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Saving The Abandoned Empress Chapter 29

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29 “Jealous”

Cathains pov ~

After the duke gave me a warning for nothing, i got to know everything from Brayden.

She was really the choosen partner for me, sent by the goddess.

I dont know why, but i seem like to not hate the idea of having her as my partner anymore.

There was no accurate reason that could explain why i didnt liked her.

But i was way more shocked to know that, the person who was always over praised by people to me, would actually collapse just by seeing me.

Am i that fierce

And she didnt even meet me after she grew up.

After laying down on the bed, i suddenly got up.


The bed smells like her...

I tried to ignore it and sleep but i just couldnt, for constantly three days. The moment i lay on the bed, i could see her laying beside me too.

Her smell bothered me, but it was also me who didnt let the servents change the sheets.

I kept my eyes on any news about her recovery and when i finally got to know that she has woken up, i just wanted to meet her.

But i knew i cant and why should i meet her

After a long struggle with my own feelings, i went to the borders for doing nothing. That was when i got the news of the council meeting.

Why are they holding a meeting without me Am also involved in it!

I rushed back to the imperial palace and the moment i pushed the doors open, someone pulled it too and it resulted that person to fall back.

I stared at the person who fall.

Fuck! Why does she always falls down the moment we meet

With this, the three times i meet her, she fall down three times and collapsed two times. Is she going to collapse again

But she looked at me like i was going to kill her!

I forwarded my hands towards her to get up but someone was faster then me.

Prince Dominic put his hands towards her first and she tried to get up by holding his hands.

This sight just wanted me to separate those two right instant and take her in my arms!

“I greet the little sun of the empire, Your highness, the crown prince.”

Both of them greet me together, like are they a couple

“You may raise, Prince Dominic... And as my future partner, you dont need to follow any formalities while talking with me, Crown Princess.”

I purposefully said this to emphasis her as mine and again i dont know why i did so.

Eleanora was still terrified of me as i could feel her legs shaking.

Her face was also a little red and i subconsciously reached out to put my hands on her forehead.

Despite having cold mana flowing through her body, her temperature was very high. But she flinched and step back from my sudden touch.

Her back accidentally hit Prince Dominics chest and he put his hands on her shoulder as a sudden body reflection to catch her.

Seeing this, my lips curled up and i smiled a little, which was maybe, more like a smrik.

I just want to cut off those hands right now!

But i think seeing my smile made her more terrified, which she was trying very hard to control.

And right at that moment, my father came out with other imperial council members.

Seeing me, everyone politely greeted me and then that bastard Dominic explained himself, which was completely unnecessary.

“Priencess Eleanora isnt feeling well, she might have a fever...”

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Duke Dalton was about to rush when my father stopped him.

“Duke Dalton, i have something to discuss with you. The crown prince can help the crown princess to go back.”

“But-...I understand, Your Majesty.”

Duke wanted to protest but then he choosed to not. Somehow, i felt a little thankful to my father after a long time.

Then she left the palace with me, who was following her from behind. I felt proud when it was me, who left with her, not that Blueberry.

Trying to be a gentleman to hit on my girl Heh...In his dreams!

Then, I, myself was speechless as this was the first ever time i felt like this, is it what they call jealousy


In the whole time, She was trying her best to not collapse again and we soon came out into a spacious field where there were a lot of wagons lined up.

She seemed to sighed with relief and bowed to me.

“Thank you for escorting me here, Your highness. Let me leave now.”

“Sir Ethan!”

I turned away, ignoring her goodbye, and called a royal knight nearby.

When the knight came near, i said with a cold voice.

“Get a carriage ready as soon as possible. Im going to go to the Dalton Duchy.”

“Yes, Your highness!”

She opened my eyes wide with a face that was like asking me aboutWhat the heck you are talking about

I stared at her after giving him the instruction.

Cant she understand that am worried to sent her alone

She hurriedly lowered her eyes and kept trying to pull herself together as she felt wobbly, biting her pink lips.

And then i suddenly felt my throat go dry as i recalled how my lips has touched those lips.

How soft they were...

I immediately came back to my senses as i heard an ornate carriage engraved with the crest of the royal family approaching us.

She got in the wagon nervously. Somehow, she looked like a rabbit, who was trying to run away from the hunter.

I fixed my eyes on her as i wanted to see how many more cute expression she can show.

She folded her hands on her knees, and then finally raised her eyes at my gaze.

Her round blue eyes was really attractive but then i sensed her breathing heavily with nervousness, i took my gaze off of her and looked out the window.

Again, heavy silence fell inside the wagon.

Why are you so afraid of me

When we barely arrived at the duchy mansion, she hurriedly got out, helped by the knight. It was more like an rushed escape to me.

I didnt turned my gaze way untill she turned back to face me and spoke with honorifics.

“Your Majesty, thank you... Its an honour for me...”


I closed the wagon door before she could add any more formality to just say goodbye to me.

It just pisses me of whenever she treats me like a stranger now.

Not to long ago, she used to smile brightly whenever she meet me occasionally a few times after her mothers death.

Althought it was only for a brief moment, before i accidentally pushed her into the lake.

But after that, she now, avoids me like a plague.



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