walked all the way to the quiet room.

  The quiet room was the same as before he left, so it could be seen that Orao had not received Sariel.

  Angol didn't wait for Orao, and asked Shuling to help guard the door, and then released Mu Ling and Dangros to continue the drama pursuit of "Alien Fire Apothecary".

   He himself walked quickly to the deep quiet room, took out the unbreakable mirror, and went to the heart space.

   The time is now approaching nine o'clock. According to the usual practice, Uriel in reality should have fallen asleep, while Uriel in the Dream Crystal will enter a "dream" state.

  Only in the dream state, Luigi can perform the daily challenge of the main mission 3.

  Angol never went to see Luigi's challenge, as long as he knew the result. But today is different. He needs to see Uriel's reaction when Luigi performs "Three Chapters of Sbro."

   Through Uriel's reaction, analyze his micro-expressions and read out his preferences.

   In this way, we can make targeted choices in the subsequent music selection.

  When Angel arrived at the heart space, Luigi immediately greeted him, and it could be seen from his urgent expression that Uriel had entered a dream state.

   The duration of Uriel's dream state varies every day. If he misses it, it means one less challenge.

  Luigi was afraid that Angel would be late, so today's challenge would be gone.

   Therefore, seeing Angel's arrival, he was so urgent.

   "Log in, I'll come later." Angel motioned for Luigi to go online directly.

  Luigi nodded and took a deep breath: "Today, I've made enough preparations. Even if I can't clear the main story directly, I'm confident to increase the number of seats...at least to reach the top ten seats!"

   With full confidence, Luigi logged into the Crystal of Dreams.

   When Luigi appeared in the room on the first floor, Uriel had been sitting on the sofa waiting for a long time.

   Maybe it was during this time that Uriel could hear Luigi playing every time he "dream". His expression was not as dull as the first time, and his eyes were a little more curious.

   It's just that Uriel was in a "dream" state and couldn't speak or perform other actions. He could only watch Luigi walk up to him, pick up the harp, and perform different scores every day.

   Uriel was already looking forward to today's performance.

   It was just the dim light and the blurring of light and shadow, which made Luigi see that Uriel was still the same as before, depressed, hazy, and like a daydream.

   For Luigi, though, he doesn't care about dreaming or not, he has only one goal: to play.

   Luigi gave an introduction as always, and said that he wanted to perform the song. Even if Uriel never responded, Luigi would not omit this step.

   This is self-cultivation as a performer.

   After the introduction, Luigi's expression became serious, he picked up the harp, and closed his eyes to find the feeling.

   Until the moment when the inspiration flashed, Luigi's fingers moved, forming a phantom afterimage, and in an instant, the notes poured down like mercury, wrapped in turbulent and surging waves, rolling in...

   Angel was quietly observing everything outside the copy.

   He has been worried that Uriel in the dream state may not have any reaction... But now it seems that this worry is unnecessary.

   Although Uriel still looks dejected and confused, his eyes are much more agile than before.

   His eyes will dim because of sad tunes, and his eyes will brighten because of high notes.

   Even though it was just a change in his eyes, it gave Angel a hope of clearing the level.

In the fifteen-minute performance, Angel remembered every look of Uriel. At present, he can't judge which part Uriel prefers; but it doesn't matter, he is not omniscient, Uriel The specific preference can be left to Bloy to judge.-

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