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Chapter 06 – Matt the Mud Monkey and Tom the Tonito Crab

“Hi, I would like to register as an Adventurer.” When requested this, the female guild staff replied with a smile, “Sure, please fill out this form.” I began filling the form handed to me.

Since I’ve been disinherited, I wrote only my name without my family name.

I don’t have a Servant either, so I left that space blank too.

I also wrote down that I possess the water attribute.

When I was about to hand the filled form over to the guild staff, a guy suddenly shoved me aside and cut in ahead of me.

Without having the chance to use Body Strengthening, I fell hard on the floor.


“Spindly brats like you have no place here.”, said the man while glaring at me.

He was a good-looking blonde guy.

It felt like he resembled someone I knew.

“Jason-san please do not behave violently inside the guild premises again.”, said the female receptionist with a slight quiver in her voice.

“I won’t, I was just warning him.” Who the hell is this guy Sure, I am spindly, but still!

There was a female Servant with dark brown skin and long white hair standing behind Jason. He definitely looks like someone I know. She worriedly rushed over to me and asked, “Are you alright” However, Jason seized her by the collar and pulled her away from me, “Get away form him Yuria!”

Another woman, probably a party member, walked from behind Jason along with a male Servant, and began laughing after she glanced at my registration form.

“You don’t even have a Servant ‘…because I Animium inside my body’ What Did you drink the water from the river of death or something You moron.”, guffawed the woman.

“Emily, look” called Jason, “Look at the number of Animium beads on his bracelets, he must have been a real bastard in his past life1.”

“Seriously Is that also why you’re such a fool”, sneered the woman.

“Not only do you not have a Servant, you also have a weak constitution because of your sins.

I wonder what must go on in that head of yours for you to actually believe that you could survive as an adventurer.”, berated Jason.

It wasn’t only Emily and Jason looking down on me and snickering, the adventurers nearby were also laughing.

Jason’s expression was smug enough to claim the support of all the adventurers in town.

However, their insults felt really off base for the me now.

Even if they berated me for my past life’s sins, I didn’t really feel anything.

I looked at the ones who ridiculed me coolly, got up slowly, and calmly brushed the dust off my clothes.

“Hoh, you actually got up.

Wanna have go at me”, taunted Jason glowering.

Since I wasn’t thinking about anything even remotely close to fighting, I just stared at him vacantly. What the hell is he going on about They way he says whatever he wants really resembles Riley and that stupid father of mine.

Then, I heard a voice from behind me.

“Brother, please stop it.” When I looked at who it was, Allison was standing there.

And then I finally realised. Jason resembles Allison, and Yuria, Cornelia.

So they were actually siblings. Jason was slightly taken aback by her appearance, but quickly got back to his smug self, “Allison You were acquainted Sorry, I was so rude to him.” Jason sneered and continued, “It’s nice to see the useless ones getting along.” Around his neck hung an oblong tag, golden in colour.

With that parting shot, he walked over to a different counter.

However, his Servant Yuria alone lagged behind to say something, “Um… I am really sorry.

It’s just that his mood is pretty bad today, that’s why…”, but was interrupted by a yelling Jason, “Yuria! NOW!” Yuria quickly bowed once again, “Anyway, I am really sorry” and rushed to him. Must be hard to be contracted to someone like that.

Just like me a few days ago.

“Nicola, are you okay” asked Allison with a worried voice.

“I was just pushed.

I’m alright.

So, you have a brother huh” Allison bit her lip in embarrassment and replied, “Yeah, a brother with quite a colourful personality.”

I glanced at Yuria and enquired, “Cornelia and Yuria look a lot like each other…” Before I could finish asking, Cornelia answered, “That’s because originally we were one.

The previous Servant was destroyed in a battle and died.

We were then remade into two separate tools and then blessed to become new Servants.”

Servants are primarily created as tools using metalworking.

Through a ‘blessing’, they gain a personality, and are able to transform into a human form and use Abilities when they bind a contract with a human.

The actual process of gaining or granting this ‘blessing’ is held secret by the church.

Servants are revered by the church as ‘Messengers of God’, so I believe the process is a very holy one2.

But this is the first time I’ve heard of a case one Servant being remade into two new ones.

I had no idea something like that was possible.

“Um, If you don’t mind, I would like to continue with the registration process.” I snapped out of my reverie with the receptionist’s gentle reminder, and continued the adventurer registration.

After being laughed at by the other adventurers for not having a servant, and the fact about my weak constitution due to the excessive sins of my past life coming to light, I thought I wouldn’t be allowed to register, but there were no such issues.

“You start at E-Rank.

Please take this.” I received my oblong adventurer’s tag and chain.

Its form was the same as Allison’s, but it was made out of iron.

The receptionist then proceeded to explain about the different ranks, “Iron is E-rank, Bronze is D-rank, Silver is C-rank, Gold is B-rank and Mithril is A-rank.

There is also Animium for S-rank, but no such adventurers exist currently, so you don’t need to worry about it3.

More importantly, the requests that you are allowed to take will be decided by your rank.”

So Jason was B-rank.

And Allison is D-rank, one rank above me.

So that would mean she was able to raise her rank by one all on her own without forming any parties.

After that, I received explanations about various things related to the guild. Looks like raising my rank even by one will be pretty difficult.

Allison must have worked really hard for it. “With this your adventurer registration is complete.

Thank you for registering with us.”, smiled the guild staff concluding her explanations.

When I exited the guild, Allison handed a pouch over to me.

“That’s 40,000 Luna, your half after subtracting the cost of the clothes.

Turns out that the huge Red Grizzly was a monster that B-rank adventurers would hunt as a party.” There were several silver coins inside it.

“Thanks a lot.”, I thanked Allison while verifying the contents.

If I am not wrong, I believe a good maid would receive 80,000 Luna as remuneration per month.

So I’ve earned half that amount in just one day.

Adventuring might pay well, but I experienced first hand that my life will always be on the line too.

However, right now this is probably the only way I can earn money.

I’ve finally become healthy, registered as an adventurer and am now holding my first reward of 40,000 Luna in my hand.

It feels like I’ve taken the first step of my new life.

“Nicola, you know…” Allison called me with a faltering voice.

I turned to her, she was biting her lips like she was worrying about something.

“What is it”, I prompted.

Her face changed as if she’d made up her mind.

“I would like to form a party with you.

So far no one has accepted me into a party because I lack mana, but if it’s you… Please! I would like you to continue taking requests with me for now on too!” Allison shut her eyes tightly and offered her hand.

I wavered recalling Katrina.

The trauma of being betrayed was still fresh. Don’t hope.

Don’t expect anything. Said a voice in my head. Is this expectation Will I be one sidedly expecting something if I take her hand No.

The Mud Monkey, Matt, doesn’t expect anything from Tom the Tonito Crab.

Nor do they love or care for each other.

Yet they can work well together.

I took Allison’s hand and said, “Sounds good.

Let’s work together Tom.” Allison was perplexed for moment and then she laughed and said, “Pleasure working with you, Matt.”

I was entranced by her pure, bright and beautiful smile.

T/N Notes:

There doesn’t seem to be a good word that represents “past life’s sins” in English.

I would use karma, but most people misunderstand it, especially in the western world.

What do you guys think Any suggestionsVery few things sound more suspicious than that.This foreshadowing is too bright.

No Okay I’ll stop.

I’ve added some embellishments to make the text flow better in English.

Especially during conversations.

I’ve stayed true to the author’s tone and meaning.

Let me know what you think about it!


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