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Chapter 88 There Are So Many Paths in the World, Why Did You Take This One (2)

“Damn it, as expected of the period at the end of the 100 year period.

Some people cant sit still anymore This is no longer something I can handle.

I have to look for Father!”

However, he did not move immediately.

Instead, he first investigated the surroundings of the residence carefully before pouring out all the water in the room.

Finally, he pretended to go to bed.

Before dawn, when the sky was at its darkest.

Wang Qinghe suddenly stood up and strode out of the door.

With a leap, he left the courtyard and rushed out of Langya County City at an extremely fast speed.

Cui Heng was following three feet behind him, but he did not sense anything at all.

… .

Wang Qinghe was obviously the kind of person who cared about his family.

Cui Heng had seen through this when he was in the meeting hall.

What else could a person who could abandon his son for the sake of the familys interests not do

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Therefore, Cui Heng had prepared two plans from the beginning.

First, he used some small tricks to deceive Wang Qinghes senses and created a reflection in the water, changing the way he perceived the world and let him feel the pain of his body tearing apart.

If he could scare Wang Qinghe with this, everything would naturally go smoothly.

If he couldnt scare this guy, he would use the second plan.

For someone like Wang Qinghe who was dedicated to the family, when he encountered such a strange matter, he would definitely think about whether the familys interests would be harmed.

But this was something he did not have the ability to handle.

Faced with such a situation, there was a high chance that he would look for someone stronger, or at least someone more capable than him.

As one of the Seven Distinguished Families, the Wang Family of Langya definitely had a Deity Realm expert!

As long as he could find the Wang Familys Deity Realm expert, Cui Hengs goal could also be achieved.


Wang Qingyuan was at the peak of the Grand Completion stage of the Inner World Realm.

He could be said to be the strongest group of people below the Deity Realm.

Therefore, his speed was extremely fast.

After leaving Langya County City, he quickly arrived at a mountain 300 miles away and found a cave abode with ease.

Wang Qinghe knelt down respectfully and bowed.

“Father, Qinghe requests an audience.”

A moment later, an indifferent response came from inside.

“Come in.”

Wang Qinghe immediately revealed a look of joy when he heard this.

He hurriedly stood up and walked into the cave abode.

Cui Heng followed him in.

In Cui Hengs opinion, this so-called cave abode was rather simple.

It was not big.

At most, it was about 50 square meters wide and three meters tall.

There was a stone table, three stone stools, and a stone bed.

An old man with white hair and beard sat cross-legged on the stone bed.

“Deity Realm!”

Cui Hengs eyes lit up when he saw the old man.



He sensed a strange power from this old man.

It was an aura that completely surpassed the Inner World realm.

The source of this power came from the old mans head.

He had constructed the embryonic form of a small world and used the vitality of the outer world to modify his body according to the characteristics of the small world, allowing his body to possess a “superpower” that originally did not exist.

“So this is the so-called Divine Treasure Realm.

In essence, it is a mutation of the body using a specific way of circulating vital energy.” Cui Heng immediately understood what the cultivation of the Divine Treasure Realm was.

At the same time, he also sensed that the old mans transformation of his body through this method had already approached the level of Perfection and was about to reach the limit of the small worlds influence.

Did this mean that the old man was very likely close to the Peak of the Divine Treasure Realm

After Cui Heng discovered this, the expression on his face immediately became extremely strange, as if he had learned some ridiculous truth.

“Seventh level of Qi Refinement.

Its really only equivalent to the Seventh level of Qi Refinement.

It hasnt even reached the Peak of the Seventh level of Qi Refinement.

So this is the Deity Realm.

Its actually only the Seventh level of Qi Refinement.

Damn it…”

He almost swore.

Because of his wrong estimation of the Deity Realm, his estimation of Human Immortals, Earth Immortals, and Heaven Immortals was also wrong.

“Could a Heaven Immortal really only be equivalent to a Foundation Establishment cultivator!”

Cui Heng felt that his body was going numb.

He had the urge to find the person who created the 21 realms of the Immortal and Mortal Realms.

This was too ridiculous!

If Heaven Immortals were only equivalent to Foundation Establishment, then wouldnt Earth Immortals and Human Immortals…

The so-called Human Immortals of the Upper World were only a group of people equivalent to the Eighth level of Qi Refinement


This was too ridiculous!

In that case, wouldnt he have long possessed the power to sweep through the Upper World

“Thats not right!” Cui Heng suddenly woke up and became vigilant.

“I cant jump to conclusions, let alone underestimate the Heavenly Void World and lose my vigilance.

“Even if a Heaven Immortal is really only equivalent to the Foundation Establishment realm, we cant be sure if the Upper World that is suspected to be the Heavenly Void World has an existence stronger than a Heaven Immortal.

“I actually had such a dangerous thought just now.

Im really too arrogant! A small Golden Core cultivator who hasnt even nurtured a Nascent Soul actually dares to be so arrogant.

I cant do this.

I have to be careful at all times!”

While Cui Heng was observing the old man and reflecting on himself, Wang Qinghe had already explained todays encounter and some recent events to the old man.

“Father, how do you think I should handle this matter” Wang Qinghe asked respectfully.

“Qinghe, did you just say that you gave up on saving Shenger to avoid falling into a trap” The old man asked instead of answering.

Wang Qinghes expression froze when he heard this, but he could only nod and say, “Yes, yes, Father.

As you know, the 100 years are almost up…”


The old man directly slapped Wang Qinghe and snorted coldly.

“Youve completely disgraced my Langya Wang Family! So what if the 100 years are up Do you really think that theres anyone who can compete with my Wang Family for the Immortal Opportunitues in Yanzhou and Fengzhou

“What a joke.

Ever since our Wang Family established the country, weve grown countless times stronger.

Were many times stronger than before.

Who in Fengzhou and Yanzhou can compare to our Wang Family

“The Immortal Opportunities this time will definitely belong to the Wang Family.

Even if the other factions are plotting in secret, theyre just clowns jumping around and not worth mentioning!

You actually gave up on saving your own son for this and allowed that disgusting story to spread in Yanzhou, ruining the reputation of our family that has been passed down for thousands of years.

Idiot, idiot, youre really an idiot!”

“Father, I…” Wang Qinghe wanted to explain.

The current situation was far from simple.

“Shut up!” The old man did not give Wang Qinghe any chance to speak.

He got up from the stone bed and came to Wang Qinghe.

He shouted in a low voice, “You must bring Shenger back within ten days!

Also, the governor of County Lu must be hacked into pieces.

His corpse will be hung on Langya Citys gates for a year to save our Wang Familys face and reputation!

“You must do both of these things well.

Otherwise, you will be the eternal sinner of our Wang Family.

I will personally execute the family laws, cripple your martial cultivation, and expel you from the family!”


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