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Stream of Consciousness Chapter 4

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Emily wanted to die. It was Mike, her loser step brother. He was home from work. He had dropped out of college a year ago and he had come back to live with them. He had taken a job at a factory, one where he had to do a lot of lifting, and had developed a lot of muscle. This was something Avery had commented on more than once when she had been over. He had flirted back a little, but as far as Emily knew, nothing more had ever happened. These were things she knew, but didn care about right then. All she cared about was finding a place to hide forever, or at the very least cover up her body. She hoped Avery was done. She had had her fun, but now it should be over.

Emilys body, however, still did not move. "Come to the kitchen, Mike," her voice invited sweetly.

No one could hear her, but as a ride along in her own body, Emily was screaming in protest as Mike walked into the kitchen.

"Whats up, Em-" was as far as he got. His mouth fell open and his eyes weren the only thing that bulged as he took in the sight of her.

With her hands still covering her ample breasts, she looked at him with a predatory smile and said, "Hey Mike."

After Mikes brain rebooted, he realized he was full on leering at his step sister. He turned around and faced the wall and stammered, "Why are you walking around naked?"

"I was doing a stream, big brother," she replied innocently. "The ice cube challenge. Have you heard of it?"

Mike had. Hed never experienced it. That wasn really his thing. But he knew what it entailed. "Are you kidding me right now? Mom and dad would kill you if they knew you were streaming that! And aren you supposed to keep your shirt on when you do that?"

As he was talking, he hadn heard her approach. Before he knew what was happening, she grabbed the back of his sweaty work shirt and lifted it up, exposing his muscular back. As soon as his skin was exposed, she said, "But then you couldn feel these."

Mike felt two hard tips mingle with his sweaty back, and then two mounds of softness followed them. His breath caught as he understood that her boobs were mashed against his skin. He went to step forward, but her arms clung to him. He felt her nose press against his upper back, and heard her sniff him.

He smelled like a man who had been doing hard labor all day. "You need a shower bro," she teased. "You stink."

"I…yeah, I was going to, uh, you should let me go."

She held him. He didn try to break away. Avery knew that Mike must be loving the feel of Emilys body against his, step sister or no. That meant she had him. "Are you just going to wash your body?"

Mike gulped. "Thats, yeah, that was the plan."

A hand went down and wrapped around his hard dick. She began to stroke it through his jeans. "Are you sure thats all you

e going to do?"

Mike ignored the thrill that ran through his body, and spun around. He put his hands on Emilys shoulders, and pushed her a step back. His eyes briefly took in her exposed boobs before finding her face. He needed to focus on her eyes.

"Whats gotten into you?" he snapped.

Her seductive smile did not falter as she placed one of her hands over his, and slowly, deliberately, dragged it down to her boobs. "I think the better question is, who would like to get into me?" And then she stood on her tiptoes and kissed him.

Her lips meant resistance at first. But as her tongue darted out and wet Mikes lips, they parted as well, and her tongue was given full access. Emilys eyes closed, but a growing audience didn mind. They felt a body that was on fire with lust. A heart that beat faster. Hot, wet mouths colliding. The feeling of a strong arm that began to caress and squeeze wherever it could reach.

Even as Mikes hands groped Emilys body, he tried to voice reason between kisses. "We can do this."

Emilys hands unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans. As she pulled down the top of his underwear, a throbbing cock sprang out. "Wow! I think we can. See. You

e all ready." She slipped a hand under her skirt, and then brought it out and showed him two wet fingers. "Im all ready too." She put them in her mouth and sucked on her juices.

He gaped at her, but still threw out another line of defense. "Our parents will be home soon."

She put her freshly lubricated hand on his dick and stroked it. "Well then youd better hurry it up."

He stared unbelievingly, and then asked one last, lingering question. "I thought you hated me?"

"Ill go back to hating you later," she smiled. She spun around and leaned against the kitchen counter. Then she flipped up her skirt, aiming a soaking wet pussy right at him. "Now are you going to ** me or what?"

Every bit of rationale telling Mike this was a bad idea was shoved into a mental box and buried forever. He lowered his jeans and underwear enough to step out of them, then grabbed Emilys hips. He steadied her, then guided his cock into her tight opening. She gasped, and wasn the only one, as over ten million experienced the penetration.

Avery felt Mike go in as far as he was able from his position. It wasn enough. She swung one of Emilys legs all the way up onto the counter, an easy feat of dexterity for her. She was spread even wider for him now. Emilys voice gave an appreciative moan as Mike entered her again, even deeper than before.

Mike started off gentle at first, but as his need for her grew, he squeezed her harder, pounded her faster. The fatigue he came home with after a long days work vanished, and his muscles found a new reservoir of energy. His step sister wanted to tease him and act like a slut, hed give her what she had coming.

A thought occurred to him a few minutes in as his balls began to tighten. Was she still streaming? There was no way. She wouldn do anything so brazenly stupid. Something like that would wreck her life. But what if she were? What if people were riding along inside as he plowed his step sister? That thought frightened him, but also added to the pleasure. It drove him even deeper, harder, faster.

"Thats right, give it to me!" Emilys voice demanded. "Fuck me bro! Give it to your horny sister! Im such a slut! I always have been! I pretend to be perfect, but this is all I think about! Getting railed by you and anyone else with a massive dick like yours."

Mike interrupted her with a warning. "Ive got to pull out or Im going to-"

"Don you **ing dare! Leave it in! I want to feel you drip out of me!"

"Oh. Oh!" was Mikes only rebuttal.

Emily felt it. The quickened throb of Mikes cock as his seed painted her insides. The sudden warmth that filled her womb. The intense, primal pleasure it gave every part of her body. She hated it, and hated how much her body loved it.

She brought her leg down, and a trickle of spunk ran down her inner thigh. She grinned at him, then hopped up on the counter. Her bare ass felt the cold of the marble surface. Avery knew she had stayed longer than she should. She needed to get out. But she had been near the mountain top, and thought she could reach the summit with minimal effort.


e not done, bro."

Mike was panting now. His strength was fading. He wanted to sit down. "Look. Im sorry. That should have never happened."

"Oh we

e way past sorry," she challenged. "Now get me off or I tell mom and dad."

Mike heard her say this, and it sounded wrong in his ears. She never called his father "dad." She always called him Kurt. Always had since he had married Emilys mom. It was a fleeting thought that he would dwell on later, but right then, her threat got the majority of his attention.

"Really?" he asked skeptically. "Youd tell our parents what we just did?"

"Only if you don finish what you started," she said as she spread her legs.

He narrowed his eyes and stared at her, wondering what had gotten into her today. Then he said, "Fuck it I guess."

He began to kiss her again, and fondled her with one hand, while his other made its way to her pussy. His fingers slipped inside at first, and after pumping them in and out of her several times, he withdrew them and found her clit. He rubbed her gently for a minute, and then applied more force. She began to tremble in his hands.

"Oh yeah! Right there!" she said appreciatively as her butt squirmed on the counter. "Oh this body feels so good."

Mike thought that was an odd thing to say, but made no comment. He was focused on the task at hand. As her breathing sped up, and her moans grew louder, he leaned closer and put his mouth on one of her tits. Then he gently bit down with his teeth. That sent her over the edge, and she cried out, shook and spasmed, then finally collapsed into his arms.

He held her for a few seconds, then said firmly, "Okay, uh, Ill clean the counter and you put some clothes on."

She leaned forward and pointed towards his crotch. "But look who got all excited again."

Mike looked. Sure enough. Fingerbanging his step sister had got him all worked up. "I, Ill be fine. We need to-"

"Take me to the couch," she ordered sweetly.

"Im not going to-"

"Ill tell our parents," she sang as she let the skirt drop to the floor. Fully naked, she hopped down and led him by the dick into the living room, where she laid down onto the couch. "Cmon. Right here."

Over fifteen million people watched as Mike looked her up and down. They could feel the conflict roiling inside of him. The good sense to pack it up and walk away. The trapped feeling of what might happen if he didn do what she said. And the desire to be back inside her hot body again. Since it seemed the pros outweighed the cons, he positioned himself on top of her, and easily slid back inside.

Her pussy welcomed his cock like an old friend. Mike took it slower this time, partially because he was tired, but also because his dick was in no hurry. They kissed and fondled each other as they pleased. He found that she loved to grab his ass with both hands and try to pull him in as far as he could go. Several minutes later, she came before he did. As she cried out in bliss, he followed suit. Then he collapsed on top of her, and they both lay there panting for breath.

Then for the second time that day, Emily knew the worst kind of terror as the front door opened again.

Mike heard it and tried to bolt. But Emilys arms grasped him and refused to let go. "What the hell!" he hissed. "If they see us, we

e dead! Let me get clothes on and you run to your room!"

But it was as if he were talking to a brick wall. She just smiled at him, and held on to him like an anchor.

Emilys mother saw them first. She shrieked, which brought her father quickly to her side. His face went red, and he looked like he was about to yell or throw something, but before he got the chance, Emily heard herself gush, "Hey Mom and Dad, I think you should know, Mike and I are in love! Isn that great?"

A few seconds later, Avery was laughing her ass off, and asking if Leah had seen it all go down. She had, but couldn answer because she was laughing too.

As she wiped away tears, Avery wondered aloud, "Oh man! You think Emilys parents are going to let her live?"

"Well we can find out," Leah shouted. "Shes still streaming."

Emily suddenly found that she was back in control of her body. Just in time for her to get the reaming of a lifetime. She tried to defend herself, to yell that it wasn her. Someone had been making her do this.

Her step father had laughed mockingly at that, and sarcastically asked his son, "Was someone making you ** your sister?"

"Step sister," Emily corrected. And that had made both parents yell at the same time, and louder than before.

Eventually she was allowed to leave. She wrapped the blanket her mother had covered her with tighter around her body, and trudged back to her room. When she saw her monitor, she realized she was still streaming. Her numbers had peaked at just over twenty million ride alongs. They had rapidly declined around the time her parents started yelling, but she wondered if any who stayed would believe what she had said about not being in control.

She also saw that her account had been flagged. The second she stopped streaming, she would be banned for some arbitrary period of time. That was alright with her. She doubted shed ever stream again.

Bob had exited when the parents started yelling, but he had needed time to clean up. He had ejaculated in his jeans, and there was a large wet spot on his crotch. He grabbed a dirty pair of jeans from the laundry room. Comparatively, they were not dirty in the slightest. He wore them sans underwear, and then smoothed his shirt down. Then he strode towards his daughters room.

Avery and Leah were still laughing and celebrating over destroying the life of their former friend. Bob knew what they had done. He wanted to ground her forever for doing something like that. But he wanted something else even more. He didn knock, but shoved the door open and stepped into Averys room.

"Avery, I just got a call from the school," he lied. "Someone came forward about you giving a boy a handjob in the parking lot. You

e grounded."

Averys face went red. Leah scrambled to her feet and looked at Bob for permission to leave. He stood aside so she could go, and she didn hesitate.

"Dad, I-"

"I don want to hear it! Im very disappointed in you. Now give me your phone."

Avery looked stricken at that command. "But-"

"Now!" Bob bellowed.

She picked it up off her bed and looked at the screen, then touched it with her thumb. "Real quick, let me just-"

But he snatched it from her before she could do anything, and stomped out of the room. He went into his bedroom and locked the door. He opened the phone screen and opened her files. There it was. There was the program that would give him control of another persons senses. It was his. He could use it to take over any streamer. The possibilities washed over him. .

Hed call in sick tomorrow, and maybe the day after that. Maybe the rest of the week. Every streamer in the world was his to explore. His biggest decision now, was deciding which person to take over first.

The end?

Written for an original commission, posted on Outfox Stories by Kripto, reposted with permission https://www.outfoxstories.com/blog/post/ztddmm_stream-of-consciousness/

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