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Saving The Abandoned Empress Chapter 30

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30 “First Encounter”

Cathains pov ~

After a hour later, Brayden explained todays whole situation to me.

How she rejected the idea of being my partner, She doesnt even care the status of being an empress...

Although i didnt showed any emotions but deep inside my heart, i felt messed up as i thought of something else.

Now that she is proven to be the lady of the prophecy, my bad days are just about to come.

If i could, i wanted to strangle everyone who compares me with her. If she is so great, then just go and lick her shoes!

Why bother come to me and praise her infront of me

Now that i think about it, it was one of the main reasons about why i didnt liked her.

Its so childish! Its not like she competes with me or anything.


But one will still feel bad, if there hard work is completely ignored because of someone who didnt even bothered or knew about it.

Just whats so great about her

Yeah, i admit she is a little pretty and cute, specially her soft lips...

And the next moment i found my fingertips touching my lips, which still had her lingering scent.

I laughed at myself! This is the same girl that i used to didnt like at all.

I was sitting beside the window with a fowl mood. The shiny moonlight reminded me of her silver hair.

The day she fall into the lake was the first time, she had ever seen me, Or maybe not

But my eyes was always on her from the very beginning.

Ten years ago~

“Crown Prince! Where are you!” Maids and Knights was searching for their four years old crown prince who again ran away from his studies.

Cathain didnt liked to study all day at all.

What he wanted was to play around and learn things.

Meet his father and feel his warmth.

Cathains mother, Empress Catharina had died during his birth.

Many people who lost their beloved empress because of the little prince wasnt pleased with his birth.

When he was in the palace, he often had to hear their open criticism. But they didnt dared to say something infront of his father.

So he didnt liked to stay at the palace.

Four year old, Cathain was watching the maids and knights run everywhere to look for him, but who would thought that, he was sitting on a tall tree branch

But then suddenly the tree branch started to crack and he was afraid. Because he was on the highest branch, so if he falls, he will be terribly hurt!

As the branch completely cracked and he closed his eyes tightly in fear as he felt himself on the air.

But rather then pain, he was feeling cold.

When he opened his eyes, all he could see was something white and cold. After a long struggle, he managed to clear his vision and raise his head.

Little Cathain was starlet for a moment as he thought he was dead, because he saw an angle.

In the story books, it was written that angles look very beautiful and they have white hair.

But the one infront of him has shiny silver hair, who can barely walk on her own completely.

*chuckle* “Ice! Ice man!” The little girl infront of him pointed her tiny fingers at him as she struggled to crawl towards him.

Little Cathain was still in a daze and kept staring at the tiny figure blankly. She came to him and brushed off some snow from his head.

Cain just kept staring at her with his round red eyes.

“Who are you, Baby” Cathain asked.

“Butiful, ice men!” The tiny girl who seemed to not understand his words, said in a baby language.

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Cathain sighed as he understood what she meant.

He brushed of the snow over his body as he came out from the pile of snow. If it wasnt for this tiny girls ice magic, he would be terribly hurt.

It was rare for a girl to be able to use her powers at such a young age.

Wow..She is barely one year old but she can use magic

He tried to carry her but failed, so he just sat on the ground and took her on his lap. The little girl started to play with her teddy bear once again, ignoring him.

“Hey, You meantBeautiful Snow man, right”

Hearing his voice, The tiny girl on his lap finally looked at him.

But she just smiled as she still doesnt understand language that clearly and tried to touch his cheeks.

She had bright blue jewel eyes and shiny silver hair.

Little Cain felt like his heart beat stopped as he looked at the tiny girl in his arms.

He looked away as he asked, “W-Whats your name baby”

“N..Name..ish..papas Prinsesh!”

Cathain almost couldnt hold back his laughter and asked, “You mean papas princess But thats not your name...”

Then he suddenly heard a womens voice, who seemed to call for someone.

“Noora... Where are you, baby Nooraa...”

Before he could react, the tiny girl in his arms jumped out from his embrace.

She was crawling on her knees as she still cant walk. She isnt even one year old yet.

“B-Baby” Cain chased after her but then he suddenly hide behind the bush as the tiny baby was faster then he thought.

She had already reached the women, who was calling her and the women had kneeled down to hug her.


“Ohh, Noora.. Just how did you disappeared again Dont do this anymore to your mama... I almost died because of fear when i couldnt find you.”

The lady who had light sky blue hair and golden eyes had tears rolling down from her eyes and Cain was touched by her.

Is it how it feels like to have a mother Little Cain thought.

“Mama...Monkey! Ice Man!”

“Huh What are you talking about, Noora” The lady asked in confusion.

And his face become red out of embarrassment. Did the little baby thought he was a monkey because he was up in a tree branch

Did she thought if him as a snow man because he was pilled up in snow Whichever it was, its embarrassing!



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