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Chapter 87 There Are So Many Paths in the World, Why Did You Take This One (1)

Wang Qinghe looked at the reflection on the ground and was silent for a moment.

Instead, he calmed down and sneered, “What exactly are you Whos trying to play tricks!”

After all, he had once been a Prime Minister and was a top figure in the martial world who had cultivated to the Inner World realm.

He was also the current leader of the Wang Family of Langya, so he naturally would not be easily frightened.

It was just that he was a little excited to suddenly see something incomprehensible.

Now that he had reacted, he began to calmly consider the current situation.

“As expected of the once powerful Prime Minister.

Youve calmed down so quickly.” The reflection smiled and said with some admiration, “But arent you really afraid of becoming an underwater prisoner”

“Shouldnt you be the underwater prisoner” Wang Qinghe stared at the reflection and said in a low voice, “Although I dont know your identity or how you did what you did, since youre hiding like this, you definitely cant do anything to me.

Whats there to be afraid of…”

Before he could finish speaking, he suddenly felt dizzy.

After his vision stopped shaking, Wang Qinghes pupils suddenly constricted, and his face revealed an expression of disbelief.

“How is this possible You, who are you What are you trying to do!”

At this moment, he suddenly realized that he was unable to sense the Heaven Earth Origin Qi in the outside world.

Moreover, his entire body was frozen.

Other than speaking, his body could not move at all.

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This finally made him a little flustered.

“Now, who is the real underwater prisoner between us” The reflection said with a smile.

Suddenly, he raised his foot, and Wang Qinghe realized that he could not help but raise his foot as well.

Wang Qinghe immediately revealed a bewildered expression.

He looked at the reflection in disbelief and said in horror, “You really locked me in the water and made me a prisoner!”

Although he could not understand this method or even believe it, his personal experience at this moment told him that it was really possible that a reflection in the water had switched worlds with him!

Otherwise, as a peak expert of the Inner World Realm, why would he suddenly be unable to sense the Heaven Earth Essence Energy in the outside world

Even a Deity Realm expert could not deceive the senses of a top expert in the Inner World realm.

Moreover, this feeling of not being able to control his body and only being able to move with the reflection in the water was clearly turning him from the owner of the reflection to the reflection itself.

Had he really been locked in the water as a reflection!

What kind of great divine power was this!

“This is just a small warning to you.” The reflection looked at Wang Qinghe with a mocking expression and sneered.

“Next, Ill ask and youll answer.”

“Since you have such great divine powers, why dont you just kill me” Even in this situation, Wang Qinghe did not yield.

His gaze was still firm.

“…” The reflection was silent for a moment before nodding.

“Ill fulfill your wish then!”

In the next moment, Wang Qinghe felt the world spin again and regained control of his body.

He also felt the existence of the Heaven Earth Origin Qi.

He had returned!

But then, he saw his body suddenly shatter into pieces!

It was as if he had been cut apart by countless sharp blades!

His arms, legs, hands, and feet were all cut off.

Even the head on his neck rolled to the ground.

An indescribable pain surged into Wang Qinghes mind, but he quickly realized that he was still alive.

He wasnt dead!

There was actually such a method in this world!

At this moment, Wang Qinghe still did not lose his mind.

He stared at the reflection in the water and actually dared to sneer.

“Is this all youve got”

If it were Wang Qingquan, he would have already broken down and said whatever he wanted.

“Youre quite an extraordinary person.” The reflection in the water looked at Wang Qinghe thoughtfully before falling silent.

The images reflected on the water surface also returned to normal.

Wang Qinghe immediately felt dazed and realized that he was still standing in front of the basin.

His face was reflected in it, and everything was very normal.

There was no reflection of him speaking, and his body was not torn apart.

Hiss! Hiss!

Wang Qinghe gasped and suddenly washed his face with water more than ten times.

His eyes were filled with shock and he was already covered in cold sweat.

“What kind of mystical ability is this!”

Everything he had just experienced seemed like an illusion, but it felt so real.

His memories of the incident were also incomparably deep.

It didnt seem like it was fake at all.

It was completely beyond his understanding, even beyond his imagination!

If not for his firm will and iron heart, and his loyalty to the familys interests, he would have already collapsed when he saw his body being torn apart.

After a full two hours, Wang Qinghe finally calmed down.

He sat in the chair for a long time in silence.

The experience just now made him deeply worried about the Wang Familys future.

Even after encountering such an incident, his own wellbeing was not at the top of his list of worries.

It was the future of the Wang Family of Langya!

“The person who attacked tonight had appeared without a sound, and completely blinded my senses.

His cultivation is definitely above the Inner World realm!”

Wang Qinghe focused his attention and thought to himself, “Theres a faction in Lu County City that set up a trap to harm our Wang Family.

Now, such an expert has come knocking on our door.

“This time, its just to scare me.

Will there be a Deity Realm assassin coming next time, or to scare the others Even if the others dont know much, they will definitely expose a lot of things.”


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