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Chapter 91 A Hundred Years Ago, Why Did the Immortal Dawn Sect Seal the Mountain (3)

A hundred years ago, after receiving the Immortal Opportunities reward from his father, Wang Huaiyi learned that his father and three uncles had been recruited by the Immortals of the Upper World.

The four of them were all at the Deity Realm.

Later on, Wang Huaiyi found out that not only had the Wang familys Deity Realm experts been recruited, but there were also the Xie family, Jiang family, Tang family, and so on.

All the Deity Realm experts from the Seven Distinguished Families were present.

At that time, the Great Jin Imperial Family, which was still at its peak, also had five Deity Realm experts recruited away.

There were a total of 41 Deity Realm experts.

In this era, it was an unimaginably powerful force.

However, according to what Wang Huaiyi knew, the strength that was gathered at that time was far more than that.

Apart from the Deity Realm experts of the Lower World, there were also the Human Immortals of the Upper World.

All of them had joined forces with only one goal.

Besieging the Immortal Dawn Sect!

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In the end, the entire army was wiped out.

Not a single person left Cangcheng Mountain alive.

Not even a corpse was left behind.

It was rumored that at that time, a ray of light filled the sky.

Be it the Deity Realm experts or Human Immortals, they were all reduced to powder.

As a result, the various aristocratic families suffered heavy losses, and the Great Jin Imperial Familys strength plummeted.

These were all the cause of trouble for the subsequent decades of war.

The local factions were divided, revolutionary armies rose up everywhere, and the Emperors decree could not even leave the Central Continent.

But in the end, the Immortal Dawn Sect still sealed the mountain.

It was said that before the mountain was sealed, someone had seen sword lights flying across the sky above Bazhou.

Flames filled the sky, lightning rumbled, and thousands of rays of light covered the sky.

In the end, everything fell silent.

Perfected Hengxias whereabouts were unknown, and the Immortal Dawn Sect announced that the mountain was sealed.

Although his understanding was not very clear, Cui Heng could already make some basic judgments with this information.

If nothing unexpected happened, the so-called Upper World was the “Heavenly Void World” that Jiang Qiqi mentioned.

A hundred years ago, when Jiang Qiqi left, the Immortal Dawn Sect sealed the mountain most likely because they were attacked by the Immortals of the Upper World.

The first time, there were only Human Immortals and Deity Realm experts involved.

Their strength was insufficient, so they failed and were killed.

The second time must be after they had suffered a lot and stronger Earth Immortals or even Heaven Immortals were summoned to help.

It had to be said that the siege of shameless people was indeed powerful.

Jiang Qiqi, who was already respected as a Land Deity, could only be forced to leave.

At this moment, Cui Heng had already returned to Lu County.

He stood in the courtyard of the Governors Office with his hands behind his back.

He looked at the sky and sneered, “Heh, the hundred years are almost up!”

The matter between Jiang Qiqi and the Immortal Dawn Sect had caused him to be naturally antagonistic towards those Immortals from the Upper World.

There would definitely be conflict.

Now that the 100-year period was approaching, Cui Heng felt that it was time to obtain the position of the Fengzhou Governor.

With this status, he could interact with the Immortals of the Upper World and personally participate in the “Hundred-Year Immortal Opportunities”.

He could also have a friendly “communication” with the Immortals of the Upper World.

On the other hand, it was also beneficial to his cultivation progress.

There were many more people in Fengzhou than in Lu County alone!

If he could implement the new decree in the entire Fengzhou, not only would it benefit more ordinary people, but he could also offend more aristocratic families and sects.

The Seven Emotions light would undoubtedly grow much faster.

It could be said to be killing many birds with one stone.

However, the conditions to become a State Overseer were really a little troublesome.

First of all, he had to obtain the support of at least two of the Seven Distinguished Families or one from the Daoyi Palace or Baolin Buddhist Hall.

This was almost impossible for Cui Heng.

Especially the former.

Of course, he could also use thunderous methods to kill or defeat all the Prefectural Governors in the country.

In the end, only he could take over.

But if he did that, he would not have a proper title.

In this way, it was very likely that he would attract the joint attacks of the other State Overseers.

Then, he would directly fall into a chaotic battle with the other State Overseers.

Even if he personally took action again and extinguished the fire everywhere, it would be difficult for him to focus on implementing the government decrees and collecting the seven emotions of all living beings.

This way, he would lose his original goal of fighting for the position of State Overseer.

It was really not worth it.

Moreover, that did not match Cui Hengs mentality and style of doing things.

“Greetings, Lord!” At this moment, Hui Shi came over and bowed.

“Lu Zhengming sent a message from Xiling County.

A Daoist priest from Daoyi Palace wants to come to Lu County to meet you.”

“Oh” Cui Heng immediately laughed when he heard that.

He nodded and said, “Whats going on Tell me.”


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